Best Car Jumper Cables in India – Battery Jumper Cable for Car

While driving to an outdoor location in your comfy car seems perfect. No doubt cars have the premium level of comfort, help with transportation, and whatnot. 

But, facing any issue with the battery on a stop might be disappointing. More than a hundred thousand cases take place in America alone, and not having a jumper Wire in the car causes the major problem.

In case you look at the same stats in India, you will find that most of the people don’t carry jumper cable in their car. Due to this, being stuck on the side of a road for help is such a usual thing. 

To eradicate this issue, almost everyone should carry a jumper cable, and it is always helpful during the time of emergency. In case you don’t have any jumper cable, you might for hours to get help. 

There is such an amazing variety available in the market for jumper cable, and if you are willing to buy the best one, taking a close look at essential factors that can come in handy. It will assist in understanding the need based on the car you have and then asking other vehicles to give a jumpstart so that you can continue the journey. 

Apparently, forgetting about the battery charging and life-span is normal, and it can occur anytime and without any sign. So, we suggest every car owner carry the right pair of jumper cables. 

We discussed with car professionals, experts from the forum, and some manufacturers to tell us more about working and how to find the perfect product. 

Best Jumper Cable in India Reviewed for 2020 

Our list is based on practical usability, durability, design, and a bunch of other factors so that you can finalize the right product in an easier manner. Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at some of the best options available in the Indian market – 

#1 AmazonBasics Jumper Cable 10 Gauge

AmazonBasics Jumper Cable 10 Gauge

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Due to an adequate length of 12 feet, the purchase of AmazonBasics Jumper Cable 10 Gauge seems like the perfect choice. It doesn’t matter that if you are dealing with a weak or a dead battery, you can get an effective jump start. PVC insulation is also making it a safer choice. 

Also, it is certified by UL, and it is perfect for compact or ideal cars. Heavy duty-built quality with a tight grip alligator clamps is not going to move or cause a short circuit. It has a rating of 110 amp, and there is a strong spring behind the clamps to keep your connection stable. 

The handles are perfectly comfortable, and you can position them easily. It also has an insulated exterior of red and black color, which can help identify visually, and setting up the whole system becomes an easier choice. 

Pros – 

  • Easy to use alligator clamps with strong springs. 
  • The overall length of the wire is 12 feet, enough for usability.
  • It comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer. 
  • It has a rating of 110 amp, perfect for small cars. 
  • Price is quite reasonable for the built quality. 
  • Cables are perfectly insulated with the PVC material.

Cons – 

  • No Cons reported.

#2 Amikan Car Heavy Duty Auto Jumper Cable Battery Booster cable

Amikan Car Heavy Duty Auto Jumper Cable Battery Booster cable

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With the effective connectivity of Amikan Car Heavy Duty Auto Jumper Cable Battery Booster Wire Clamp cable, you can expect reliable usability. With the 500 amp of power, you can expect to start a car, SUV and truck using this jumper cable. 

This wire comes with a smart design so that it doesn’t tangle, and it also stays flexible during the wintertime. You can use this booster cable in an easier manner due to the alligator clamps. Even the clamps are made up of Multi-stranded copper, and they offer high conductivity. 

The only issue is, the manufacturer isn’t mentioning details related to the warranty and gauge of these wires. Otherwise, this product is adequately thick enough to fulfill the need and get rid of all the issues without any problem. 

Pros – 

  • It comes with effective insulation for safer use. 
  • It supports 500 amp, effective for small and compact cars. 
  • Price is quite affordable and perfect for people with a tight budget. 
  • Heavy-duty insulation, it isn’t going to crack easily. 
  • Multi-standard connectivity for perfect usability. 
  • Aligator style clamps provide adequate stability and connectivity. 

Cons – 

  • The length of wire is a major issue here.  

#3 Starvin Auto Battery Booster cable 

Starvin Auto Battery Booster cable 

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To get a jump-starter for small or compact sized car, the purchase of Starvin Auto Battery Booster cable seems like the best product of choice. The copper-plated alligator clamp is the primary feature that you will notice about this deal. 

You are getting satisfying connectivity with the strong spring at the back of clamps. It reduces the chances of loose connection and wasting the charge. It also has heavy flexible insulation for perfect usability and great reliability of the same. 

It is a 500-amp jumper car, and it is genuine for small cars only. There is no warranty on this product which might be a topic of concern; otherwise, everything is positive. Even, this product has plenty of great reviews about the durability. 

Pros – 

  • An adequate level of thickness is offered by the manufacturer.
  • It comes at an inexpensive price point to fit perfectly into the budget. 
  • It has Multi-stranded Copper to provide High Conductivity. 
  • Good for small and compact cars only. 
  • A flexible set of wires doesn’t get too hard during the winters. 
  • Durability is not a concern with this product. 

Cons – 

  • The length of wire is the primary issue here.

#4 LakhanPal® Premium Car Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

LakhanPal® Premium Car Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

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For a similar price to our third product of choice, you can go with the purchase of LakhanPal® Premium Car Heavy Duty Jumper Cable. There are three different options available in the same to get you a perfect deal. 

You can choose 500-amp, 600 amp or 1000 amp. It depends on your needs. This product is good for small cars, but if you want to use it for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, then you might consider going for other options offered by the same brand. 

Our experts liked this product for the effective coating of insulation, and the flexibility of wire doesn’t getaway in the winter season. To assure you about the quality, there is a number of positive reviews, and they are making it quite a genuine product of choice for sure. 

Pros – 

  • Effectively clamp these booster cables with alligator clamp. 
  • Better connectivity and passage of current due to copper coating. 
  • Flexible wire and proper insulation don’t get in your way during winter. 
  • Performance is reliable, and there are three different options to choose from. 
  • Price is affordable and good to go for. 

Cons – 

  • Clamps start getting loose after a couple of uses. 

How to Choose the Best Jumper Cable? – A Layman’s Buying Guide

Jumper cables are also called Booster cable, and there is a number of factors to check during your first purchase. Among all the factors, we decided on the important one that you shouldn’t be missing at all. Here are some of the important ones – 


After comparing a number of cables, you will find that most of them are slightly different in design and usability, but length is always the major part of the price. The length of wire impacts the price, and you can choose any length you want. But, during the time of help, you might not expect to ask a truck driver for a jump start. So, always choose 12 feet long wire at least. Less than this number might not be a good choice. 


Everyone decides a budget before getting started, and if you don’t have any guess how much to spend, then you can keep a budget of 1000 INR. Try to increase the budget because you can expect better durability, and this investment is a great choice if you have a car repair shop. It will help you use the same cable for the next three years without any problem. You can expect way more durability. 


A slightly tricky part of understanding, but in easy words, the gauge is all about the thickness of the wire. You can expect good quality from the gauge number, and the common choices are four gauges and six gauges. As our top pick is of 10 gauge, so might wonder, is a worthy choice? Well, you can expect premium durability, but they are slightly bad at transferring the vast amount of electricity. These are perfect for large vehicles, mainly. 

Thickness of Wire

Thicker cables are good for durability, and they are good in terms of usability also. If the manufacturer is mentioning heavy duty jumper cable, then don’t get excited. It is a common method to trick, but if the manufacturer is mentioning the thickness, then you can consider them as a perfect deal. 

Type of Clamps 

Clamps decide that how easily you can set this up. With a strong tooth of clamps, you can connect battery effectively, and there is less risk of any spark. Poor connection leads to unwanted tries and reducing the power of other batteries. In case the manufacturer is offering top and side port of cable for batteries, then be careful. Make sure that such a clamps top must be wrapped in rubber so that you can use them safely, and you won’t have to worry about getting a shock. 


For safety-related reasons, insulation is playing the most important role here. Most of the booster or jumper cables are made up of PVC material. It is a durable choice, and you can find an adequate level of thickness of insulative material. Expecting a prolonged life-span of jumper cable is not a bad choice here. But, make sure that the wire must be flexible to use at low temperatures. Poor quality insulation starts cracking when the temperature is low. 

After considering these six factors, landing on a perfect product seems easier. There are many brands that offer all the features for an affordable price. It is all about figuring out the perfect deal by checking all the important aspects, and everything is done after that. Make sure that you learn an adequate method to use jumper cable before getting started with them.


A jumper cable or booster cable is not less than a perfect companion in the time of need. We compiled all the best deals based on quality and features. AmazonBasics Jumper Cable 10 Gauge is an eye-catchy choice due to the positive reviews, built quality, and range of features packed into the same. 

When you buy a jumper cable, you must check out the return policy so that you can return if the product isn’t suiting your needs. We hope that our guidepost is covering all the essential detail alongside the products which can help with the purchase. Make sure to go through the user manual before getting started with the purchase of a product.