Best Car Shampoo in India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

#1 3M #2 Formula 1 #3 Wavex
3M Car Wash Shampoo Wavex® Wonder Wash Car Shampoo
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A majority of the people today own a car or an automobile, no matter what their financial status. This is where our country is today. Globalization and development have made the availability of the car for purchase easy. This is one of the reasons why the number of cars on the road is comparatively very higher than 10 years before. However, apart from purchasing the car, the user will have to keep the car clean, this is where special solutions like car shampoos come into the role. 

Car shampoos are specially formulated shampoos that are designed to clean the exterior of a car with ease. Unlike most of the shampoo available on the market today, car shampoo is completely different as it comes specially designed to clean the car with ease.

What is special about car shampoo?

Car shampoo is composed of surfactants that are a chain of a two-part molecule whose one end loves water and the other end loves dirt. This is pure chemistry, let us not get into more deep chemistry, the surfactants in car shampoo makes sure that all the dirt on the car exterior is removed efficiently. Yet another important feature offered by car shampoo is that it requires comparatively less water to lather than other cleaning solutions. However, the price of car shampoos are comparatively higher than other cleaning solutions, but, for the cleaning efficiency it offers, the price is reasonable.

Best Car Shampoo in India Reviewed for 2021

#1 3M IA260166409 Car care car wash Shampoo (1L)

3M IA260166409 Car care car wash Shampoo (1L)

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As you know 3M is one of the top reputed brands that manufactures and markets top quality car accessories in India today. This car shampoo from 3M is one of the best car shampoos available on the Indian market right now.

This product comes formulated with low pH and in a way that it can be rinsed off easily. One of the best things about this shampoo is that it can be used for washing and cleaning both car and bike. This car shampoo is designed in such a way that it does not affect the wax on the car. 

Pros :-

  • pH balanced product
  • Easy rinse-off formula
  • Safe on wax and paint
  • Suitable with hard water

Cons :-

  • There are duplicate products available on the market so the user should be careful to purchase the product from a genuine seller

The best wash reported with the pressure washer, You may like to check Best Pressure Washer for Car as well.

#2 Wavex Car Shampoo Extreme Wash

Wavex Car Shampoo Extreme Wash

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Car Shampoo from Wavex is quite versatile as well. If you buy this concentrate, then you will be able to use it for bucket wash & you will be able to use it for foam wash as well. This shampoo is available in a bulk pack of 5 L, and hence it is suitable for personal use as well as for the workshops. Many professional car washes in India use this car shampoo. The good thing about this shampoo is that you can dilute it with water and use it with the foam system as well. The lather is rich and consistent, which enables you to remove all the grime with ease. Using the ordinary cloth to clean the car can leave scratches and swirl marks. The brand also thought about the problem, and hence they included two microfiber cloths with this pack.

The size of the microfiber cloths included in the pack is 40 cm x 40 cm. It has a thickness of 340 gsm, and it will last very long. You can use this shampoo for washing the tires as well. Apart from this, the car shampoo is made in India. So, when you are buying this shampoo, you are promoting domestic growth. You will find no issues in using the car shampoo with the soft water or even hard water. Since the shampoo is pH neutral, you will be able to use it directly on the clear coat, and you would not have to worry about the paint. If you have got the treatment done on the car, you will be able to use this shampoo since it is pH neutral. A cup of the shampoo will be sufficient for three buckets of water so the 5 L pack will last very long.


  • You get two free microfiber cloths with this pack.
  • It is an affordable car shampoo, and it is available in a pack of 5 L.
  • The shampoo is pH neutral, and it removes grime easily.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#3 Formula 1 615016 Carnauba Wash and Wax Shampoo

Formula 1 615016 Carnauba Wash and Wax Shampoo

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Formula 1 is one of the best brands when it comes to car cleaning & maintenance products. If you are looking for something premium, then you can even check out car shampoo from Formula 1. This concentrate is mainly for people who have a dark-coloured car. On the dark paints, you will often notice water beading marks if the water droplets have not been dried properly. This car shampoo should address such issues. The shampoo also has a rich foam that cleans the dirt and grime without the need for agitation. The shampoo also adds a carnauba wax shine after the washing & drying is complete.

This car wash also protects the paint of the car between the waxing schedules. Using the shampoo is also easy as you need to use 30 ml of shampoo in 4 litres of water. The shampoo is also available at an affordable price. If you like to maintain the car yourself, you can combine the purchase with liquid wax from Formula 1. This car shampoo is compatible with all types of paint. There should be no concerns about the quality since this car wash liquid is manufactured inn USA. We highly recommend our readers to buy car care products from Formula 1. The brand has over 200 products available on offer, and they can help you in not only maintaining the exterior of the car but also the interior of the car.


  • After the wash, you get water beading protection, and your car looks immaculate.
  • It helps you in getting a shine on the car as it leaves a thin wax layer on the paint.
  • It is also available in combo packs with liquid wax.


  • Some people found an issue with the packaging of this car shampoo.

#4 Waxpol Ecosaver Car Shampoo Concentrate

Waxpol Ecosaver Car Shampoo

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Your search should end here if you are looking for something that is highly concentrated. It is so much better and so much powerful that you would need it in the ratio of 1:200 when you are using it with the bucket wash. Apart from this, you will need this car shampoo in 1:20 ratio when you are using snow foam blaster. Lastly, you can also use this car shampoo with pressure washer lance, but with that, you will need to use the shampoo concentrate in the ratio of 1:1. Since the shampoo is a concentrate, it proves to be very economical. The foam formation is good, and it is also effortless to rinse it off after the wash. You can use the car shampoo on clear coat and will not harm your car in any way.

The shampoo is also compatible with all the finishes, so it is also very versatile. The shampoo is pH neutral, so when you are using it, you are not harming the environment. It is also safe for hands and eyes, so you do not have to worry about getting in direct contact with the shampoo. There are many options available in terms of pack & combos. For maintaining the car properly, you can couple you purchase with the polish from the same brand. The polish will not only keep your car shine intact, but it will also protect the body from natural elements. Overall, the quality of this shampoo concentrate is excellent, and you are going to love it.


  • It is a very highly concentrated car shampoo, and just 1 L of car shampoo enables you to get 200 L of the cleaning agent.
  • The car shampoo can be used with snow foam blaster, pressure washer lance and for bucket wash.
  • The car shampoo is pH neutral, and it removes the dirt efficiently. 


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#5 Tetraclean High Foam Car Shampoo Car Washing Liquid

Tetraclean High Foam Car Shampoo Car Washing Liquid

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We love a mildly perfumed car wash since it makes the car smell fresh. If you are looking for a similar car washing liquid, then you can also check out this listing from Tetraclean. This car washing liquid creates a lot of foam, and it easily cleans the oil as well as grease stains. The dirt is removed very easily with the help of this car shampoo. It also features a pH neutral formula which doesn’t harm the paint or the clear coat. The pH neutral formula is safe on hands, and it is also safe for the environment. The shampoo is biodegradable, so it quickly breaks down. This cleaning liquid has a fragrance of rose, and it leaves your car with a pleasant smell after every wash.

It is a very gentle formula so you can even use this shampoo every day and you would not have to worry about any ill-effects. The car shampoo is made in India, and it is also very affordable. The brand offers prompt customer support in case of any issue. You can use this shampoo for cleaning cars as well as bikes. You will also be able to use it with pressure washers and foam guns. For bucket wash, you need to add about 50 ml of this liquid in 4 L of water. Once you apply the layer of cleaning fluid on car, you will notice that it loosens the dirt automatically without needing any scrub.


  • The car washing liquid doesn’t harm the wax or clear coat.
  • It can be used in any kind of weather, and it is also not harmful to the environment.
  • You can use this shampoo for daily washes, and it will also prove to be easy on the pocket.


  • Availability of different fragrances should have been better.

#6 Amway Car Wash Car Washer

 Amway Car Wash Car Washer

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Amway is a trendy brand across the globe, and fortunately, the brand also manufactures car washer liquid. This liquid is available in a pack of 500 ml, and you would need just 5 ml of liquid during every wash. You need to mix this 5 ml of washer liquid in 4 L of water. It not only offers you value for money, but it also provides you with a great cleaning experience. The formula helps you in cleaning the car by loosening the dirt and oil from the surface. It is gentle on the surface, and it ensures that the paint doesn’t lose the shine. If you have a wrap or a protective polish on the car, you would not have to worry about damaging these two things.

It should be noted that this car washer liquid is free of phosphate. Phosphate is the compound that increases the growth of algae in lakes and rivers, thus harming the aquatic life. Since the washing liquid is free of phosphate, you can be sure that you will not harm the environment in any way. Overall, the car wash from Amway is impressive, and you are going to love it too.


  • A single pack of 500 ml car washer helps you with 100 car washes.
  • It is available at an affordable price, and the quality is excellent.
  • The car washer is free of phosphate, and hence it is environment friendly.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#7 PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Kit (250 ml)


PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Kit (250 ml)

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This car shampoo comes from the brand Proklear and it is one of the best car shampoos available on the Indian market today as it comes with several different attractive features. 

Unlike the above-mentioned product, this product comes in package which, includes a spray bottle, 2 pieces microfiber towels, and shampoo. The spray bottle enables the user to mix the shampoo in the bottle and spray it on the car surface for cleaning. One of the notable things about this product is that it comes concentrated in the ratio of 1:100 which, means it is suitable for several uses.

Pros :-

  • This product comes formulated for easy use
  • Concentrated fluid
  • Comes in a pack of spray bottle, microfiber towel, and car shampoo
  • Does not have any harmful chemical ingredients like bleach, phosphate, acid, solvent, etc.

Cons :-

  • If compared to 3M product, this product is expensive, but the manufacturer offers spray bottle and microfiber with this product.

#8 AUTO SPA Synthetic Foam Wash Car Shampoo (5L)

AUTO SPA Synthetic Foam Wash Car Shampoo (5L)

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The Auto Spa synthetic foam wash car shampoo is one of the best car shampoo that you can consider purchasing today if you are looking for a made in India product. 

This car shampoo is synthetic and it is formulated to offer maximum cleaning efficiency. Yet unlike most of the products this car shampoo is of superior quality and it can remove any heavy dirt with ease. There is one thing that you should know, since the product is superior quality, it does not mean that this product is harsh, the product is safe on paints and on hands. The pH of this car shampoo is balanced and it does not have any side effects. 

Pros :- 

  • Synthetic formula
  • Superior quality shampoo
  • This car shampoo is not harsh and is safe on paint and hands
  • pH balanced shampoo
  • comes in a 5 litre pack

Cons :- 

  • Some customers have reviewed the product to form less foam in hard water.

#9 Niks Car Wash Foaming Shampoo – 1 LTR

Niks Car Wash Foaming Shampoo - 1 LTR

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Are you looking for a car shampoo that is affordable and at the same time efficient? Then, this car shampoo from Niks is one of the best option for you. 

This product comes formulated in such a way that it can remove any hard dirt with ease, at the same time the reaction time exhibited by his car shampoo is comparatively very low. This is one of the few top reasons why we recommend this product. Yet another important thing about this car shampoo is that it works efficiently with jet foaming sprays and other cleaning machines. This car shampoo is concentrated and can be used for several washes if diluted carefully. 

Pros :- 

  • This product comes with good fragrance
  • Very effective on hard dirt
  • pH balanced solution
  • Works with jet foaming gun
  • Can be used with hard water
  • Comes at a reasonable and cheap price

Cons :- 

  • The foam produced by this car shampoo is not so great

#10 Sonax 314300 Concentrate Gloss Shampoo (1 L)

Sonax 314300 Concentrate Gloss Shampoo (1 L)

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If you are looking for a concentrated car shampoo that can easily clean your car exterior then, Sonax 314300 is the best option for you. 

This car shampoo is free of harmful chemicals like phosphate and the solution is formulated to be pH neutral. This product comes with ingredients that can remove heavy dirt from paint, vinyl, glass, etc. One of the notable things about this product is that it is dermatologically tested and therefore it is safe for people with allergic issues. The car wash also does not destroy the wax on car surface or stain the surface.  

Pros :- 

  • Dermatologically tested 
  • pH neutral solution
  • phosphate free
  • best for dirt from paint, vinyl, glass etc.

Cons :- 

  • If the shampoo is not diluted carefully and if used on the car it can leave white stains on the car

Car Wash Shampoo Buying Guide

We know how hard it is to pick the right type of car shampoo since there are already tons of different market options. And it is not only about the cleaning process and effectiveness, because if you end up buying the wrong car shampoo, then it can cause severe damage to your car’s surface and paint job. That’s why it should be your priority to choose the best-suited car shampoo so that it won’t cause any damage to your car. Therefore, below we will be covering some of the essential points that you shouldn’t ignore while going forward and making the final purchase decision in favor of car shampoo.

Pick The Right Type:

When it comes to buying the best car shampoo, then the first and foremost thing you should do is pick the right type. We are saying this because there are four different types of car shampoos present in the market, and each of them serves as per different requirements. Below you’ll find all the four shampoo types listed, and we have tried our best to explain their uses and benefits so that you can choose the right one as per your need.

  1. Heavy Cleaning Shampoo → 

Heavy cleaning shampoos are not the most common ones, but you assume them as the most effective ones when it comes to cleaning rigorously accumulated dirt on the car surface. This type of cleaning shampoos comes with a base formula that comes with a prime goal of removing the dirt deeply. But the best part about these heavy cleaning shampoos is that they usually don’t contain any colorants, wax, perfumes, and thickeners; it’s just the base shampoo formula.

We would not recommend you go with the heavy cleaning shampoo option if you are willing to clean your car regularly. And if you do it so, then ultimately inviting another issue, and it is all about your car’s color job protection. This type of car shampoo can remove the paint’s upper wax and protection layer only because of the heavy base formula. Therefore, if you prefer cleaning your car with the heavy cleaning shampoo, it would cause your car’s paint job issues. But it would be an excellent option for you if you want to deep wash or clean a car before the final paint job.

  1. Pure Shampoo → 

You might have heard about the pure shampoos while looking for the best car shampoo. Obviously, these types of pure car shampoos are the most common and popular in the market right now. And as the name suggests of this shampoo type, it usually won’t contain any additional waxes and gloss enhancers. In short, if you prefer choosing the Pure car shampoo over any other types of shampoo, then you are ultimately getting a gentler base shampoo formula.

And because the pure shampoo’s base formula doesn’t contain any wax, gloss enhancer, and deep cleaning substances, that’s why you can expect it to be the safest option for your car’s surface. The only goal of this type of shampoo is to remove the dirt from the surface of your car; thus, it won’t cause any damage to the sealant and wax layering on the paint. In our opinion, if you are looking for a shampoo option that you can use for cleaning your car regularly, then no other option can serve you better than Pure shampoos.

  1. Wash ‘N’ Wax Shampoo → 

As the name explaining everything, these Wash ‘n’ wax shampoos not only help you wash your car but also, these shampoos leave a protective wax layering on the surface. You can assume the wash ‘n’ wax shampoos as the mixture of pure shampoos added with additional wax properties. Mostly, this type of shampoo doesn’t contain any colorants, scent, and thickeners. It means the base formula of wash ‘n’ wax shampoos is very identical or close to the pure shampoos.  

But keep in mind that it is not exactly like pure shampoos since it contains some other additional substances to provide the wax properties. Therefore, if you use the wash ‘n’ wax shampoos, it will leave a protective wax layering on the surface, which gives a great shine, but it is also good for protecting the paint job. Thankfully, if you wash a pre-waxed car surface with this type of shampoo, it won’t damage the existing wax layering. Instead, it will form a thin film of additional wax on the top to protect it against other possible damages.

  1. Luxury Shampoo → 

Undoubtedly, luxury shampoos are the most expensive ones in the market, but if you don’t want to compromise with the protection of your car’s premium paint job, then just go for it. In the luxury shampoos, the base formula contains high-quality gloss enhancers and cleaners. Therefore, luxury shampoos tend to offer the next level and premium finishing after washing your car with these shampoos.

A typical luxury shampoo’s base formula comes with the prime goal of offering a good cleaning experience with impressive, glossy, and premium finishing. It only happens because this type of shampoos not only focuses on better cleaning, but it’s also about the lubrication. The incredible lubrication properties of luxury car shampoos work like a protective layering for the premium paint or wax job on your car’s surface. If this is the case and you don’t want to compromise with your vintage or expensive car’s premium paint job, then just go for luxury shampoos.

pH Level:

The pH level of shampoo helps us to determine whether it has an alkaline or acidic base-formula. Most of the time, people ignore this step and look at the pH level of the shampoo they are going with. But believe it or not, this mistake can lead you towards severe car surface damage issues. Mostly this issue occurs when you prefer using the acidic formula of shampoo over alkaline ones.  

The acidic formula usually tends to cause corrosion issues, and because of this, you might get the paint crust falling problem. That’s why experts and we suggest that you should always go with an option that comes with a slightly alkaline nature of the base formula. It’s because shampoos’ alkaline nature can lift the dirt and grime particles because they have a bit of acidic nature. In short, keeping an eye on the pH level label on the shampoo bottle can save your car’s paint job from getting ruined.


Those tiny dirt particles can leave very fine scratches on your car’s surface while washing; mostly, if you use a thick or good foam of shampoo, then you can prevent this issue. Shampoos that form a thick foam can lift the dirt and grime particles, ultimately preventing the problem of leaving tiny scratches. In this way, you can get rid of hard scrubbing or additional scrubbing. But the overall cleaning effectiveness that you’ll get is going to be surprising.

There are tons of different options present in the market, which offers a fair amount of foam. But it also depends upon the type of car shampoo you are going with. Thankfully, this whole post was all about the shampoos that offer excellent cleaning effectiveness. It means above, we have already listed some options that are the best car shampoo, and you can choose any of them as per your needs.

Water Spots And Streak:

If you generally use the cheap quality of car shampoo to wash your car more often, then you might have seen those streaks and water spots. Right? Actually, car shampoos’ cheap quality comes with a decent washing formula, which cannot only leave the paint job’s streaks. These types of car shampoos are also not good since they leave water spots and residue spots on the car’s surface.

And the cheap quality of car shampoos usually requires a lot of water to rinse off the foam present on the car after washing. These are some of the possible issues you can face if you don’t prefer considering essential steps before picking up the right car shampoo. Thankfully, this whole post was all about offering incredible value to our readers; that’s why we have listed some best out of the best options that don’t cause this type of problem.

Price Point:

We know that the price point is a very subjective topic, and it completely depends upon your budget, whether you can go with the chosen car shampoo option or not. If you are dealing with strict budget issues, you shouldn’t be going with those luxury and premium car shampoo options; it would be a silly mistake. Instead, you should work and research smartly; if you can explore a bit, then you’ll be able to short out the options on the basis of price point. And we know that would be a lot of works, and to help you out in this situation, we have already listed some best out of the best car shampoo options on this list. And thankfully, there are many options present that will not cost you way too high but offer outstanding cleaning performance.  

Final verdict:- 

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Not all car shampoo is good for washing cars some products come poorly formulated that it can damage the wax and paint instead or cleaning the car exterior. This is the main reasons why we have tested and selected the best car shampoos available on the Indian market today. Feel free to select any one of the product listed above and you will not regret it.