How To Install Car Reverse Camera?

Car reverse cameras are very convenient for every car owner because they let car users see what is behind their vehicles without turning back. Also, they offer many benefits and help prevent accidents. In fact, most accidents happen while reversing a car because users can’t see the obstacles or people behind the car. Moreover, they are very popular and are available in many types.

Some car reverse cameras are easy to install, while some other models may seem a little tough. However, all these types of car reverse cameras work the same way and let users drive the car safely. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you install a rear-view camera on your car.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Car Reverse Camera at Home

Step 1: Determine A Place on Your Car Surface

The first step of installing a reverse camera is to determine an appropriate place on your car. You should visually inspect your car and then select a place from where you can get a better viewing angle. This way, you can see everything behind your car and ensure maximum safety. Ensure that the place you have chosen to install your camera has no cables. Otherwise, they can get damaged while drilling a hole.

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Step 2: Drill A Hole   

After locating an appropriate place, you can start installing the camera. Make sure that your car engine is turned off and the battery is disconnected for safety. Then, take the camera, place it on the location where you want to install it, and then mark it on the surface. After that, check the size of the rubber grommet and drill a hole accordingly. Then attach the grommet in that hole and insert the wires in that. Now, mount the camera using the hardware which is included with it.

Step 3: Identify Camera Wires

In this step, you will have to make the wiring connections by following the user manual provided by the brand. You can check your camera wires and determine which is the power cable and which one is the video cable. The simplest way to do wiring is using the manufacturer’s guide.

Step 4: Give Power to The Reverse Camera

Now, you will need to give power to your camera. To do this, you can use the reverse light connection or license plate light connection. So, identify the wires of your car’s reverse light or license plate light. If you are not sure, you can check your car’s manual to pick the right wire. Once you find the cables, you will have to recognize which one is the positive cable and which one is the negative cable. For this, you can use a multimeter or check your car’s manual.

Then take a wire stripper and remove the rubber cover from a small part of the wires. Then attach the positive wire of your camera to the positive wire of your reverse light and the negative wire of the camera to the negative light of your reverse light. After making the connections, you can use insulation tape and cover these parts.

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Step 5: Take the Wire to The Front of Your Car

After giving power to your camera, you will need to bring the wires to the front of your car. To do this, you can wire the cables in the way you want. You can take it either under the floor or through the headliner or any other way, depending on the type of your car. After you decide which way you want to take your wires to the front, take your wires in that way.

Step 6: Fix the Monitor in Your Car

Now, you will need to fix the monitor in your car. To do it, first, you will have to determine the right place in your car. The most common place where many people place the rear-view camera monitor is on the dashboard of your car. Also, it can be placed on the rear-view mirror of your car. So, you can do it the way you want.

Step 7: Connect Wires to Your Monitor

After placing the monitor in a suitable place, you have to connect the wires to your monitor. First, connect the power cable of the monitor to your fuse box or to the power cable of your stereo unit. To connect it to your fuse box, you can check the car’s manual or use a multimeter. If you are connecting it to the stereo unit, you have to find the stereo cables and connect the positive cable of the monitor to the positive cable and the negative cable of the monitor to the negative cable of the stereo.

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After that, you need to connect the video cable of the monitor to the RCA cable of your camera. Then use electrical tape to wrap these cables for safety.

Step 8: Check the Camera Performance

Now, you have connected your camera and monitor and can check if they are working properly. Connect your car battery, start your car, and put it in the reverse gear. Then check whether the reverse camera and the monitor are working properly or not. If it is working the way you desired, then you have completed the installation process.

If the camera and monitor don’t work appropriately, then you might have done any step wrongly. Check the connections of your camera and monitor and do the corrections. You may need to follow these steps again to make this work properly. After that, check it again and ensure that the reverse camera is working properly.

Then clean your car if there are any small wire pieces, electric tape, etc. Also, fix the parts of your car if you have disconnected anything while installing the camera. Now, you have installed a reverse camera on your car successfully.

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Installing a reverse camera in your car is very simple, and you can do it with ease. The above steps will guide you in this task and help you install the camera successfully. If you follow these properly, you can install the reverse camera without any errors.