Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India

A helmet is an important accessory for every bike rider because it keeps them safe in case of any accidents. Some people use it as a fashion, but it is actually a necessity for bike riders. It is true that bike riding is fun but riding a bike without a helmet is not always safe. We can’t say when an accident can happen, but having the best helmet can keep you safe from potential injuries.

Nowadays, safety is not the only reason to wear a helmet. It also helps you avoid monetary fines. In some Indian cities, it is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding a bike. Failing to do this can attract monetary fines. Therefore, you should wear a helmet whether you are traveling for a long distance or short distance on your bike.

Moreover, you should get a good quality helmet from the market in order to ensure maximum safety. Here is a list of the best helmet brands in India that you can consider when selecting a good helmet for you.

Best Helmet Brands in India

#1. Vega Helmets

Vega is a renowned brand in the Indian market for selling top-quality helmets. The Vega company was incorporated in India in the year 1982 in Karnataka. With the impressive design, excellent processing, and high-quality products, the Vega brand has become one of the leading helmet manufacturers in India. The brand is committed to making innovative products without compromising quality. It produces a broad range of helmets and other auto accessories.

#2. SMK Helmets

SMK is another top brand in the Indian market for making the best quality helmets. The brand aims to provide the best quality helmets for motorcycle riders. It is also utilizing advanced technologies in the making of helmets that offer a high amount of safety to users. Apart from that, these helmets are also good-looking and can improve the experience of any user.

#3. MT Helmets

MT Helmets is a brand that focuses on advanced technologies and makes superior quality helmets for bike riders. The helmet manufacturing company uses high-quality materials for making these helmets. This is why these helmets are sturdy, durable, and good to use. MT Helmets brand is known for making premium quality helmets for people. These helmets are also used in motorcycle race events worldwide.

#4. Fastrack Helmet

Fastrack is one of the leading sports brands in India. This brand is known for making helmets for adventurers and daily drivers. Fastrack makes full-face as well as open-face helmets to meet the requirements of different users. Moreover, these helmets are made using the best quality materials for high performance and durability. These helmets are comfortable to wear and offer maximum protection against impacts.

#5. Royal Enfield Helmet

Royal Enfield is one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheelers, but it also makes helmets and other auto accessories. The Royal Enfield helmets are lightweight and affordable. Further, they have a unique design and comes with an additional foam shell. Because of this reason, these helmets can absorb high impact and ensure thermal insulation. Other features of the royal Enfield helmets include all-weather compatibility. These helmets are great for both men and women riders.

#6. HJC Helmets

HJC is a reputed brand in making the best quality helmets for motorcycle and bicycle riders. It has a legacy of making helmets for different sports for more than 45 years. This brand is currently one of the leading helmet manufacturing brands in the world. It has helmets from mid-range to the premium price range that enables people to choose their desired one easily. This brand manufactures helmets with advanced technologies for better usability. Moreover, it makes Star Wars branded helmets in association with Marvel.

#7. Studds Helmets

Studds is a reputed brand in India for making excellent quality helmets. This brand also has a good name in the international market because of its quality helmets. With two product series, this brand ensures to fulfill the requirements of different people. It has a base series and a premium line of helmets. Studds helmets come in half face, full face, and flip-up designs. Therefore, one can get his/her preferred design of helmet from the Studds brand.

#8. THH Helmet

The helmets of the THH brand are known for their unique design, style, and shape. Although it is a Taiwanese helmet manufacturer brand, it has a good name worldwide. The THH helmets are very popular in India because of their stylish design and useful features. They are light in weight and are easy to store. Because of the superior build quality, these helmets are long-lasting.

#9. Aerostar Helmet

Aerostar helmet is a well-known brand in the Indian market and focuses on making budget-friendly helmets for Indian people. The Delhi-based SAI Group owns this helmet-making brand and manufactures low-priced to mid-priced helmets. People who don’t want to spend a lot of money buying helmets can consider buying the helmets of this brand. The brand is ISI certified and makes good-quality helmets at affordable prices.

#10. Gliders Helmet

It is another top brand in India for making affordable helmets. This is an Indian brand and makes stylish helmets to meet the requirements of different users. With the good-looking design, the brand ensures to offer a unique experience to people. It has a wide range of helmets with different designs that meet the requirements of different people. The Gliders helmet brand is one of the famous brands in India, and many people like to use these helmets. Although these helmets come at an affordable price, they provide a premium look.


Helmets are very useful when driving a bike or bicycle. They keep the eyes and head safe from injuries and help avoid penalties. They are also available in different types, and you can choose the right one for you by considering this point. You can also consider the top brands available in the Indian market and then finalize the right helmet for your use. We hope that this list of the brands will help you finalize the right helmet for your use.