Ideal Air Pressure for Car Tires – Find your Car and Check Air Pressure

Do you know that the tire air pressure has an effect on the mileage of the car? If no, then you should know the fact that air pressure in the tire affects the mileage of the car. This is one of the mains reasons why getting the air pressure in your car tire is crucial in ensuring better mileage and safety. 

A car tire with prefect air pressure does not only increase the mileage and ensure safety but also increases the comfort of traveling. The advantage is not just limited to these; a convenient air pressure in the car tire can also increase the tire lifespan. Yes, a perfect and convenient car tire is very important and if you are a car owner or a frequent traveler, then make sure you use a car with good tire air pressure. 

Here are a few things that you should know about car tire pressure –

  • Check your car tire air pressure regularly; most of the people think that once the tire is inflated, the pressure does not fall under any normal circumstances. However, this is not true. Every tire loses the pressure daily and we do not notice it, as it is negligible. 
  • Do you know the fact that in cold weather a tire will lose one to two pounds of air/month? On the other hand, in warm weather, the tires will lose comparatively more air. Therefore, it is best recommended that you check the air pressure regularly.
  • If you own a car inflator, then it is best recommended that you purchase and keep an air pressure gauge that can help you check the air pressure while inflating the tire. If you do not own a car inflator then it is best recommended that you purchase a car inflator with an air pressure gauge to ensure the tire has convenient air pressure.

Apart from all the facts mentioned above, you should know that different cars have different size tires and each car requires different tire pressure. Here is the list of India’s popular cars and the tire pressures

Car Model Front tire Back tire Tire size 
Maruti Suzuki Baleno  29-32 PSI 29 PSI 185 / 65 R 15
Maruti Suzuki Swift 33-36 PSI (Old)

29-32 PSI (New)

33 PSI (old)

29 PSI (New)

165 / 80 R 14 (Old)

185 / 70 R 15 (New)

Hyundai I20 32-36 PSI 33 PSI 175 / 70 R 14
Renault Kwid 36 PSI 33 PSI 155 / 80 R 13
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 33 PSI 33 PSI 145 / 80 R 13
Tata Tiago 30-35 PSI 30 PSI 155 / 80 R 13
Tata Nexon 32-35 PSI 30-32 195 / 60 R 16
Mahindra Scorpio  30-35 PSI (old)

32-35 PSI (New)

30-35 PSI (old)

32-34 PSI (New)

235 / 65 R 17 (old)

215 / 75 R 15 (New)

Hyundai Eon 33 PSI 33 PSI 155 / 70 R 13
Renault Duster 33-35 PSI 33-35 PSI 215 / 65 R 16
Hyundai Santro  33 PSI 33 PSI 155 / 70 R 13
Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 35 PSI 35 PSI 155 / 65 R 13
Maruti Suzuki Dzire 33-36 PSI (old)

29-32 PSI (New)

33 PSI (old)

29 PSI (New)

165 / 80 R 14 (old)

185 / 70 R 15 (New)

Volkswagen Polo 32 PSI 32 PSI 175 / 70 R 14
Honda Amaze 32 PSI 30 PSI 175 / 65 R 15

While referring to the above-listed tire pressure, make sure that you consider the tire size also, as the size of the tire can be different for old and new models cars.