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#1 Bathla #2 Paffy #3 Casa
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It is a dream for all of us to have an owned house. Once we get what we wanted, the maintenance is the next thing we think about. It is also even hard to reach areas high enough if you have a cupboard that high. In such cases, a ladder is quite handy to reach such areas. You can reach greater than 7 feet high. In this way, you can handle any repairs in the house, paint, or simply clean corners on the ceiling. Sometimes, you might even need to clean the Ceiling fan overhead, which is comfortable when you have a ladder at hand. There are many types of ladders available in the market for various purposes. There are traditional ladders that most of the construction people use. However, for household activities, offices, or any warehouse, a step ladder is convenient to use. It is like a ladder but more comfortable to step your feet on as it has flat steps. Also, these are easy to store as well. 

Best Selling Step Ladder in India

When looking for the best step ladders, you need to bear some things in mind. As the ladders are made keeping the weight of the person in mind, you should feel comfortable climbing it with clothes on and other resources required for your purpose, which means it should bear pretty decent weight. One other important thing is you should be able to carry the ladder easily to other places with ease rather than fixing it at a single place, which is of no use. For this purpose, the ladder should be absolutely lightweight, and you need to ensure that it is durable too. With many options available out there, it is difficult for you to choose a particular ladder for your purpose. In this article, we are going to present the best list of step ladders available in the Indian market online. Also, for your knowledge and convenience, we are also providing a buying guide which can be very useful when you have to decide among products. Let us get started.

#1 PARASNATH Back Heavy Folding Ladder With Wide Steps

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The first item from our list is from Parasnath, quite popular in India. This is specially made for both household and commercial purposes. It has 5 wide steps providing convenient access to out of reach places. It is made of heavy-duty material, which means it can be used for commercial purposes. However, it is lightweight and can be easily managed at home for household purposes. Each wide step on this ladder contains rubber mats that give maximum protection while you are on this ladder, not allowing to slip. The material used to build this ladder is taken from steel pipes and powder to coat a rich black color look. Due to this high-quality material, it is corrosion free and you can conveniently use it outdoors too. When it comes to storage, this ladder can be easily folded and hence it becomes compact and can fit easily into storage areas. It has rubber-stoppers that withstand the ladder well without skidding. To ensure safety during usage, it has automatic safety locks, stabilizer bars. The ladder itself is 35 feet tall and can be used for various purposes. It weighs 8.6 Kg and can hold a maximum weight of 150 Kgs.


  • Comes with 5 wide steps with rubber mats for not slipping
  • Made with heavy-duty steel material that is anti-corrosive
  • Easy storage with folding facility
  • Lightweight and can withstand a maximum weight of 150 Kgs


  • Some people are not satisfied with the quality

#2 Truphe Anti Skid Foldable Ladder

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Truphe is on our next step ladder’s list. This ladder is made of powder-coated steel pipes, making it rustproof. The steps are made of polypropylene copolymer and are covered with rubber pads. This ensures the user not to skid while climbing the steps or while working. The handles are made anti-skid with foam clad, which are also comfortable to hold. This ladder can be easily folded and hence can be stored wisely. It can withstand up to 150 Kgs of weight. When opened, the size is 52cm by 45 cm by 140 cms. On the other hand, its size varies hugely when closed and measures 9cm by 45 cm by 150 cms. The steps are 20 by 37 cm wide and are quite comfortable to step on.


  • The ladder is made of powder-coated steel pipes, and the steps are made of polypropylene copolymer
  • The steps are wide enough and have rubber pads for the safety of the user


  • Some customers complained about the stability of the ladder

#3 Paffy Premium Heavy Folding Ladder With Wide Steps

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The next step ladder is from Paffy. The ladder comes with rubber boots and the steps are also designed for anti-skid. They are wide enough for the customer to feel safe while on the ladder. With a safety clutch lock, the ladder stays in place and you do not need to worry about skidding. The ladder is made of heavy-duty steel and is corrosion-free. The ladder, on the whole, can accommodate up to 150 Kgs of weight. With a sleek foldable design, this ladder is easy to store and is lightweight to carry easily.


  • The ladder is made of heavy-duty steel making it corrosion-free
  • The rubber boots and anti-skid steps are safe to use
  • A safety clutch lock is provided to avoid the ladder from moving or shaking.


  • Some people find it difficult to balance

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#4 Parasnath Aluminium Heavy Folding Ladder

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The next step ladder on the list is again from Parasnath. This ladder is made of a heavy-duty alloy that is rustproof. This makes this ladder to live for a longer time. Even though it is made of heavy-duty alloy, it is lightweight, which is exactly desired by customers. The ladder can be folded when not using, and this makes it compact for storage and portability. At the top of the ladder, the top is arched with plastic and is made of anti-skid material for safety. This also allows you to stand on the top step and work safely. The steps are designed wide and made with anti-skid material so that users may confidently work on things. Also, it can withstand up to 150 Kgs of weight.



  • The step ladder is made of heavy-duty alloy making it rustproof
  • The folding of the ladder is smooth and can be stored easily with compact space
  • Steps are wide enough for the user, and it is made of anti-skid material.



  • Some customers complained about the design

#5 Plantex Prime Steel Folding 5 Step Ladder for Home

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The last product from our list is from Plantex. This is again made of heavy grade steel material, which means it is durable and even be used outdoors. It comes with 5 wide steps making it convenient for you to reach places that you cannot without the ladder. As it has a powder coat finish, the ladder is anti-corrosive. The handgrip is excellent, and you can easily climb up. It is intentionally kept bent so that you can stand on the top step and work on your things conveniently. Every step of the ladder is covered with a rubber mat, and the feet are large and made anti-slip. On top of that, it can withstand up to 150 Kgs weight. With a solid metal frame, your floor is safe from scratches. Being lightweight, you can carry it easily around and work on things with flexibility. The steps are wide enough to accommodate large size feet comfortably. The ladder can be folded easily and occupies less space.


  • Made with heavy grade steel with durable construction
  • Easy portability due to lightweight and folding facility
  • Safe to use with anti-slip feet and rubber mats


  • Nothing as such

Buying Guide for Step Ladder

If you are a person who is not sure how to select a step ladder for your purpose or if you are stuck among the list of ladders that we have provided, this section helps you to make a decision and move to the next step. Here we provide the factors that you need to consider when selecting a step ladder. So, go through this buying guide and then go back to the above list for making a correct decision regarding the step ladder.

Length of Step Ladder

One of the key factors to consider is the length of the ladder. When you climb the ladder, you obviously are at least 4 feet higher than the ladder. However, you should not go for the last step while calculating the required length. When you are on the highest step, there are chances to lose balance. So, always consider to stand and work 2 steeps lower than the highest step. You also need to check whether the length of the ladder is extendible. Sometimes, you do require to work over an item that is beneath you when you are on a ladder. So, it is always ideal to choose a step ladder which, when stepped on, should have twice the height that you actually require to work on.

Step Ladder Weight

As we have already said, a ladder is meant to be carried from place to place with flexibility. This can be achieved when the ladder is lightweight. Remember that the ladder should also balance your weight on it. It is important to choose a step ladder that can hold your weight with ease and is also lightweight. The lightweight of the ladder comes from the material that it is made of. Usually, the standard preference is to use aluminum and steel ladders. Be careful while choosing the step ladder as you are the person who can decide on the usage and material. If electricity is a problem, then you can choose a step ladder that is made of fiberglass. However, they are heavier to carry than the aluminum-made ladders.


One other thing that you need to think about is the step ladder usage. What do you want to accomplish using this ladder is the primary question that you might need to ask yourself. You should remember that it should not cause any hassle in the process of working on things. When you wish to do modest activities like cleaning, painting or some repairs in the house, an inexpensive choice is better for you. On the other hand, if you want it to use outside of your house quite often, you may need to select a step ladder which often reaches 14 feet. Even if you work outdoors to paint or do some other works, consider the frequency of times that you are using the ladder.

Storage option of Step Ladder

When you are going with buying a step ladder, another thing to consider is the storage of this ladder. If they are not stored properly, any wear and tear may cause permanent damage to the ladder, and you might need to purchase a new one. The foldable option for the step ladder is a very good way to store the ladder in compact spaces. 


You might need to consider all the uses that you need to do using a step ladder. There is no point in purchasing multiple types of ladders for different purposes when you can achieve them using one proper ladder. So, decide on the usage part and try to purchase a single ladder.

Step Ladder Price and reviews

The most common factor to consider is the budget. Step ladders are available in different price ranges. You need to set your budget level, think about usage, material, and then decide to buy the ladder. Also, in the process, check the user reviews to get the most honest comments on the step ladder.

Final Words:

All the above details in the buying guide help you to think about the need for a step ladder for you and assist you in selecting the best one. Now, go ahead and skim through the list to finally decide your step ladder.

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