ICEGATE ePayment – Custom Duty Online Payment

ICEGATE epayment is an easy way to make a Customs Duty Payment Online. Here you can make the ICEGATE e-Payment directly. Before that please read the step-by-step process and instructions that are to be followed during ICEGATE Payment. The authorized Custom Duty e Payment bank list is also provided below. Check out the steps for ICEGATE e payment in Ice Gate e Payment Gateway and also get ICEGATE custom duty calculator here.

Online Custom Duty payment makes the work faster compared to the offline payment. The Custom Duty Payment can be made through online using ICEGATE e Payment. With this New Ice Gate e Payment Gateway, you can get the facility of payment of multiple challans in a single transaction. Any person who has net banking facility in the designated bank can make Online Custom Duty payment [epayment ICEGATE]. Check out the complete procedure for Icegate payment process is given below in detail. The ICEGATE custom duty section covers topics like Challans Payment, Incomplete Transactions, and Transaction Summary.

ICEGATE ePayment


With this Customs Duty Online Payment ICEGATE  epayment, you can make Challans Payment, check Incomplete transactions and take a printout of Transaction Summary. Follow the step-by-step process to make the online payment of Custom Duty easier. The demo of IceGate e Payment Custom Duty is as follows.

  1. Challans Payment
  2. Incomplete Transactions
  3. Transaction Summary

To make epayment ICEGATE follow the given simple steps. Here are the simple Online steps for ICEGATE epayment. This Custom Duty Online Payment steps will help you to make ICEGATE e payment custom duty easier.

Online Custom Duty Payment via ICEGATE ePayment

  • Visit Customs E-Payment Gateway official site: or
  • Clik on the following link provided below.
  • A New Gateway page will appear for IceGate ePayment of Customs Duty as shown.

Online Custom Duty Payment via ICEGATE ePayment

  • Step 1: Enter your IEC Code in the IEC field of IceGate ePayment form.
  • Step 2: Select Location Code from Location Code field.
  • Step 3: Click on Submit.
  • A New page will open as shown.
  • Click on Banks List to see the list of banks associated with New ICEGATE e-Payment gateway.
  • Users having an account in other banks are advised to use the old IceGate ePayment gateway by clicking on ‘Clicking Here’ link.
  • On clicking submit the following page will be displayed.

Here you can see the Unpaid Challans. On the left side of the above page, you can find the menu options like Unpaid Challans, Incomplete Transactions, and Transaction Summary.

  • Click on the check box to select challans and click on ‘Pay’ button to proceed with the Custom Duty Payment.
  • You can reset the selected Challans by clicking on Reset button.

  • List of selected challan is displayed on the screen as shown above.
  • Click on confirm button.
  • The next page where you can select the Bank will be displayed as follows.
  • Select Bank from the List of Banks as shown above.
  • After selecting a bank, you will be redirected to the Bank portal for IceGate e Payment.
  • Complete the transaction with the bank gateway.
  • After the completion of a transaction, you will be redirected to the ICEGATE Portal.

  • After completing the transaction on the bank portal, you will be re-directed to ICE GATE transaction status page.
  • Depending on success/failure of the transaction, respective screens will be displayed.

ICEGATE Payment – Incomplete Transactions

Incomplete transactions will occur due to the following reasons.

  • User paid the Custom Duty in the bank portal, but ICEGATE did not receive complete response from the bank.
  • The user clicked on pay option and was redirected to the bank page, but did not complete transaction and closed the browser.
  • Connection failure during transaction process.

ICEGATE Payment – Incomplete Transactions

Above you can see the page with the Incomplete transactions list.

  • To complete the transaction click on Verify link.
  • In the case of incomplete or failed transaction, the challans will be moved to the unpaid challan list on verification from Bank.
  • If the transaction was successful, the information would be passed on to ICES.
  • On clicking ‘Verify’ link the following page will be displayed.
  • Please enter Bank Transaction Number.
  • Click on “Verify” button.

E Payment of Customs Duty – Transaction Summary

Users can take a print receipt in the following manner.

  • Same Day transactions
  • Previous Day transactions
  • Below is the ‘Transaction Summary’ screen.
  • You can view your Transaction summary by clicking on Today Transaction button. (or)
  • Enter Start date & End date and click on ‘Get Details’ button.
  • Finally, to print e-Receipt click on View button.

E Payment of Customs Duty – Transaction Summary

  • Click on Print Receipt and take a printout of your e-payment transaction status.
  • ICEGATE e Payment transaction status receipt would contain details of all BEs and their payment integration status at ICES for a transaction.
  • ICE GATE e-Payment receipt can be printed after 5-10 minutes of the transaction.

ICEGATE ePayment Bank List

Authorized Custom Duty Online Payment Bank list is as follows. You can now make the ICEGATE Payment for all Custom Locations from any of the following Banks with effect from 16th January 2012.

1. Andhra Bank
2. Bank of Baroda
3. Bank of India
4. Bank of Maharashtra
5. Canara Bank
6. Central Bank of India
7. Corporation Bank
8. Indian Overseas Bank
9. IDBI Bank
10. Indian Bank
11. Punjab National Bank
12. State Bank of India
13. State Bank Bikaner & Jaipur
14. State Bank of Travancore
15. State Bank of Hyderabad
16. Syndicate Bank
17. UCO Bank
18. Union Bank of India
19. United Bank of India
20. Vijaya Bank

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ICEGATE Contact Details

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