TNVAT Forms – Tamil Nadu VAT Registration, Return Forms, TN VAT Rates

Find all latest TNVAT Forms at one Place. Tamil Nadu VAT Tax Act 2006 came into effect from 1st January 2007. The Tamil Nadu Dealers can get each and every Value Added Tax form here and can easily download this Tamil Nadu VAT Form. By clicking on the below link the taxpayer of Tamil Nadu can generate and download the VAT Forms. Not only the VAT Forms here you can also check the Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Rates as per different Schedules.


S.No. Forms Description
1. Form A Application for Registration as a dealer.
2. Form B Form of declaration for forming of partnership.
3. Form C Form of declaration for retirement from the partnership.
4. Form D Certificate of Registration.
5. Form E Form of declaration of Manager/ Executor/ Administrator/ Legal Representative of business.
6. Form F Form of security to be filled before the registering authority.
7. Form G Form of bank guarantee for the stay of collection of tax, fee or other amount disputed.
8. Form H Form of Production-cum-stock register to be maintained by the manufacturer.
9. Form I Value Added Tax Monthly Return.
10. Form J Value Added Tax Monthly Return for dealers paying tax under sub-section (5) of Section 3.
11. Form K Value Added Tax Monthly Return for dealers paying tax under the compound system under sub-section (4) of Section 3.
12. Form L Value Added Tax monthly return for dealers paying tax under Section 6/ 8.
13. Form M Statement of turnover to be filled by Government Departments.
14. Form N Return showing the details of the amount received or returned due to price variation.
15. Form O Notice of Assessment and Demand.
16. Form P Notice of Assessment and Refund Order.
17. Form Q Form of the declaration under Section 23 before the High Court/ Supreme Court.
18. Form R Form of Statement of Tax deducted at Source
19. Form S Form of Certificate to be furnished by the works contract who has no liability.
20. Form T Form of Certificate of Deduction of Tax at Source.
21. Form U Form of notice for recovery of money Due.
22. Form V Form of Stock inventory to be maintained by the dealer.
23. Form W Application form for Refund to be filled by dealers effecting zero rated sales.
24. Form X Form of appeal under Section 51 and 52.
25. Form Y Form of Revision.
26. Form Z Form of appeal memorandum to the appellate tribunal.
27. Form AA Form of the memorandum of cross-objection.
28. Form BB Form of application for review to the appellate tribunal.
29. Form CC Form of Disallowance of input Tax Credit/ enhancement petition/ petition for restoration before the Appellate Tribunal.
30. Form DD Form of the memorandum of appeal before the High Court.
31. Form EE Form of Revision before the High Court.
32. Form FF Form of the memorandum of the civil miscellaneous petition before the High Court (Review).
33. Form GG Form of the memorandum of the civil miscellaneous petition before the High Court (Revision).
34. Form HH Form of Security bond for the stay of collection of Tax, fee or other amount disputed.
35. Form II Formof Security bond to be furnished by the driver or other persons in charge of the goods vehicle/ boat.
37. Form JJ Delivery note for Sales/ Stock transfer/ Works Contract.
38. Form KK Form to be filled by clearing or Forwarding Agent.
39. Form LL Form of Transit Pass.
40. Form MM Form of declared to be furnished by carrier/ bailee or the person in charge of the goods and records.
41. Form NN Form of Maintenance of delivery notes.
42. Form PP Form of summons under TNVAT Act.
43. Form QQ Form of Declaration by person objecting to the notice under Section 45.
44. Form RR Notice of Interest or penalty.
45. Form SS Form of authorisation under Section 78 to appear before the Tax authority other than the High Court.
46. Form TT Form of the list of VAT Practitioners qualified under Section 78.
47. Form UU Form of application of enrolment  as VAT Practitioner.
48. Form VV Application for clarification or Advance Ruling.
49. Form WW Audit Report under Section 63A of TN VAT Act, 2006.

TN VAT Rates – Tamil Nadu VAT Rate

These VAT Rate in Tamil Nadu varies for the type of product or good. The Tamil Nadu Commercial Tax Department holds the responsibility of designing the VAT Rates. This TN Value Added Tax Rate was formed by the Government of Tamil Nadu according to the Tamil Nadu VAT Act. Based on the different type of Tamil Nadu VAT Rate Schedule the TNVAT Rates are defined in the table below.

S.No Type of Product Tamil Nadu VAT Rate
1. Jewellery Metals and Stones including bullion, noble metals, precious stones, worn-out Jewellery etc. 1%
2. Acids and chemicals of all sorts as well as agricultural implements or even bamboo etc. 4%
3. Other Goods that are exempted in 4th Schedule and those specified in 2nd Schedule and Part A & Part B of the 1st Schedule of the Tamil Nadu VAT. 12.5%

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