Top 5 Best Dash Cam in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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#1 DDPAI #2 70mai #3 Blueskysea
DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam 70mai Pro Plus A500S Dash Cam Blueskysea B1W Wi-Fi Mini Dash Cam
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Driving a car can be fun and enjoyable until you meet an accident. Although you are a responsible driver and drive your car taking safety measures, individuals are there who don’t obey the traffic rules and can cause accidents. Further, Indian roads are not that great. Also, there are thousands of car accidents that happen every year on Indian roads that make it worth discussing this topic. In the case of accidents, the main problem is you don’t have any proof that you are innocent. But that can be solved by installing a dashcam in your car.

Dashcams are getting popular day by day in India, and many people are learning the importance of this device. The main function of a dashcam is to record everything in the front and sometimes the back while you are driving a car. They also come with some advanced features that record accidents and save them in the memory safely. So, you can easily show the video and prove that you are innocent.

Apart from that, dash cams can be used for other purposes as well. So, it is worth buying this product. Now let’s check some of the best dash cams available in the Indian market and understand how to find the best one for you.

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Top 5 Best Dash Cam in India 2021 


#1. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam

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The DDPAI mini car dashcam is a reliable product and produces images in 1080P which is full HD resolution. Unlike normal dash cams, it produces natural images even in harsh weather conditions. It comes with a 2MP CMOS image sensor and HiSilicon Hi3518E processor that records high-quality videos. It has six glass lenses that help in recording FHD videos. It is capable of producing the best quality videos during hot summer as well. Another advantage of using this dash cam is that it offers excellent night vision. It will let you see objects and people in low light conditions also.

This mini dash cam uses a supercapacitor in place of a lithium battery for better temperature resistance and durability. So, it is suitable for Indian roads and weather conditions. It also provides better efficiency because of its new processor technology. The dashcam offers a viewing angle of 140 degrees that enables you to capture up to 4 to 6 lanes in the traffic. It allows you to watch the recorded videos on your mobile phone by connecting to the DDPAI app through Wi-Fi.


  • The emergency recording feature records video automatically in case of an accident.
  • The recorded videos can be accessed on a mobile phone through a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It has six glass lenses for recording high-quality videos.
  • A night vision facility is available in this dashcam.


  • No cons so far.


#2. 70mai Pro Plus A500S Dash Cam

70mai Pro Plus A500S Dash Cam

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With a powerful processor and 5MP Sony sensor, the 70mai dash cam is an excellent product to use in your car. It supports 1944p front recording and 1080p rear recording to capture all details during your travel. It lets you record high-quality videos anytime, anywhere, without missing a single detail. This dashcam offers a viewing angle of 140 degrees to show more detail to the user. Also, it can record images in the dark and strong light effectively. It features a 2-inch IPS display that lets you see your recordings with ease.

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The 70mai dash cam has 6 lenses that enhance the image and video quality and let you see the clear video. It comes with an advanced driver assistance system that provides forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and other instructions for safe driving. Moreover, this dashcam is an AI-powered system that enhances the performance of users. It comes with a G sensor technology that records emergency videos automatically. The dashcam stores the video securely to prevent deleting and overwriting. Furthermore, you can install the 70mai official app and operate this dash cam on your mobile by connecting to the Wi-Fi network.


  • It comes with GPS connectivity for easy driving.
  • The driving route and videos can be viewed on the mobile phone by using the 70mai app.
  • It has a parking surveillance system to keep your car safe when it is parked.
  • There is a driving assistant system that guides you in safe driving.


  • Some users reported that the SD card slot is not working properly.
  • The cost is high.


#3. Blueskysea B1W Wi-Fi Mini Dash Cam

Blueskysea B1W Wi-Fi Mini Dash Cam

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This mini dashcam uses a Sony imx323 CMOS image sensor and Novatek GM8135S processor to record better quality images. It records 1080p videos in the day as well as night. It also supports voice commands, so there will not be any difficulty in operating this camera. This dashcam is a great choice for ultra-high-definition recording. It has six glass lenses that help in recording high-quality videos. Also, it ensures that there is no deformation in the image when recording the video. It supports 150 degrees viewing angle that offers a better experience to the user.

This mini dash cam also comes with a low-light sensor to capture better quality videos at night. Its 360 degrees rotatable design allows you to adjust the angle of the lens depending on your requirements. It features a compact design that makes it very easy for you to install it in your car. Another feature of this dash cam is that it uses a supercapacitor for a longer lifespan. Because of this, it can provide parking monitoring for up to 24 hours. Also, it can be used in harsh weather conditions with ease. It also has G sensor technology to record automatically in case of emergencies.


  • This camera can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • It has a compact design, so it can be used with ease.
  • This camera can be connected to mobile through a Wi-Fi network and operated through the app.
  • It comes with a loop recording feature.


  • An SD card error was noticed in this dashcam.


#4. Procus Iris Car Dash Cam

Procus Iris Car Dash Cam

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The Procus Iris dashcam is specially designed to provide great performance when using in the car. It can record high-quality videos in case of an accident. That video can be used as evidence for the police. Actually, it acts as a CCTV camera for your car and provides complete security for you. This camera can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can record everything on the road by adjusting its angle. If you are giving your vehicle to your children or driver, you can easily see the videos and check how they are driving the car.

The camera comes with a six-month warranty for a better experience for users. It provides a viewing angle of 120 degrees that covers every detail in the video while recording. It has a video protection feature with a gravity sensor that locks the video file instantly in case of emergencies. There is also a parking monitor feature in this dashcam to supervise your car when it is parked. The motion detection feature triggers the camera from standby mode and records video in case there is any motion.

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  • It has a loop recording feature to overwrite the old videos with new ones.
  • The dashcam provides a wider field view because of its 120 degrees viewing angle.
  • The parking monitoring system protects your car when it is parked.
  • In case of emergencies, it locks the video file for safety.


  • Customer service is poor.


#5. DDPAI Mola N3 Car Dash Cam

DDPAI Mola N3 Car Dash Cam

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The Mola N3 is a superior quality dashcam from the DDPAI brand. This dashcam has HD resolution to record the best quality videos.  It houses the HiSilicon Cortex A17+Cortex A processor for improving performance. It uses Omni Vision flagship 05A10 image sensor that records sharp videos without any issues. The dashcam has six glass lenses to improve performance. It can record high-quality videos in any weather condition. It will record very clear videos so that you can read the number plates of other vehicles easily.

It is also equipped with a low-light sensor that allows you to record good-quality videos at night. Because of this, you can see the license plate of other vehicles clearly, even at night. The dashcam provides a viewing angle of 140 degrees which is wider to record videos while driving. So, in case of accidents, it will record a clear video covering all details. The powerful processor offers smooth performance and improves the overall user experience. The rotational design allows you to record inside or outside videos conveniently with this dashcam.


  • The use of a supercapacitor improves its durability and temperature resistance.
  • It supports loop recording to keep the SD card from getting full.
  • The WDR technology captures every detail in any lighting condition.
  • It has a smart parking mode to keep your car safe when it is parked.


  • Defective products were delivered to some users.


Best Dash Cam Buying Guide

Dashcams are a crucial thing for every car owner. It ensures safety and protection on the road. But buying the right dashcam for your vehicle may not be that easy for you. You can consider the features listed here when choosing a dashcam for your car.


Considering the resolution of the camera is crucial when selecting a good quality dashcam for your car. The resolution of the camera determines how clear the video will be. Generally, the definition of resolution is the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. Normally, we can see dashboard cameras with 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p resolution.

So more the resolution of the camera, the more the video quality will be. However, high resolution will increase the cost of the camera. So, you should consider buying at least a 1080p resolution camera for better video recording. But if you can buy higher resolution cameras, it will be good.

Night Vision Facility

The night vision feature is another important thing to look for in a dashcam. Those who drive in the night will find this feature very helpful. Cameras with the night vision feature can record clear videos in the dark as well. In case there are any emergencies at night, it will record that as evidence.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of the dashcam is another important thing that you need to take into consideration. In general, dashcams provide a viewing angle of 120 degrees, 140 degrees, 150 degrees, etc. So, you should choose an option with a wider viewing angle for a better experience.

Actually, the viewing angle of the dashcam determines the area it can cover while recording videos. So, if the viewing angle is narrow, you can’t see detailed information in the recorded video. But a wide viewing angle will allow you to see every detail of an incident. So, you should consider buying a dashcam with a wider viewing angle.

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Wireless Connectivity

Dashcams generally come with a wireless connectivity feature to let users access the videos on mobile devices. The wireless connectivity of a dash cam can be through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With this facility, you can manage your videos, change settings, and do many other things. This also allows you to see your videos on your mobile or upload them to the cloud. So, you can choose a dashcam with wireless connectivity to enhance your usability.

Video Protection Feature

This is an important feature to keep your needed videos safe. Sometimes you may not know which video is needed for you and which video you don’t need. But when you have a video protection feature in the dashcam, it will take care of it. Generally, dashcams come with a G sensor that automatically records videos when an emergency occurs. Also, it saves the video in the memory and locks it. So, there is no fear of losing any important video.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is a feature in the dash cams that deletes the old videos from the memory to store new videos when the memory gets full. So, you don’t need to delete the videos manually to get space for your new videos. But this feature doesn’t delete the important videos that are recorded and locked by the G sensor.


You also need to consider the processor and its related things when buying a dashcam. Since it is an electronic gadget, the processor used in it plays an important role in enhancing its performance. If the dashcam has a powerful processor, it will offer a smooth and lag-free performance. Like mobiles and laptops, a high-quality processor is important for the better performance of cameras.

In-Built Display

Some dash cams come with built-in displays to let you see the footage with ease. But it is worth mentioning that dashcam displays are not so big. These displays size between two to three inches. Also, they come with LCD screens that may not give a clear view on a small screen. Therefore, you should also look for a wireless connectivity option so that you can access the video on your mobile and see better quality videos.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Keep My Dash Cam on All Times?

Yes, you can leave your dashcam on at all times if you need it. Actually, these cameras don’t consume more power, so there will not be any issues. Even if you turn off your car engine, they can be operated through external power. So, there will be no problem if you want to keep your dashcam on at all times.

How Do I Know Which Dash Cam Is the Best for Me?

Dash cams are available in different designs & prices and are manufactured by different brands. Also, different people have different choices when it comes to dashcams. So, you can select a dashcam considering your requirements. You can follow the buying guide and check the products reviewed above to get the best dash cam for your use.

Generally, dash cams that have good resolution, a powerful processor, and a wide viewing angle are good to opt for. But you should also consider your requirements to get the perfect fit for you.

Is It Worth Investing in A Dash Cam?

Yes, it is a good option to use a dashcam in your car. It provides safety and security for your car. Moreover, it records automatically in the case of accidents. So, you can easily get evidence during an accident if you have a dashcam installed in your car.

Where Should I Install My Dash Cam?

The best place to install a dashcam is in the middle of the windshield. Also, you can install this under the rear-view mirror handle. In these places, the dash cam can record clear videos without missing any detail. Also, this doesn’t block your view. Therefore, these two places in your car are a better option to install your dashcam compared to other places.



Dashcams play an important role in our day-to-day life and help us drive our cars safely. Loop recording, night vision, G sensors, field viewing angles, and parking surveillance features of dashcams help us in many ways. This article has listed the best dash cams available in the Indian market. So, you can easily consider your preferences and choose the right one for you.