Best Electric Kettle in India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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If you could cite one invention that has helped so good for us in these recent times, none would beat electric kettles. These are one of the best things that can be around with someone. It helps around in boiling water, brewing tea, coffee, making noodles, preparing oatmeal and much more. We’re not kidding, the modern-day best electric kettle does do all of these and more. 

It’s why electric kettles are in such high demand and we thought of diving into this topic to see how it pans out. We’ve often heard how we all are looking for the best one but can’t decide on any of them. Well, we here take care of that for you. 

There are plenty of electric kettles available in the market. But not all can stake the claim of being the best when it comes to performance. We here have placed multiple parameters to gauge on the best of the lot and have enlisted them down below for you. Read along. 

Best Electric Kettles in India

#1 Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle (Multicolor)


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The first piece of our list goes to the one from Philips with their top line product. This one is a stainless steel electric kettle with a food grade option. This one bears a capacity of 1.2 liter and is one of the best when it comes with performance. It features a large opening that allows for better cleaning off the inside. The wider mouth makes it more easier to pour the liquid from the kettle to the utensil or cup. It also allows for better reach to the inside of the surface.

It comes with steam sensor option and also has a dry boiling and overheating protection with it. This makes sure that the safety is always the number one priority. It also comes with a concealed heating element as that allows for better protection for the same. There’s also a wider cord length than most of the other ones available in the market with it being at 0.75m. There’s a 360 degree cordless base to it and has sturdy handles that don’t get heated up when used. 

It runs on 1800 watts of power and consumes a voltage on 220 volts. It comes loaded with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. It’s simply the perfect option for all usage in form of boiling water, tea, coffee and also for eggs, and oatmeal. It is one of the best ones a hostel bachelor can buy. 

Here’s what we liked about this one:

  • Study build
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Wider opening 
  • 20 years manufacturers’ warranty

#2 Kent 16023 1500-Watt Electric Kettle (Transparent)


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The second one of the list is from Kent with its 1500-watt electric kettle. This one comes with a transparent look and is one of the most beautiful ones around when it comes to electric kettle. It features a borosilicate glass body that comes with concealed heating element. It also has a stainless steel cover and comes with no plastic element used along. It is perfectly safe to use for. 

It also has an auto-off switch which comes with protection for overheating and the boil drying option. It also has a light placed that sees the switch-on and off option. There’s also a water indicator which allows you to see where the water levels are. 

There’s quite a sturdy base and an ergonomic handle that helps you to hold and pour over the liquid with ease. It has a capacity of 1.7 liters. 

Here’s what we liked about this one

  • Transparent body
  • No plastic material
  • High capacity 1.7 liter
  • Switch on/off option 

#3 Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle


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Ranked at the third place is the one from Orpat with it ergonomic piece. This one comes with a 1350-watt capacity and features a capacity of 1.2 liters. It has an overheating safety protection net and also sports the auto-stop option along with the indicator light. This is a stainless steel kettle and is pretty sturdy to use for. 

The kettle comes with 360-degree swivel base and is pretty easy to use for and handle. It also features a concealed heating element and has an aluminium die-cast feature that is durable and runs for long life. There’s also a wide mouth which helps in easy cleaning off the kettle. It is perfect for boiling water, for the brewing of the tea, brewing of the coffee and even preparation of the noodles and oatmeal. It also helps around in boiling off the eggs. It also consumes pretty low electricity and is power efficient to the core.

Here’s what we liked about this one: 

  • Low power consumption
  • 360 degree swivel base
  • Efficient performance and capacity

#4 Bajaj Majesty KTX 9 1-Litre Multifunction Stainless Steel Kettle


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Bajaj is one of the top ranked kitchen and electric appliance manufacturer and comes with top notch products every single time. Their electric kettles have been used wide extensively and all throughout. They also tend to price their product at an efficient range for better market value.

This one from them is a 1-liter stainless steel based kettle which has a multi-function usage. It also has a perfect option for boiling of eggs, cooking of rice, noodles and even preparation of pasta. Tea and coffee brewing is quite easy with this one. It also comes with dry boil safe and features overheat protection. There’s also a 360 degree connector along with a detachable base with this one. You will also find a concealed heating element with this one. 

It is perfect for the bachelor and the small family where the need for capacity can be negotiated with just a 1-liter electric kettle. 

Here’s what we liked about it:

  • High-quality design
  • Peak performance
  • 360-degree connector

#5 Philips HD4649 1.7-Litre 2400-Watt Concealed Element Kettle (White and Gray)


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We have another entry from Philips in our down below. This time it’s making its mark with a concealed piece and a high-performance material. This one features a heavy 1.7-liter capacity and runs on a 2400 watt capacity which means it will boil the water or any other items pretty quickly. 

It also comes with a cup indicator that allows you to boil only the amount of water you require rather than the large ones and just keep it aside. It also has a light indicator which lights on when the switch for the kettle is on. It comes with an easy lid option along with the spout filling. The opening allows for easy pouring over and cleaning of the vessel. 

It also has a cordless 360 degree base that allows for easy lifting and placing of the kettle and you can further use the lid which comes in hinged form for easy option. There’s water level indicators marked on this so that you can easily read it off. You can further store the cord easily with its cord winder.

Here’s what we loved about it:

  • Large capacity
  • High power for quicker boiling
  • Easy to read indicators
  • Cord winder option

#6 Morphy Richards Voyager 100 0.5-Litre Electric Kettle (White)


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Lined up next to us is the one from Morphy Richards in form of Voyager 100 electric kettle. This one has a little bit of low storage when compared to other ones in the list yet is extremely worthy of being the best of the lot. It comes with concealed heating element and has an auto cut-off and a dry boil protection.

It also features automatic shut-off option so that the kettle gets turned off when there’s no water filling inside it. It also comes with a power usage of 1200 watts and runs on a voltage of 230 volts. It features 1-liter of capacity and is pretty good to use for. It comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty which makes it quite a good investment.

Here’s what we liked about this one:

  • Ergonomically designed model
  • Peak performance
  • Automatic shut-off option
  • 2 years manufacturers’ warranty

#7 Pigeon By Stovekraft Egnite EG1000 1-Litre Electric Kettle (Black/Orange)


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As we all know Pigeon remains a major brand in the kitchen and electric appliance in India. Their product have been one of the best around and they certainly take along the credit of being the top line company. It comes with a host of electric kettle out of which this one is a major turn on. 

This one comes with a capacity of 1 liter but features quite an ergonomic design that can be easily setup at the dinner table as a showpiece. It comes with a power usage of 1200 watts and allows you to use the boiled water in no time thanks to its quick performance. It also come with a 360 degree rotation cord and has on and off switch with it. There’s a cool handle touch so that you don’t get burned with the heat of the hot water and it has an easy to pour option along.

There’s also the water level indicator with this one which is quite beneficial when it comes to performance. It is made up of plastic and is sturdy to use for. It also comes with 1 years of manufacturing warranty.

Here’s what we liked about it:

  • Impressive design
  • Heavy body
  • 1 years manufacturers’ warranty

#8 Cello Electric Kettle 1 Ltr 600 B , 1200W, Black


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The next entry for our list comes from Cello with its electric kettle variant. This one is a impressive piece and performs well above the expectations. It has a 1 liter of capacity and offers auto-shut off option for the function. There’s also 360 degree of cordless operation with this one that is pretty helpful and useful. You will also be able to enjoy the water level indicator and furthermore the auto protection off function with this one. 

It comes with a stainless steel body on the inside and the plastic body on the outside. There’s further the usage of food grade stainless steel which makes sure that this is pretty cool to use with. It comes with a capacity of 1 liter and that is pretty good to use for.

Here’s what we liked about this one:

  • Made from high grade stainless steel
  • Features auto protection option

#9 Taurus 1.7 L Digital Electric Glass Kettle


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Placed at ninth in our list is the one from Taurus, a major name for any one who knows about the electric home appliance. This one comes with a 1.7 liters of capacity and features glass body that is certainly out of the world. It also features high extensive build that is sure to last long. 

It has a fast boiling feature with its 2200 watts power which makes it boil the water in merely just 2-3 minutes. It also helps to prepare tea, coffee and anything with ease of usage. There’s also electronic temperature display with this one and comes with the option to display anywhere from 50-95 degree Celsius. It also has a keep warm function that will allow you to keep the water warm for next 2 hrs. It’s large capacity comes as a certain boon as that allows you to make multiple cups of tea or coffee as much as you want.

It is build with safety machete and is extremely durable to use for. It also has features like automatic shut-off and dry boiling protection along with the overheat protection.  

Here’s what we liked about it:

  • Premium piece 
  • High quality performance
  • Durable to the core
  • Safety features
  • High capacity

#10 Koryo Multipurpose Electric Kettle 1.2 Litre KEK1512MP Stainless Steel


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Rounding up our list is the one from Koryo with its multipurpose electric kettle. This one comes with a capacity of 1.2 liter and is quite a versatile piece. It consumes pretty low power and it can run on mere 600 watts. It can boil water or milk and even make tea with ease, you can also cook the noodles with it and even steam the eggs. 

It comes with the 360 degree rotational kettle and has a wire storage base. It also offers seamless unibody design. It also has an indicator light which makes sure to let you know that its performing. It also comes with automatic cut-off feature that will help you to stay safe from any hazard. 

Here’s what we like about it

  • Multipurpose feature
  • Low power consumption
  •  360 degree swivel cords

Well these are the top picks among those available in the market and comes along as one of the best lists for electric kettles around. We hope you found this one useful to your liking.

What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Kettle?

Electric Kettles are a dime a dozen when it comes to the current fast paced modern era. It’s so much easier to work around with these and they surely have upped the ease in our lives. Here’s us with the benefits of the Electric Kettle summed up down below:

  • Multi-functional

Electric kettle tends to be quite multi-functional ones. These modern aesthetic designed pieces are made to offer so much more that just mere boiling of water. It was a thing of past where they were only intended to boil the water. Not these days. You can boil the eggs, or oatmeal or even cook noodles on it. Certainly this one is the best friend for any hostelers or student. 

  • Quick heating and speed

Electric kettle tends to be one of the best ones when it comes to speed. It has always been the major attraction for electric kettles, their speed. It’s often seen that the water gets boiled just as soon as you switch on the kettle. It also tends to be faster than the microwave as there’s more heating surface with this one. 

  • Energy efficient

Electric kettles are quite energy efficient when it comes to performance. They tend to feature quite well and saves on a load of electricity with its performance. Think of the stove kettle and the amount of time and gas it uses to boil the water. And think of the same with electric kettle. Electric kettle tends to be more energy efficient. 

  • Ease of use

There are quite easy to use around and features convenience as its top agenda. It also comes along with portable option and since it doesn’t take up much space, they are highly regarded when it comes to travelling and all.

  • Automatic shut-off

Have your ever thought about this one. With stove kettle, you need to attend to it and then shut it off when the water is boiled. You always have to be on your toes guarding it so that it doesn’t tend to go over the top. But not with this one. with electric kettle, there’s already the auto shut-off option which allows you to save on energy and even be safer than the stove based kettles. 

What are the Multiple Uses Of Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are quite a versatile thing and they tend to offer plenty of usages. These tend to be one of the most handy options around and comes with so much uses that you can use them for making many items and dishes. Here’s how you can use it in multiple purpose

  • Make a cup of tea/ coffee

It’s what we normally use the electric kettle for apart from the boiling of water. Do you know that you can brew quite a perfect cup of ho tea from the electro kettle. And these in fact tends to help you far more better when it comes to cooking with stove kettle. Or you can also go for a refreshing cup of coffee. 

  • Go for a soup on a rainy day

Soups are one of the best soul satisfying foods ever. They tend to be most relaxing of the foods and offers quite comfort to your body. We often tend to spend loads of time preparing soup in the kitchen with the stove kettle or other utensil. There’s quite a simple way, just chop all the vegetables and place them in the electric kettle and see it cook for yourself. 

  • Noodles heaven

Who said that electric kettles were only limited to boiling water and more. You can even cook a perfect instant noodle for yourself with this one. Many college students and more resort to this option quite a lot. Enjoy a bowl of instant noodles for your late night cravings with an electric kettle.

  • Oatmeal – The perfect breakfast 

Oatmeal is one of the most healthiest breakfast you could even enjoy in life. And it’s quite instant too. All your hunger pangs in the morning can be dealt with the small bowl of oatmeal. Prepare the perfect oatmeal with the use of electric kettle and your snack will be ready.

  • Boiled eggs

This is one heck of a hack. Electric kettles are the perfect option for boiling eggs. They allow you to boil eggs the way you want it, be it the hard boiled ones or the soft boil. Dive in, fill the kettle with the water and put in some eggs. And there you go, it will be ready in minutes. 

How to Clean Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are quite addictive in nature. Once you start using it you’re bound to get hooked to its features and benefits and you’d hardly let go of it. But with usage there also comes a need to care for it. Taking good care of your electric kettle will allow you to have a durable and fine performing piece at your hands. All you need to do is adhere to these following cleaning tips and you’d be good to go.

We have often seen that with electric kettles, with time there’s a build up of flakes or flunk inside it. These are mainly due to the residue from the long usage of it. And this can certainly spoil your drink of food. So you got to clean it off. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Fill the electric kettle with equal parts of water and white vinegar. Fill at least 3 quarter of the electric kettle.
  2. Switch on the kettle and bring it to a boil
  3. Once it gets to boiling state, turn off the kettle and remove it form the power circuit.
  4. Let the solution of water and white vinegar stay inside for at least 15-20 minutes and then throw it off. You can then rinse the kettle with water.
  5. Rinse multiple times so that all the traces of vinegar is removed from the kettle. 
  6. Now almost all of the limescale would be cleaned off with it.
  7. Then wipe the inside with a cloth and let it to dry.
  8. You can then fill the kettle with the water and boil it again after drying so that any remaining after taste gets cleaned off.
  9. If the smell tends to reoccur boil the water once again and discard the same.
  10. You can also use the non metallic scrub pad to clean the inside of the kettle if you want. 

Things to remember

  • If the electric kettle comes with a precaution where you need to avoid the vinegar then you can try the lemon water combination. Just as with the vinegar and water, cut the lemon slices and put it in the kettle along with the water.
  • Bring it to a boil and then leave for an hour before rinsing it off. You can further use baking soda to clean the kettle further.
  • Don’t leave extra standing water inside the kettle after usage as this will bring more mineral deposits and will create the yucky flunk at the base.
  • Also make sure to clean the exterior of the kettle every week so that the kettle stands in good condition. 
  • Never immerse the bottom of the kettle in the water as the heating element is placed down below and that may get damaged. 

Top 5 Best Electric Kettle Brand In India

There are plenty of electric kettle brand in India that are offering top line products under their portfolio. We here line up the best among the lot and present them down for you. That way you’ll get the gist of the best ones.

  • Philips

Philips comes across as the top pick when it comes to electric kettles around. They have been a major name in the electronic appliance industry and they continue to grow along. Their products have earmarked great usage and comes along with perfect options. They have cordless type kettle where you can simply plug in the base and whilst use the kettle with just any wireless feature.

  • Prestige

One of the major names in the Indian home and electronic appliance, Prestige is something that has grown over the years. They already rank on the top of the list when it comes to major products and their electric kettle doesn’t disappoint either. They offer the cordless ones with high performance basis. Their kettles come in both classic design and the modern variant. 

  • Orpat

For those who are not much known to the Orpat brand, this one is a top electronic product manufacturer of India and over the years have offered top products to the customers. They offer product line with plenty of electric kettles and comes as a perfect option for people around. Their electric kettles are loved for the fine performance, quick heating and durability.

  • Pigeon

Pigeon has had it’s stakes marked in the Indian home appliance industry, such is their galore. They have come a long way from being an initial name to the modern day household name. They also have a lineup of electric kettles that tend to be the best when it comes to peak performance around. They also have cordless variant with them and are priced effectively which makes it quite an irresistible choice. 

  • Morphy Richards

If there’s one name that comes to the top of the mind when it comes to electric home appliance, then it’s Morphy Richards. They are certainly the top of these echo leans and their products are as best as you can get. Their lineup of electric kettles ranges from different options and has a plethora of options all marked with great performance. It also comes with best heating element in the market. 

5 Things to Know Before Buying an Electric Kettle In India

Although the demand and all for the electric kettle are at all time high. There needs to be considerate need for how we should perceive the electric kettle option. There are a few taken what you should do before purchasing them. We here have compiled the 5 things to know for you down below. Read along.

  • When is the right time to purchase electric kettle?

This is often one conversation that keeps on popping on everyone’s heads. People tend to look to buy the kettle only when their old kettle gets worn back or doesn’t work at all. And then there are times like the electric kettle sells the most during winters. We’ve seen that trend. But do look for signs of wearing out of your last old kettle. If it is there then you should go for a new one.

  • What would be the ideal price range?

This thing depends on your budget specifically. There are electric kettles available at different price levels in the market from the cheaper ones to the high functioning expensive ones. They also tend to range in terms of quality and performance. Although you can easily find the easy ones which are also quite reliable and operate so well. Look for the things like size, capacity, design and more and decide on the outcome. 

  • How to decide for the best electric kettle?

Well there are certainly various factors that come into play when it comes to buying an electric kettle. The basic parameters would be what purpose you are specifically seeking this for. If this is for merely boiling water and more, a normal piece would suffice. But if you’re looking for a multipurpose use then you can get one with multi functional usage in form of ones like the high end ones. Look for the time taken for boiling and for the handles. You don’t want to make the handles hot for you do you?

  • What is the difference between electric kettle with auto-off and without it?

Electric kettles comes with auto-off feature and they tend to be more safer than the other ones. These days almost all of the ones come with this feature which makes them quite useful when it comes to safely guarding you. Without these auto-off option they may also go on to have a fire hazard. 

  • Which one is the best? Steel electric kettle or Plastic electric kettle

This depends on the purpose that you’re looking to use this for. Normally it is advised that you don’t keep the water inside the kettle at all. Re-boiling the water often makes quite a mess and leaves bad taste. Also look to make sure that if you’re going for the plastic ones, then they should be Bisphenol-A free.

Which one is better glass or steel kettle?

The market is filled with options in form of plastic kettles, glass kettles and the steel kettles. All of these come with their own form of product line and have a functioning basis of their own. You can decide on which one suits you the better and go for it. We here will let you know the same with our in-depth review down below. Read along.

  • Glass Kettles

Glass kettles tend to be one of the most classy options around and look pretty stylish to the core. They come with a gracious beauty that is something not seen elsewhere and features 100% safe to use feature. It also comes with quite ultra modern features that we all seek and these are completely safe to use too. These kettles normally use the plastic or the steel base as part of the base or stand and help around with ease.


  • Are certainly more stylish and gracious
  • Easy to clean off
  • The see-though option allow for seeing the color of the water and the water level.
  • Hygienically the best kettle to use for


  • Heavy weight
  • Need to be more careful with the glass kettles as they make break
  • Tends to be more expensive than the plastic or the stainless steel pieces


  • Steel Kettles

Stainless steel kettles are the ones which have been used along by many. These are certainly the top one when it comes to electric kettle and thus is used by people all over. They also tend to come in sleek designs these days marking their entry as a good piece. Previously the steel electric kettle used to get heated down due to the hot exterior but these days they have added double walled based design which provides cool exterior to go with. 


  • One of the most durable pieces ever
  • Priced reasonably well and comes with tons of features
  • Has removable filters
  • Pretty neat designs 


  • Does tend to be heavier than the plastic ones.
  • The outer surface may get heated pretty quickly.

Which electric kettle is good for hostel bachelors?

Electric kettles as we earlier said are the best friend for any hostel person. It’s like the perfect thing for a bachelor who needs the quick turn off the timepiece to prepare the meal. They are not likely to dive deep into making extravagant dishes. They are more into preparing a quick noodles or a coffee or a tea or boil the eggs on them. Check out Best Kettle for Hostel 

There are so many electric kettles doing round in the market in form of steel ones, glass ones and those plastic ones. It often depends on the usage on to how you’re going to use and what purpose you’ll be needing it for. That way, the electric kettle most suitable for the hostel bachelors can be decided with ease. 

We here have enlisted the one from Philips which is also one of the best among the lot. Read more about it down below

Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle (Multicolor)

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The pick of the lot goes to Philips with its 1.2 liter electric kettle. This one is a stainless steel piece and comes with food-grade steel which makes sure that you enjoy the healthiest of the lot. It comes with a wide opening that allows for easy pouring on the liquid or fluid and also helps around in cleaning off it easily. It has a steam sensor, a dry boiling and even the overheating protection for unmatched safety.

There also comes a concealed heating element along with a wider cord which ranges to 0.75 m. It has 360-degree cordless base that helps around in easier handling and also allows for high performance. It has a power of 1800 watts and runs on a voltage of 220 volts. It also comes with 2 years of the manufacturer’s warranty.

It is a perfect option for brewing tea and coffee, preparing boiled eggs or noodles. And even for the likes of oatmeal or a hot soup. A perfect option for a bachelor and hostel life.

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