How To Remove Car Scratches at Home?

Scratches on your car paint can cause due to several reasons and affect the appearance of your car. Poor parking, mishaps in parking lots, car accidents, bird dripping, etc., are some of the common things that can cause scratches on your car paint. Being a car owner, it can be very hard to tolerate such scratches. But it will be costly if you take it to a paint shop for full-body paint or scratch repair.

Because of this, it may seem like it is very hard to repair the scratches on your car’s surface. Therefore, you have an option to try fixing the scratches yourself at home. Yes, your car scratches can be removed by following some DIY tips and home remedies. You can use some normal things that you use in your day-to-day life. Also, these things can be found in every home. Here are some techniques that you can follow to remove car scratches at home.

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Top 6 Techniques To Remove Car Scratches at Home

#1. Use Toothpaste

To remove minor surface scratches from your car paint, you can use toothpaste. Yes, this is effective and is easy to do. But before applying the toothpaste, make sure that the car is clean. Wash the scratch area with some water and remove all dust particles and debris from that area. Then take a clean towel and dry the car.

Now, you can take a damp microfiber cloth and put some toothpaste on it. Then apply it to the scratch area and rub it in a circular motion gently. You are using a microfiber cloth, so there is no fear of further damage to your car paint.

When the toothpaste is distributed properly, you can stop rubbing and wipe the excess toothpaste from the car’s surface. Then wash the car and dry it with a clean towel. Now check the scratch area and apply another coat of toothpaste if required.

#2. Use Shoe Polish

Another effective way to remove small car scratches is using shoe polish. But before that, you will have to check the depth of the scratch and ensure that it is not too deep. Like the previous method, you will have to wash the scratch area of your car and remove all dirt and debris. Once the car surface is dried, you can apply a shoe polish to the scratch.

Take a darker shoe polish than your car paint and apply it to the scratch. Then rub the polish on the scratch using sandpaper. Do it until the scratch is fully filled or disappeared. Make sure that you are rubbing the surface gently to prevent further damage. When the scratch is removed, you can take a microfiber cloth and do buffing. Now, the scratch will get removed.

#3. Use Nail Polish

Nail polish is something that is available in every home. Most women use this accessory on their nails. It will be very effective in removing the scratch on your car’s surface. It will look like the original paint. It is very simple to apply nail polish to your car scratch. You can simply clean the scratch area and then apply the polish to it.

When choosing a nail polish to apply to your car scratch, you should ensure that you are taking the one that matches your car’s color. Then apply it to the scratch and spread it on the scratch area properly. Now, the scratch will be removed. If required, you can apply a second coat of nail polish to the scratch. Compared to other methods, applying nail polish is very easy because it doesn’t require any rubbing work to do. You can simply apply a coat of nail polish, and the scratch will be disappeared.

#4. Clean Magic Eraser

This is very effective in removing scratches on different types of surfaces like bathrooms, walls, kitchens, etc. The good news is that it can be used with car surfaces too. To use this product on your car scratches, you will need to wash your car first. Then you can take this eraser and wet it. After that, use this eraser to rub on your car scratches. While rubbing this, you should be careful because you may damage the paint further.

#5. Candle Wax

For removing small scratches on your car surface, you can use candle wax as well. It is a sticky substance and will seal the scratch area instead of removing the scratch. However, it is an excellent solution to cover the scratch for a short period. If you are in an emergency and need something to cover your car scratch, you can opt for this DIY method. But candle wax can’t be a long-term solution to remove car scratches.

#6. Use A Scratch Remover

A best car scratch remover is a very efficient product to remove scratches from your car’s surface. You can purchase this online or from any auto shop and follow the use directions provided with it. Like the above methods, you will need to wash your car to apply a scratch remover on the surface. Dry the car surface with a clean towel and then apply the product to it.

Use a microfiber cloth in a circular motion to spread the product on the scratch area properly. After a few minutes, the scratch remover will be distributed on the scratch properly. So, wipe the area using a clean microfiber cloth to remove the extra product from the surface. Then buff the area for some time and check if the scratch is removed. If the scratch is still there, you can repeat the process again. It is better to apply a scratch remover two to three times to a scratch but not more than that because it can further damage the paint.


Removing car scratches can be expensive in case you visit any professional shop. Instead, you can do it at less cost if you try it at home. Many DIY methods are there that you can follow to remove car scratches at home. We hope the methods explained in this article will help you remove your car scratches with ease.

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