Top 10 Best Cloth Drying Stand (Kapda Stand ) in India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

3 Top Selling Cloth Drying Stand

#1 Bathla Neo #2 Batha Axis #3 Magna
Bathla Neo Cloth Drying Stand Batha Axis Cloth Drying Stand  Magna Cloth Drying Stand
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Most of us end up washing clothes every alternate week and it is certainly a necessity to wash clothes at home since it is not practical enough to give out each and every cloth for dry-cleaning. The issue comes if you do not have a roof area. In such a case, most of us restrict ourselves to the balcony. The space available in the balcony might not be enough. In addition to this, the rain can also pose another major challenge. So, what do you do? Well, the easiest way to address this solution is to purchase a Clothes Dryer Stand (kapda stand). This can help you in drying the clothes easily and it also creates a lot of space for you.

Today, there are several different models of clothes drying stand available which can help you in optimizing the space available at your home. To help you, we have listed all the information about the clothes drying stand in this article so check out the details you need.

Top 10 Best Clothes Drying Stand in India 

Here is the list of top 10 clothes stands available in India for your purchase. You can also check out the pros and cons of each stand listed below.

1. PAffy King Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand

PAffy King Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand

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If you want clothes drying stand with a large capacity then this could be the perfect one for you. This stand comes with 6 wings design and you get almost 60 feet of drying space with this rack. The material used here is steel pipes and these pipes are coated with a polymer to ensure that the rack is corrosion resistant. It is quite easy to fold the stand and create space for yourself as well. In addition to this, the stand comes with wheels which makes it easy to move the loaded stand as well. The different folding options along with top bars and additional arms offers a lot of utility to you as you can even hang saris on to the stand with ease.

Pros – 

  • Has a lot of space
  • Made of waterproof and rustproof material
  • Comes with wheels to aid movement
  • The brand offers a 7-year warranty for manufacturing defects

Cons – 

  • A little expensive

2. Magna Homewares ROBUSTO Ultra Durable Cloth Drying Stand

Magna Homewares ROBUSTO Ultra Durable Cloth Drying Stand 

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The next on our list is from Magna. This stand has a lot of space and it is also enough for a family of 4 members. The material used in making this particular model is steel which is coated with polyester powder to ensure that the stand remains resistant to corrosion. There is a use of plastic in the stand as well but the material used is very high in quality. The stand can easily be retracted and you can create space in the balcony if required. Overall, it is a reliable product which can help you in quickly drying your clothes. The multi-dimensional stand something that you can purchase if you are looking for a rack that is quite affordable.

Pros – 

  • Made of high-quality steel pipes which are coated with polyester
  • Retractable stand which can create space as and when required.
  • Comes with 12 months warranty
  • Good value for money

Cons – 

  • Doesn’t have wheels to move the stand can be challenging.

3. Magna Homewares Accordion Basic Cloth Drying Stand

Magna Homewares Accordion Basic Cloth Drying Stand 

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Next product on our list is also from Magna and this is the traditional design rack that you find in the market. The material used here is also corrosion resistant steel and the advantage of this stand is that it is easily foldable. You get almost 11 rods on this stand which are enough for a family to dry the clothes. The stand is also quite lightweight and you can move it from one room to another all alone without any help from anyone else. If you are looking for something with the accordion design then you can surely purchase this one.

Pros – 

  • The foldable stand which can be retracted and stored when not in use
  • Sturdy design with 11 rods to help you in drying the clothes easily.
  • The brand offers 12 months warranty on this model

Cons – 

  • Comes with a very basic design.

4. Kumaka Powder-Coated Steel Double Pole Cloth Drying Laundry Rack

Kumaka Powder-Coated Steel Double Pole Cloth Drying Laundry Rack 

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Kumaka is also known for manufacturing reliable cloth drying rack and this is one such product from the brand. The material used in this stand is also steel which is again corrosion resistant. Talking in terms of size, the stand comes with 6 hanging frames and it also has 4 rails on each hanging frame. With so many rails, the stand becomes quite spacious. You also get 2 hanging bars on top of the stand which also increases the space for you. The stand is certainly very sturdy but what adds on to the utility is the fact that it comes with the wheel assembly. Moreover, the rack is foldable and it offers a very premium quality to the buyer

Pros – 

  • Foldable and spacious stand
  • Build from high-quality material
  • Has 6 hanging frames with 4 rods each and it also has hanging bars which can accommodate hangers
  • Lightweight, sturdy and comes with wheels

Cons – 

  • Needs a little longer to assemble initially. 

5. Rainbow Drywell 6Pipes 6Ft Economy Cloth Dryer

Rainbow Drywell 6Pipes 6Ft Economy Cloth Dryer 

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If you are short of space and if you are looking for a stand that can be hanged easily then this could really be a good choice for you. This is a ceiling stand which offers you 36 feet of drying area for a 6 feet model. The material used here is also stainless steel and the material is resistant to corrosion. You can purchase this and attach this to the ceiling of the balcony. It is very easy to retract the stand as per your needs.  The best part is that it is available in different size which ranges from 3 feet to 8 feet. Just to add on, you get a stop and lock pulley system with this stand to retract it.

Pros – 

  • Ceiling design can save a lot of space
  • Available in different sizes and can fit any balcony
  • Easy to use after installation
  • Comes with 6 rods which offer a lot of space for drying.

Cons – 

  • Needs professional installation.

6. Bathla Mobidry Eze – Foldable Clothes Drying Stand

Bathla Mobidry Eze - Foldable Clothes Drying Stand 

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On number 6, we have a product from Bathla and this stand is a foldable model which offers you a drying space of 40 feet. You can easily fold this stand when not in use and you can expand it when you need more space to dry the clothes. As per the manufacturer, the steel rods are used which are first coated with the polymer powder to make them steel resistant. The stand lacks wheels but since it is lightweight, it is easier to carry around. Overall, the stand comes with a lot of space and the foldable function certainly enhances the utility.

Pros – 

  • Foldable multi-layer design which saves space
  • Sturdy design and it doesn’t wobble at all
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Cons – 

  • The rack doesn’t have stainless steel rods and rather uses steel.

7. Magna Homewares Advance Series Grandis plus Clothes Drying Stand

Magna Homewares Advance Series Grandis plus Clothes Drying Stand 

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This is yet another model from Magna and it is one of the most spacious cloth drying stand available in the market. The stand has 2 poles along with 3 layers. Each layer has 2 wings so you get a total of 6 wings. The material used here is steel and it is coated with a polymer to make it resistant to rust. In addition to this, you also get UV resistant plastic in the stand which enhances the sturdiness of the stand. The manufacturer has also added caster wheels to the rack to enable you to move the stand easily without scratching the floor. If you live in a large family then this stand can prove to be really handy with its 70 feet space.

Pros – 

  • Comes with 2 plastic attachments to use hangers
  • Has plastic wheels and has a total of 6 wings
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Comes with 4 wheels to move it inside the home
  • The brand offers a 12-month warranty

Cons – 

  • Stability can be improved

8. Bathla Mobidry Axis – Large Foldable Cloth Drying Stand

Bathla Mobidry Axis - Large Foldable Cloth Drying Stand 

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If you are looking for a stand with lower height and a larger width then this can be the right one for you. This stand from Bathla can accommodate a lot of clothes and it can be used indoor or outdoor. The material used in this stand is powder coated steel which makes it resistant to rust. It takes just a couple of seconds to fold the rack for the purpose of storage. You also get hanging hooks on both the sides which are often missing in most of the stands that you will find in the market. This hooks can be used to dry undergarments or hangers. The arm lock improves the sturdiness and stability of this rack

Pros – 

  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Has hooks on both the sides to hang clothes or use hangers
  • Very portable and can be folded easily
  • High stability

Cons – 

  • Slightly expensive.

9. Paffy Expanding Clothes Drying Stand

Paffy Expanding Clothes Drying Stand 

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This is the second model from Paffy on our list and it is similar to the one which is mentioned above. The stand is very affordable and the longer base also makes it very stable. In total, the stand offers 40 feet of space. There are two side wings which can be expanded as per the need. With just one tap, you can fold the stand and it lays flat on the floor. You can store it easily after folding the stand. This model also uses steel with a powder coating on it. Overall, it can prove it be a nice product if you have a family of 3 to 4 members as the stand can be used indoor as well as outdoor. The compact design makes space in a home when the stand is not in use

Pros – 

  • Offers 40 feet of space after expansion. Has 15 rails in total for drying clothes
  • Comes with foldable wings and is made of high-quality steel
  • Corrosion resistant and has a sturdy base
  • Affordable and durable

Cons – 

  • Weight needs to be divided into both sides of the rack.

10. Homwell Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Stand

Homwell Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Stand 

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This is yet another wall mounted stand in our list. The stand needs to be mounted to the ceiling and it is available in 3 different size which includes 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet. The stand can be mounted using the wall brackets and it is very easy to fold the stand once it has been mounted on to the well. In terms of the space, the stand has 5 rails so a 5 feet model gives you a space of 25 feet. You can easily use the stand for a small family where the space in the apartment is not adequate to accommodate a large rack.

Pros – 

  • Wall mounted and foldable. Occupies 0 areas on the floor
  • Comes in different size
  • Durable and affordable. Made from high-quality steel

Cons – 

  • Needs professional installation in starting.

What are the uses of Clothes Drying Stand?

If you are new to this word and if you are not sure what exactly the clothes dryer stand is used for then do not worry. We will clear your doubts. The main and the only use of clothes drying stand is to help you in drying out the clothes. This is especially useful when you have weather or when you do not have enough space to dry all the clothes. The stand can help you in creating space as it has multiple rods and hooks. You can even move the stand inside your home or in the balcony as per your wish. This would help you in ensuring that the clothes dry up quickly. 

Why do we need Clothes Drying Stand?

A lot of people need the clothes drying stand in monsoon season as it can be particularly difficult to dry clothes during this season. The issue is that the moisture in the air can prevent clothes from drying out quickly and in case of rain, you really need to rush and remove the clothes from the terrace or balcony. If you have clothes dryer stand then you can easily dry clothes as you can place the stand outside when there is no rain but if you notice any weather then you can quickly move the stand inside your home and place it under the fan. 

Placing the stand under the fan would help you in quickly drying the clothes. So coming back to the main question, why do we need clothes drying stand? Well, this is an all-weather friend who can help you in quickly drying out the clothes and ensuring that your lifestyle is not impacted because of the rain.

Which are the Best Clothes Drying Stand?

It can be confusing to choose the right clothes buying stand so to answer this question in short and crisp line, we can say that any stand that helps you in optimizing the space is the best clothes dryer stand. Now, this can be stand which is mounted to the wall or the ceiling of the balcony or this can be a movable stand. The choice actually depends on the user. To help you in choosing the best clothes drying stand, we have also listed a buying guide towards the end of this page so refer to the buying guide and we are sure that it will help you in choosing the best clothes drying stand.

How to Choose the Best Clothes Buying Stand?

It can be really tiring to choose the best clothes drying stand for yourself since there are many different designs and models available. If you are still not sure what you really need then do not worry and just go through this buying guide. We have listed some of the points that you really need to consider before buying clothes drying stand for yourself. So, here are more details.

  • Type of Stand

    – There are different types of stands available in the market and you need to consider the type of stand that you need before you begin your purchase. The different ones available include Foldable Drying Stand, Garment Drying Sand, Tower Drying Stand, Accordion Drying Stand and Ceiling Drying Stand. Out of all these different stands available, the most popular ones remains to be the foldable ones or the ones which can be mounted on ceilings or the wall. If you live in an apartment with limited space on the balcony then opt for the ceiling mounted ones.

  • Size of the Stand

    – The next factor to consider is the size of the stand. To opt for the right size of the stand, consider the family members that you have in your family or size of the washing machine. If you have a 2 member family then you do not need something very large but again this also depends on the frequency of washing the clothes. If you need a lot of space on the stand then you can opt for big sizes which can also extend and create more space for drying the clothes.

  • Material Used and Stability

    – This is quite important as the material used also defines the stability of the stand. The common material that you will find here is Aluminium as it is light and easy to handle as well. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the material used is corrosion resistant. You will also find the stands that are made of plastic, wood or stainless steel. All of them are good options so you can choose what you really want. Also, check for the stability of the stand and ensure that it is not shaky. You will be using the stands to dry jeans as well so it becomes quite important to ensure that your stand can deal with heavy loads of clothes.

  • Single Layer or Multi-Layer

    – This factor is somewhat related to the size but we would still mention this factor separately since you can get large sands in a single layer as well as multi-layer options. To keep it simple, we would recommend you to opt for the multi-layer stands as this has a higher utility when compared to the other ones.

  • Other Features

    – You can also check out the other features available for you. The stand should be portable and having a height adjustable stand is certainly an add-on. There are several models available with wheels and if you choose the ones available with wheels then it can be really easy for you to move around the stand from balcony to a room.

  • Cost and Reviews

    – The last thing to check is the cost of the clothes drying stand.  It should fit into your budget and it should not be overpriced. To ensure that the stand is not overpriced, you can compare other similar models. It is also worth spending some time checking out the review of the clothes drying stand. Check out the basic features along with the pros and cons. This can really help you in forming a purchase decision.

The Final Verdict

This was all about clothes drying stand. We hope that the buying guide will help you in choosing the best clothes drying stand for yourself. In addition to this, consider your needs and choose accordingly. You can check out various options available and compare them before purchasing. If you choose to order online then you would not have to worry about arranging the logistics either. Overall, clothes drying stand is going to be of great use during any type of season but it has a much higher utility during monsoon season. The stand will create a lot of space for you in your balcony and it will also make it possible to dry clothes inside the house. Do not wait for any further and check out the deals on your favourite stand so that you can stay a step ahead in the game.