Top 3 Best Inverter Battery in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Electricity is one discovery that has led to the invention of various appliances and gadgets. Without electricity, more than 50% of things/devices in your house would not work. You want to heat water for a bath; the geyser is available that uses electricity for it. You want to watch some news on the television; you need electricity. You want to prepare the dosa batter for tomorrow’s breakfast you need electricity to run the mixer grinder. Name it, and you have most of the devices in your room that require electricity to operate. Even the mobile handset you use requires electricity to get charged so that you can use it.

Now that we understand how important is electricity in our day to day life, I hope you have also realized its absence can be very painful and annoying. Humans have always found out an alternate source or solution to problems. One such source is the inverter that uses the batteries to supply electricity to the house. Batteries store DC (direct current), and the electricity provided to us are AC (alternate current). The inverter provides electricity from the stored batteries by converting DC to AC. All the appliances at home require AC to run. 

For an Inverter, the batteries are the source of electricity that has to be converted. Hence the capacity of the battery is important, also its durability. In this article, we will be talking about the best three batteries available in India and guide you in choosing the best one for your use.

Best Inverter Battery

In the below section, we will be sharing and discussing the features of the best batteries that are available in India.

#1 LUMINOUS RC 18000 


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Luminous batteries are popular in the Indian market and they have captured good market share with their inverters also. The battery we are talking about now is the RC 18000 model, which is known as the tall tubular batteries that are with a patented design. The presence of the alloy composition ensures the lead part of the battery remains resistant to corrosion. The quality and the performance of the batteries is taken care of by the uniform grain structure within. The batteries are of unique design, which makes them stronger and also enables them to charge faster than most of the batteries in the market. 

The charge remains for much longer duration; hence it can withstand longer power cut. The tubular plate construction of the battery ensures there is a uniform distribution of the positive materials in it. This, in turn, ensures high-performance and long life of the battery. It is manufactured in a high-pressure casting machine. The insides are made of a puncture-resistant ceramic-usa separator that minimizes any possibilities of short circuits within it and also outside. It also has a balanced plate design which improves the charge acceptance while charging it. Some batteries, when discharged deeply or not charged for a long time, are difficult to be recovered. Luminous batteries can recover from the deep-discharge condition quite easily. 

It is also designed to have a life of over 1250 recharge cycles of at 80% depth of discharge. The sturdiness and the high quality of the battery make it well suited for places with frequent power cuts. It comes with 18 months of replacement warranty and 18 months pro-rata warranty. It comes with a warranty of 36 months.


  • The tall tubular model which increases the life of the battery
  • Fast charging capability available in it
  • 36 months warranty available for the batteries
  • The design enables the batteries to fast charge and has a long life


  • Service was not up to the expectations
  • Some customers complained of low quality

#2 Amaron Inverter – Tall Tubular Battery 150Ah


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Amaron is new to the Indian market when compared to many other brands in the battery segment, but it has gained goodwill in a shorter period. Indian households and small office spaces depend more on the inverter and batteries to ensure continuous power supply in cases of power outages. These batteries also serve very well in rural places where the outages are higher and for a longer period. They also serve well in the automobile industries as any vehicle would need batteries for electric start and other purposes. 

This model from Amaron like the previous one, is a tall tubular model that ensures fast charging and longer charge sustenance. The model is also designed to withstand high heat and change in the temperature at faster rates. This perfectly suits the Indian weather condition and hence makes it reliable for usage. As mentioned, the model comes in a fast-charging capability with addition to its strong and sturdy build-up. The insides are designed to ensure no leakage of the materials takes place and also designed to be non-corrosive to the acidic contents. Amaron is specifically known to be maintenance-free.


  • Withstands high heat and sudden temperature change making it reliable for the weather conditions
  • It comes with factory charged and high-power sustenance
  • Quick charging capability available


  • Backup problem complaints received from customers
  • After-sales service is not very good

#3 EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Inverter Ups Battery


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Exide is the most popular and reliable of all the battery brands in the Indian market. The brand is existing for a few decades and has a large market share of the segment. The model of Instabrite from Exide is a sturdy built with moulded handles on the side, making it easy to easy and move around. The brand has red as its colour and people recognise Exide just by its colour. 

The model we are talking about comes with an easy maintenance capability. There is a float/float guide that is available to indicate what are the electrolyte levels in the battery. To ensure it gives the optimum output and long life it is important to maintain the electrolyte level to the optimum. It is also designed to be spill-proof. There are vented lids with anti-splash guards to ensure the electrolyte not to spill. They are fitted with coin flush vent plugs. It is also designed to avoid sparks and even if there are, there are controls in place to avoid spreading. There is a Spark arrestor fitted with it. The top is also designed to be clean and no leakage is occurring.  The model comes with 36 months of warranty. The batteries are supplied with factory charged condition.


  • Most reliable brand in India
  • Comes with various safety measures like spill-proof and electrolyte level indicators
  • Moulded handle that makes it easy to carry
  • 36 months warranty provided


  • Delivery problems faced by customers
  • Dead batteries were delivered

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Buying Guide For Inverter Battery

Technically it is difficult to ascertain the features and qualities of the battery that make it a suitable and best one to buy. In this section, we will try and break that obstacle by showing you which features are worth looking for in a battery for your inverter.

Understanding the requirement

Before you buy the inverter and the battery, you need to understand what are the power requirements at the place you want to get it installed. So, consult the electrician for this purpose. It is advisable to go as per the electrician/technician from the brand you are going for. They are the right and qualified people for it. Unless you know of the specifications, yourself make sure you go the right way in choosing the inverter and the battery. It all depends on how many lights or fan you want to power during the outages. Also, take into consideration television as it is an important one. There is an inverter capacity calculator available online to make the process easier.

Inverter or UPS

Make sure you know what to buy. An inverter or a UPS. UPS are also known as an uninterrupted power supply that is useful in case of computers/desktops. The main difference between a UPS and an Inverter is the delay in the power switch when the power goes off. In case of the inverter, there is a lag in seconds due to which a desktop can switch off. If it was a UPS the lag is so negligible, you wouldn’t even realize the power outage. UPS also has no maintenance required when compared to an inverter. So make sure you know what the requirement in this case is.

Inverter Brands

The brand of inverter is also very important. The maintenance cost is an important attribute to look into. Do some digging to choose the right brand. Look for the warranty they provide on the inverter. It is a heavy investment hence advisable to make a smart and sensible decision by choosing the right inverter. Cost of buy, cost of maintenance, warranty period, and service reliability are a few of the attributes to look into.


Once you select the brand, you can look into features like what are the battery types used, how they are maintained, how difficult they are to maintain and how easy they are to maintain. These attributes can be looked into with the technician or the electrician from the brand. They would surely advise you the best of their brand.


A power outage can be annoying and painful if you live in an urban area. What seemed like not so important device to have some years ago, now it seems to be one of the common devices in any household.  This guide was merely a quick walkthrough of the available batteries for the inverter, and some of their features make them stand apart. Take the right decision by going through them.

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