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Value Added Tax (VAT) is a kind of tax which levied on the sale of goods and services when these goods are ultimately sold to the consumer. VAT Tax is an integral part of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of any country. VAT is imposed on intrastate sale that is the sale of goods within the state. VAT is a tax on value addition on the goods.

Telangana VAT Forms

Here we are providing the Telangana VAT (TG VAT) forms like the registration form, Challans, Annexure to monthly VAT return. The assessee can directly download TG VAT forms VAT100A, Telangana VAT 129 form here. Description  VAT Form
1. Application for Vat Registration. VAT 100
2 Details of Additional Places of Business. VAT 100A
3. Particulars of Partners. VAT 100B
4. Application for VAT registration as Startup business before making taxable sales. VAT 104
5. Application notifying changes in Registration. VAT 112
6. Claim for credit on VAT paid on goods on hand at the time of VAT registration. VAT 118
7. Application to cancel VAT registration. VAT 121
8. Form of Authorization is given by the dealer residing outside the state but carrying on business in the state of AP Return by a Causal Trader. VAT 129
9. Monthly Return for Value Added Tax. VAT 200
10. Annexure to Monthly VAT returns for Adjustment of Input Tax Credit. VAT 200A
11. Annexure to monthly VAT return for the month of March for the 12 month period for adjustment of ITC. VAT 200B
12. Final Return to be submitted on cancellation of VAT registration. VAT 200C
13. Declaration by a dealer is showing breakup of sales and ITC. VAT 200D
14. Annexure to Monthly VAT Returns for Adjustment of Input Tax Credit. VAT 200E
15. Annexure to VAT Return for the Month of March for the 12-Month period ending March for adjustment of Input Tax Credit. VAT 200F
16. Annexure to Monthly VAT Return for Adjustment of Sales Tax Relief. VAT 200G
17. Annexure to VAT Return for the month of March for the period of 12 months ending March for adjustment of Sales Tax Relief. VAT 200H
18. Application of a VAT Dealer for payment of Amount outstanding by installments. VAT 207
19. Application for under/ over the declaration of Value Added Tax. VAT 213
20. Annexure to monthly VAT return. VAT 225
21. Monthly return to be filed by the Government Departments. VAT 230
22. Application for the opting composition of tax payable by the dealer. VAT 250
23. Application for withdrawal from opting for the composition of tax payable by the dealer. VAT 250A
24.. Application of claim for refund of tax paid on sales or purchase of goods specified in section 4(2). VAT 360
25. Application for TOT Registration. TOT 001
26. Returns TOT. TOT 007
27. Application to cancel TOT registration. TOT 014
28. Notification of Advice/Reduction/Refusal of Refund to a TOT Dealer/Others. TOT 035
29.. Application notifying changes in Registration. TOT 051
30. Application of TOT Dealer/Others for Payment of Amount outstanding by Installments. TOT 062
31. Intimation by the Casual Trader. CAT 001
32. Final return by a Casual Trader. CAT 002
33. Form of appeal under section 31. APP 400
34. Declaration to be attached to Form 400. APP 400A
35. Form of appeal Memorandum to the Appellate Tribunal. APP 401
36. Revised petition in the High Court of AP. APP 402
37. Memorandum of appeal against the order of the High Court of AP. APP 403
38. Review Memorandum of Civil Miscellaneous petitions in APHC. APP 404
39. Review Memorandum of Civil Miscellaneous requests in APHC. APP 405
40. Application for the stay of collection of disputed tax. APP 406
41. TCS certificate (Tax Collection at Source). Form 501
42. TDS certificate. (Tax Deduction at Source). Form 501A
43. Declaration of a VAT Dealer was availing Industrial Incentives. Form 502
44. Declaration of a VAT Dealer for adjustment of Entry Tax/Other Tax. Form 503
45. Application for Refund of Tax under Section 15(3). Form 510
46. Application for Refund of Tax to Agencies of U.N.O., ICRISAT, etc. Form 510A
47. Application for Claimin of Refund by Un-Registered dealers/person Form 510B
48. Payment of Penal Interest. Form 513
49. Statement of the Goods stored in Cold Storage. Form 515
50. Register of goods kept in cold storage. Form 520
51. Accounts to be maintained by selling an agent on behalf of agriculturalist principals/ unregistered / TOT dealers. Form 521
52. Accounts to be maintained by selling /buying agent in the name of the resident head other than the agriculturist principal. Form 522
53. Authorization by a resident principal to his agent. Form 522 A
54. Certificate of Payment of Tax by Agent. Form 522 C
55. Declaration for the purchase of goods on behalf of principal. Form 522 D
56. Accounts to be maintained by selling /buying agent on behalf of non-resident principals. Form 523
57. Register of kapas ginned and dispatches of lint and seed. Form 524
58. Register of stocks. Form 525
59. Declaration to be issued by the dealer who purchases and uses the goods as industrial inputs. Form 526
60. Nomination of the responsible person. Form 560
61. Form of authorization for appearing before authorities. Form 565.
62. Application for clarification and advance ruling. Form 570
63. Form of Waybill. Form 600
64. Register of waybills. Form 601
65. Delivery note by clearing and forwarding agent. Form 602
66. Application for sale proceeds concerning the order of appeal or revision. Form 608
67. Declaration for obtaining a transit pass. Form 615

Advisory Visit/Post Regn Inspection Forms

68. Summary of Business activities and records.  Form VAT 300
69. Advisory Visit Report Form VAT 303
70. Notification Of Advisory / Audit Visit To a VAT Dealer Form VAT 304

Telangana VAT Rates

Here you can get VAT Rate in Telangana as per VAT Rate Schedule. The taxpayer can not only get the VAT Rates in Telangana but also can check the TG VAT Rate List that is given below. These VAT Rates differs for various goods and products. The goods are listed below are stated under Telangana Central Sales Tax Act, 1956. TG VAT Schedules Type of Products  Telangana VAT Rate
1. Schedule I List of exempted goods like Agricultural implements, Betel leaves, Charcoal, Jowar, Maize, Ragi, Bajra, Kodan, Kutki, Barley, Varigalu or Variga Rice, Korralu or Korra Rice. And products like Vegetables and fruits other than those cured, frozen, preserved, processed, dried, dehydrated or canned. and Fresh milk and pasteurized milk other than UHT milk and skimmed milk powder.  NIL
2. Schedule II Transactions Zero-Rated and Eligible for Input Tax Credit  Zero-Rated
3. Schedule III Goods like Bullion, Species, Platinum and other precious metals. and Articles and Jewellery made of bullion or species or any other precious metals and Jewelry embedded with precious stones and semi-precious stones. Precious stones, that is to say, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and semi-precious stones and pearls.  1%
4. Schedule IV Goods of intangible or incorporeal nature as may be notified from time to time by the State and including Patents and Trademarks. All kinds of bricks including fly ash bricks, refractory bricks, Beedi leaves Coffee including Coffee blended or French coffee, Flour, Atta, Maida, Suji, Besan etc.  5%
5. Schedule V All Goods other than those specified in Schedules I, III, IV and VI.  14.5%
6. Schedule VI Goods subjected to tax at special rates such as Petrol, Aviation motor spirit and any other motor spirit, Aviation turbine fuel and Tobacco products including Gutkha, Khara Masala, Kimam, dokta, Zarda, sukha or surthi and Cigarettes except Schedule-I. And Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Diesel oil – all kinds of diesel oils including c9. etc  Refer the Schedule VI for Special VAT Rates

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