Top 5 Best Lamination Machines in India 2020

It has become necessary today to keep your personal documents such as id cards, certificates, important letters, and even photographs in a well-protected manner. And lamination has become a necessity today that all your important documents should be kept safely protected by laminating it. The lamination machine is the need of the hour today. The laminator machines preserve important papers such as letters, photos, and certificates safely for a long time. The laminated documents are easy to handle and can be kept carefully without worrying about it. The lamination machines are very supportive, easy to install, and can offer quality services which most of the people prefer to use at home, offices and for business purposes.

Any machine, however useful it is, one has to know its abilities and features. It helps in understanding the working of the machine and also its usefulness. Let us find about the practical advancement of the lamination machine. The newly designed and technically advanced lamination machine is an ideal invention that helps to safeguard the old and worn-out documents and keep them under useful conditions. It helps to protect the letters, documents, photos, which are part of your memory. The lamination machines are compact in size. It can be mounted at a place convenient for electric connection and work efficiently. The branded laminators work for long hours, releasing heat but without making any noise. The machine operates using dual functionality using Hot & Cold laminations. It is easy to operate and can be operated by children or elders once they start using it. The lamination machine is useful at home and also at the office. It can become part of the business centers also where it can offer the best of lamination services. 

Best Selling Lamination Machine in India

To make use of the laminating machine perfectly well, one has to know its features well. The following given information about some of the standard laminators will help you to know more about these laminating machines. Read and find out various features that will help you to make a quick and unbiased decision while buying the most useful laminator. It will definitely offer the best laminating solutions.

#1 SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination Machine

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It is the most versatile lamination machine, best suited for home, offices, and business. It can also be useful for schools.  It can handle small projects easily and can work on bigger projects effectively. The 9” wide and compact in size laminator works smoothly for long hours offering high-quality output. The roller system controls the laminating work and avoids unnecessary curling of edges or wrinkles without having paper jam inside the machine.

The machine can laminate the up to A4 paper size. The laminating speed of the machine is of 300 mm/min. It keeps the work going for some time and pulls the sheet out before turning off. SToK thermal laminator with user-friendly options is easy to handle. It laminates the documents of different sizes with high-quality output without any bubble, curls or wrinkles. The moment you start the laminating machine, it takes a few minutes to get heated, and it indicates a light when ready for the work. 


  • The machine is handy, compact in size, and having user-friendly options.
  • The versatile machine works for long hours without paper jams, curls or wrinkles.


  • Sometimes the laminator gets heated due to continuous work & needs to cool down.

#2 JD9 Lamination Machine

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JD9 lamination machine is fully automatic with advanced options and the latest techniques. It has a complete metal body with a polished look. It controls a gradual temperature system effectively while laminating the papers. It uses a hot & cold lamination process and uses the reverse function. The lamination machine has less warm-up time and makes use of specially designed rollers for bubble-free laminations, which is a part of a uniform procedure.  

The laminator is easy to use with simple options and indicator lights. In case of a paper jam, you can make use of the knob placed on one side. Turn the knob slowly to get the paper come out smoothly. The machine uses all types of papers and documents which are of A3 size. The laminating machine offers the output, which is of high quality. The JD9 laminators are useful at home or at business centers and even at schools and colleges.  The company offers a one year warranty for any manufacturing defects. JD9 is not just a brand name, but it is a trusted company that has come out with many good quality materials such as paper cutter, paper holders and other stationery items.  


  • JD9 is a highly trusted company that has earned the goodwill of people in the past few years.
  • It has less warm-up time and offers bubble-free lamination work.
  • The warranty of one year offered on the machine is an added advantage.


  • It allows A3 size papers.

#3 VMS Professional Lamination 

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The VMS LM Deluxe laminator is the best laminating machine used for all types of daily lamination needs. You can laminate ids, certificates, documents and photos in a perfect manner. The laminated documents remain undamaged for a long time under any circumstances. The machine is easy to operate and is completely safe for children because it is shockproof and heatproof.   

The entire design of the machine is unique and offers four rollers that work together, producing good quality work. It is the most ideal laminator which can be used for school/colleges, offices and even at home. The small-sized machine is lightweight and can be placed even in a smaller area. The A3 & A4 size laminator is most suitable for hot and cold processing and also works well during forward and backward movements. It performs better under various climatic conditions and consumes minimum electricity, which is also an advantage. The laminating machine captures high-quality images well and it can allow all types of laminating pouches while offering the best results.


  • Specially designed to have four rollers while producing high-quality work.
  • It works well under different climatic conditions.
  • It consumes less power and remains heatproof and shockproof.


  • The product is not easily available in the market.

#4 MDI Lamo A4 – Lamination Machine

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MDI Lamo is the most suitable lamination machine for different sizes of documents, different types of documents, which are 9 inches in width. The A4 size lamination is of superior quality with crystal clear clarity. The time the laminator requires to get heated is about 3- 5 minutes, and once it is ready for the work, it will indicate the light signal. 

The laminator has a well-designed jam protecting system that helps in laminating smoothly without any problem. The laminator also handles disfigured and damaged papers carefully during lamination. The company doesn’t offer any warranty on the product but it gives 10 days replacement time in case of any issue.  The laminator runs on electricity but it is completely shockproof. The laminator is very much in demand today in homes, offices and even in schools. The students love it when it helps them in the project work while laminating report cards, marks cards, and rewards. The laminator is popular among the businessmen who make use of the laminators for business purposes. 


  • Laminators work effectively while using documents with a width of 9 inches. 
  • Jam protecting system allows laminator to work for longer hours without any issue.
  • It consumes limited electricity but remains completely shockproof.


  • The warranty should be better than just 10 days of replacement time.

#5 TECHBITE Thermal Laminator

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TECHBITE thermal laminator is portable in size, easy to handle and works efficiently for long hours. The laminator is useful for office work and also for all types of business operations. It also helps in doing craft projects and artworks at home. The machine is easy to operate once it is placed on a table, plugged into electricity and the buttons are pressed. The machine takes some time to get ready, and once gets ready, then starts working.

The laminator works on a sturdy and durable motor. It gets heated-up within few minutes and starts working for the documents of A4 sizes. The machine shows results in the form of bubble-free laminations. The advanced technology used in the laminator keeps the noise level lower. The hot and cold laminations are useful while working in different conditions. Cold lamination offers more options and it works well with adhesive pouches, which are pressure-sensitive. The laminator works on ABS Jam-release system for producing smooth results. It pulls out the paper gently, which is stuck inside and resolves paper jam issue.


  • The thermal laminator is noise-free and produces bubble-free results.
  • It supports dual functionality when it allows Hot & Cold laminations.
  • ABS-jam-release system controls the entire lamination process well.


  • No warranty offered.

Buying Guide for How & Where to Buy Best Lamination Machine in India

Are you looking to buy a better quality laminating machine? Read the tips given in the Buying guide below. It will help you know about various specifications of the laminators, and also it will help you in making your mind while selecting the most suitable laminator for you and your family.

Know the Types of Lamination Machine

Type of laminator is an important feature because you have to decide which animator is the most suitable for your requirements. Roller animators are larger in size machines and mainly used for huge quantity work. The pouch laminators are smaller size machines offering a limited amount of work. Cold laminators don’t need power and can do a limited amount of lamination work. You need to decide which animator is well suited for the laminating work in terms of regular usage, heavy usage or professional usage.

Check the Size of Lamination Machine

You have to find the size of the documents that you need laminate. The size of the lamination machine varies along with its features. There are different types of laminators available in the market that can laminate the documents from A1 to A5 sizes. The pouch laminators and roll laminators vary the sizes of documents which are laminated from a smaller size to a bigger one. Once you decide the type of lamination you wanted to go with, then you can select the lamination machine of your choice.

What is Warm up Time 

The warm-up time plays an important role while using the lamination machine. The warm-up time is the time the laminating machine takes to get heated up and gets ready to start the work. For every laminator, there is a different set of warm-up timing. You have to choose the one with minimum time, which is more practical in everyday usage. But you have to consider the quality and durability of the machine also.

Anti Jam Function

It is a built-in capability of the laminator to keep the lamination machine free from getting stuck during the laminating process. The laminator can easily reverse the roll of papers and releases it from getting paper jam. If the laminator can handle the paper jams efficiently, then it can work smoothly, offering better performance. It avoids the unwanted and costly breakdowns completely. Select the laminators having anti-jam functionality.

Price of Lamination Machine in India

The laminators available in the market with high-end technology are of superior quality and are costly compare to many other laminators which are most common and can offer good quality work. You have to spend your money depending on the functionality and usefulness of the product. Once you are clear about your requirement, then you can go for the required type of laminator and pay the price.

Warranty Period and condition for lamination Machine

The warranty is an important factor which should be considered while you purchase the laminator. It helps in using the product for long. In case of any serious issue, you can claim your warranty and get the replacement.

Final Words:

Read the list of factors given in the Buying guide. It is useful in understanding the product better. The various valid facts and the useful factors will surely make you an expert while dealing with the best of laminators in the market. It is not only the brand name that matters, but you have to make sure that laminators with the best of features are always useful and work better.