Best Car Wash Shampoo in India with Foam & Without Foam

#1 3M #2 AUTO #3 Sonax
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A majority of the people today own a car or an automobile, no matter what their financial status. This is where our country is today. Globalization and development have made the availability of the car for purchase easy. This is one of the reasons why the number of cars on the road is comparatively very higher than 10 years before. However, apart from purchasing the car, the user will have to keep the car clean, this is where special solutions like shampoos come into the role. 

Car shampoos are specially formulated shampoos that are designed to clean the exterior of a car with ease. Unlike most of the shampoo available on the market today, car shampoo is completely different as it comes specially designed to clean the car with ease.

What is special about car shampoo?

Car shampoo is composed of surfactants that are a chain of a two-part molecule whose one end loves water and the other end loves dirt. This is pure chemistry, let us not get into more deep chemistry, the surfactants in car shampoo makes sure that all the dirt on the car exterior is removed efficiently. Yet another important feature offered by car shampoo is that it requires comparatively less water to lather than other cleaning solutions. However, the price of car shampoos are comparatively higher than other cleaning solutions, but, for the cleaning efficiency it offers, the price is reasonable.

Top 5 Car Shampoo in India 

#1 3M IA260166409 Car care car wash Shampoo (1L)

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As you know 3M is one of the top reputed brands that manufactures and markets top quality car accessories in India today. This car shampoo from 3M is one of the best car shampoos available on the Indian market right now.

This product comes formulated with low pH and in a way that it can be rinsed off easily. One of the best things about this shampoo is that it can be used for washing and cleaning both car and bike. This car shampoo is designed in such a way that it does not affect the wax on the car. 

Pros :-

  • pH balanced product
  • Easy rinse-off formula
  • Safe on wax and paint
  • Suitable with hard water

Cons :-

  • There are duplicate products available on the market so the user should be careful to purchase the product from a genuine seller

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#2 PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Kit (250 ml)


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This car shampoo comes from the brand Proklear and it is one of the best car shampoos available on the Indian market today as it comes with several different attractive features. 

Unlike the above-mentioned product, this product comes in package which, includes a spray bottle, 2 pieces microfiber towels, and shampoo. The spray bottle enables the user to mix the shampoo in the bottle and spray it on the car surface for cleaning. One of the notable things about this product is that it comes concentrated in the ratio of 1:100 which, means it is suitable for several uses.

Pros :-

  • This product comes formulated for easy use
  • Concentrated fluid
  • Comes in a pack of spray bottle, microfiber towel, and car shampoo
  • Does not have any harmful chemical ingredients like bleach, phosphate, acid, solvent, etc.

Cons :-

  • If compared to 3M product, this product is expensive, but the manufacturer offers spray bottle and microfiber with this product.

#3 AUTO SPA Synthetic Foam Wash Car Shampoo (5L)

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The Auto Spa synthetic foam wash car shampoo is one of the best car shampoo that you can consider purchasing today if you are looking for a made in India product. 

This car shampoo is synthetic and it is formulated to offer maximum cleaning efficiency. Yet unlike most of the products this car shampoo is of superior quality and it can remove any heavy dirt with ease. There is one thing that you should know, since the product is superior quality, it does not mean that this product is harsh, the product is safe on paints and on hands. The pH of this car shampoo is balanced and it does not have any side effects. 

Pros :- 

  • Synthetic formula
  • Superior quality shampoo
  • This car shampoo is not harsh and is safe on paint and hands
  • pH balanced shampoo
  • comes in a 5 litre pack

Cons :- 

  • Some customers have reviewed the product to form less foam in hard water.

#4 Niks Car Wash Foaming Shampoo – 1 LTR

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Are you looking for a car shampoo that is affordable and at the same time efficient? Then, this car shampoo from Niks is one of the best option for you. 

This product comes formulated in such a way that it can remove any hard dirt with ease, at the same time the reaction time exhibited by his car shampoo is comparatively very low. This is one of the few top reasons why we recommend this product. Yet another important thing about this car shampoo is that it works efficiently with jet foaming sprays and other cleaning machines. This car shampoo is concentrated and can be used for several washes if diluted carefully. 

Pros :- 

  • This product comes with good fragrance
  • Very effective on hard dirt
  • pH balanced solution
  • Works with jet foaming gun
  • Can be used with hard water
  • Comes at a reasonable and cheap price

Cons :- 

  • The foam produced by this car shampoo is not so great

#5 Sonax 314300 Concentrate Gloss Shampoo (1 L)

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If you are looking for a concentrated car shampoo that can easily clean your car exterior then, Sonax 314300 is the best option for you. 

This car shampoo is free of harmful chemicals like phosphate and the solution is formulated to be pH neutral. This product comes with ingredients that can remove heavy dirt from paint, vinyl, glass, etc. One of the notable things about this product is that it is dermatologically tested and therefore it is safe for people with allergic issues. The car wash also does not destroy the wax on car surface or stain the surface.  

Pros :- 

  • Dermatologically tested 
  • pH neutral solution
  • phosphate free
  • best for dirt from paint, vinyl, glass etc.

Cons :- 

  • If the shampoo is not diluted carefully and if used on the car it can leave white stains on the car

Final verdict:- 

Not all car shampoo is good for washing cars some products come poorly formulated that it can damage the wax and paint instead or cleaning the car exterior. This is the main reasons why we have tested and selected the best car shampoos available on the Indian market today. Feel free to select any one of the product listed above and you will not regret it.

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