7 Step Guide for How to Clean Car Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the interior of a car is very important, if you are a frequent magazine or news article reader, then you might have already come across a study that was made recently that concluded that a car with an interior that is not frequently cleaned is 70% more bad for the people travelling in the car. Yes, if you are a frequent car passenger or a traveller, then remember, if the interior of the car is not cleaned using a car vacuum cleaner frequently then it is said that when the AC is switched on, the circulating air with the impurities in the interior of the car can cause health issues to the passengers and driver. This is why if you are a car owner then you should consider purchasing a car vacuum cleaner.

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner from today’s market is easy, but maintaining the product and cleaning it is not an easy thing. Here are some of the tips and step that can help a user clean his/her car vacuum cleaner. 

7 Step Guide How to Clean Car Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1: Before cleaning the vacuum cleaner, unplug the vacuum cleaner from the USB power socket

Step 2: Once the device is unplugged from the power supply, patiently open the vacuum cleaner and remove the canister or the vacuum bag. PS: if you do not know how to remove the vacuum bag or the canister, then check the user manual to find how to dismantle the product.

Step 3: Now, slowly take the vacuum bag or canister and then with an air blower or small air pump clean the filter. If the product manufacturer has guaranteed the product to be water-resistant, then, rinse the filter or canister with water. However, it is best recommended that you rinse the filter to remove the odor and small particles.

Step 4: Once the filter is rinsed, keep it aside for drying; remember if you do not dry the filter then the efficiency of the filter will be comparatively very low. After cleaning the filter or canister, take a toothpick or a straight wire hanger and use it to poke the nozzle hole to remove any dirt accumulated in it. Please remember, if the nozzle is attached to a hose then be careful not to puncture the hose.

Step 5: After cleaning the filter/canister and nozzle, then, you need to clean the hose. To clean the hose, take a mop handle or broom and wrap it with a dryer sheet, to keep the dryer sheet in place you can use duct tape. Once you have done this, take this assembly and insert in the hose to clean it. Remember not to be harsh, be gentle so that the hose does not crack. 

Step 6: If you are a person who prefers 99% cleanliness then we recommend that you apply vinegar to the interior of the hose and filter and then allow it to dry, which will kill and remove odor and bacteria. 

Step 7: After cleaning the filter, canister, nozzle, and other parts assemble the vacuum cleaner. However, before assembling makes sure that the filter, hose, or canister is dry and not cracked.

In case if you find any cracks on the filter, it is best recommended that you change the filter. On the other hand, if you find any cracks on the hose, then you can consider wrapping the crack with duct tape. If you find the car vacuum cleaner attachments sticking to each other then, try applying a thick layer of wax on the attachment using a wax paper. 

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