Best Car Tyre Inflator In India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 AmazonBasic #2 Amazon Brand #3 BLACK+DECKER
Amazon Brand - Solimo Portable Tyre Inflator BLACK+DECKER BDCINF18N-QS 160PSI AC/DC Multipurpose Cordless Tyre Inflator
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Being in the middle of nowhere during a night with a flat tyre can be the horrific nightmare in someone’s life. It can get scar if you can’t find anyone nearby and there is no alternative option to get your flat tyre fixed. It can be pretty annoying to think about keeping an Inflator kit because you already missed it before and never estimated the importance of it. 

In such cases, having an inflator digital or manual kit can come in handy and help in various manners. There are plenty of tools available for use in an emergency, but it depends on the particular need. For a motorbike user, the inflammatory kit should be small and lightweight, so it doesn’t seem like a burden at all. Along with these factors, you should find an easy to use the product over other ones. 

With the huge variety and plenty of designs available, we are mentioning the top 10 Best Tyre inflator digital and manual kit based on their working, great design, small size and affordability factor along with the effective use. 

Top 10 Best Tyre Inflator (Digital & Analog )

The arrangement of the product is based on its affordable price and effectiveness. So, we are paying attention to value for money factor. The need might differ considering the design, built quality and features. Let’s get started with our top pick of choice – 

#1 Amazon Basics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case


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Amazon Basics definitely has a higher reputation and great brand value in the market. Their products are durable and affordable at the same time, which make them credible to go after. With the purchase of Amazon Basics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case, you can get plenty of advantages for sure. 

It is easy to use meter which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port, and you can run this machine easily. It is effective to use for 120 PSI rated tyres. The power cord is long enough to reach all sides of the Car as it can give you 10 foot of the range. It has a long air hose of 23.6-inches, which makes it highly reliable to consider the selection of other products. 

Pros – 

  • Long wire of 10 feet makes it reach all Tyres of Car comfortably. 
  • It has a built-in LED light to give a proper wide-angle view in the night time. 
  • It is easy to use with the option to set PSI and other factors. 
  • Works on cigarette lighter port at 12-volt power to add air in a tyre. 

Cons – 

  • The product cover is small; inflator doesn’t fit perfectly into the bag. 

#2 iBELL IBL CA12-95 Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator with 2 Year Warranty


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IBELL nailed the second spot due to its brand reputation and effective working. Everyone is supposed to prefer value for money product and iBELL IBL CA12-95 Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator with 2 Year Warranty machine fits into the need for a great value. The design is absolutely simple, and it is very lightweight with an effective number of features. 

Enhancing the quality mean higher price, but it has a sturdy build with low voltage DC working for a low price. So, you can find this as the best deal. It is a powerful tool with lower failure chances. To ensure the safe purchase, the manufacturer is offering two years of warranty, which is enough to love and buy this product over other ones. 

Pros –

  • Powerful tool with effective working in all cases. 
  • Rubber supported base so that it doesn’t touch the ground and get dirty. 
  • The wire is long enough to let you use the machine near all tyres. 
  • Duel mode indication light added to get noticed in the dark. 

Cons – 

  • Pressure gauge fluctuates, hard to find the proper fill. 

#3 Rexez Electric Air Compressor Inflator Pump for Car, Bike, tubeless tyre


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To fill the air in tubeless tyres without any trouble, Rexez Electric Air Compressor Inflator Pump for Car, Bike, the tubeless tyre can help at the very low price point. Most of the Air compressor pump is expensive, but this one comes at an affordable cost that can give you a reason to have it for sure. The built quality is nice, and the design is also impressive to go after. 

You might think that lots of things may be compromised during the manufacturing of this unit, but there is nothing like that. The built quality is a bit poor but acceptable for the price. The design is great, and it can fill the air in most of the vehicles’ tyres such as Car, bike and trucks also. It works for all types of tyres. Nonetheless, it feels the best choice for sure. 

Pros – 

  • Fills the air in the nick of time, which makes it reliable in terms of speed. 
  • Built quality is reliable, and it is going to last years without any flaw. 
  • Available at very cheaper price point if you compare with others. 
  • The long wire makes it reach all tyres of Car and without any issue. 

Cons –

  • The pressure gauge shows poor readings, isn’t accurate at all. 

#4 AmazonBrand – Solimo Portable Analog Tyre Inflator


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Amazon Brand is one more sub-brand of Amazon, which is manufacturing quality products just as Amazon basics. This one is also reputed and known for affordability. With the purchase of Amazon Brand – Solimo Portable Analog Tyre Inflator pump, you are going to avail a quality deal for bit high price from other options. 

Amazon Brand Solimo Portable Analog Tyre Inflator is very small in size, portable and easy to use at the same time. The built quality is genuine, and it also has the long wire which will ease up the work that’s why you can rely on it. There is a small pin which can help when you want to fill the air in inflator football, basketball, etc. 

Pros – 

  • Made up of high-quality materials, highly durable. 
  • Genuine price as per the built quality and effective features. 
  • Pressure gauge gives accurate readings always. 
  • Easy to use as it has only two buttons to control this unit. 

Cons – 

  • Auto cut features don’t always work, the flaw in this feature. 

#5 TIREWELL TW-7001 12V Digital Tyre Inflator Auto Cutoff Portable Air Compressor with LED Light


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People who want some advanced tyre inflator compressor then they can go after the purchase of TIREWELL TW-7001 12V Digital Tyre Inflator Auto Cut Off Portable Air Compressor with LED Light. It is an advanced unit which is highly accurate, effective and it has the auto-cutoff feature which is highly demanded by most of the people. 

Built quality is always the major concern among everyone, and this one is made up of high-quality plastic. Even, it has a sturdy build, that’s why you can find it as a reliable choice. The only problem that you can face regarding this product is with the price because it is a little bit expensive which can make you think about the other products. 

Pros – 

  • Premium build quality made up of high-quality plastic.
  • Small and very much portable, easy to use for sure. 
  • Long wire, auto-cutoff feature and effective working. 
  • Gives accurate reading with the digital pressure gauge. 

Cons –

  • Bit expensive choice for first-time buyers. 

#6 RNG EKO GREEN – Portable Tyre Inflator for Car/Bike 12V/160PSI Air Compressor


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Inflator kits play an important role in emergency, and you can find that RNG EKO GREEN – Portable Tyre Inflator for Car/Bike 12V/160PSI Air Compressor has the best in all kind for design and working. It has a small light to get a clear view during the night, and you can use this air compressor on a bike tyre also. 

Auto-cut off feature is included, but you can’t find it mentioned in the description. During the use, you have just to turn it on and put the hose on and start using. This thing will take less than a couple of minutes, and you will start using the inflator kit with ease. Keep it in mind that it cost a little extra from other affordable products. 

Pros – 

  • Work effectively as it is fast and take less than 30 seconds to fill the air. 
  • Easy to use as there are two buttons to control it. 
  • Build quality is very much impressive to attract you. 
  • Comes with a warranty to ensure the safer purchase. 

Cons – 

  • The rubber tube is installed inside to work, less reliable. 

#7 RNG EKO GREEN – Digital Triple High-Speed Double Cylinder Nuclear Car Air Compressor


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As we are close to the end of this list, we are finding more expensive products with a higher number of features. The thing that matters the most is built quality and effective working. All other products are doing the work so far, but they have slow working or fewer features. RNG EKO GREEN – Digital Triple High-Speed Double Cylinder Nuclear Car Air Compressor has a lot to mention. 

This one is an expensive product with premium features which are designed to complete the whole work in less than one minute. Design is very premium, and it is easy to use also. You can also fill the air in bike tyre using this machine. The only problem so far is regarding the price which can make you think about other products. 

Pros – 

  • Very fast working doesn’t take much time to fill the air. 
  • The compressor is highly durable as the built is very premium. 
  • Comes with a warranty to ensure the safer use of pump. 
  • Alligator clip included so you can power it directly from the battery. 

Cons – 

  • Everything is great except the unreasonable price, should be cheaper. 

#8 Amazon Basics Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case


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One more product from Amazon Basic is AmazonBasics Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case, which is very premium and designed for the professional user. If you want an all in one solution which is not going to fail, then you can say that this product is very advanced and perfect in all kind to rely on. The built quality is genuine and reliable. 

The size of this inflator compressor is a small issue because it is a little bit heavier and larger. If you want to carry it all the time in Car, then you have to be stored in the bot of Car due to large size. Otherwise, there is no way that you are going to hate this product. Even the built quality is so good that you won’t hate using it. 

Pros – 

  • Very effective working with the large compressor inside. 
  • Amazon Basic warranty, instant replacement on trouble. 
  • Built LED light with a bright colour to have a proper view outside. 
  • The power cord is 10 feet long, automatic turn cutoff feature also added. 

Cons – 

  • A little bit large in size, portability might be the concern. 

#9 Coido 3326 Electric Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump for Car Tyres 


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Are you looking for something unique with the same features of Inflator compressor, then you might love the design of Coido 3326 Electric Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump for Car Tyres. There are plenty of other unique design but it looks very genuine and better to prefer over the selection of other ones that’s why you can use this over other ones. 

The design is new, but the built quality is the same as others. Pricing isn’t any concern as it is available for the similar cost of other products. Coming to the last factor which is torch and pressure gauge, then you won’t find many issues with them also. The pressure gauge is a little bit off from the accuracy, but you will not get much difference for sure. 

Pros – 

  • Totally a new design if you compare it with the other products. 
  • Easy to use and very effective. The size is small and easy to store. 
  • Pressure checking gauge is equipped on top for easier readings. 

Cons – 

  • A little bit heavy from the other choices. 
  • Pressure gauge might give inaccurate results sometimes. 

#10 Goodyear Plastic Mini Tire Inflator air compressor 


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So, this one is our last choice in this list, which is best in terms of built quality, price and such other factors. For the high-quality frame of Goodyear Plastic Mini Tire Inflator air compressor, we find it effective and reliable to use over the selection of other ones. The design is premium and very impressive to go after. 

There is a small pin added for inflator football, basketball, volleyball etc. You can turn it on from the cigarette lighter socket. The wire is long enough for a small car, but it isn’t helpful when you want to use it for long SUV. This might be the trouble, but you don’t have to worry as if you are getting it for Car or a small SUV. 

Pros – 

  • Genuine built quality, as the frame is made of high-quality plastic. 
  • Comes with a long hose, and pin for inflator tyre, and balls. 
  • Compact size with a lightweight design so that you can store it with ease. 

Cons – 

  • A limited number of reviews to ensure durability. 

Car Tyre Inflator Buying Guide 

A tire inflator pump must have a need for most people because facing issues like a flat tire on a long trip feel so bad and frustrating. Due to this, you should buy a quality Tire Inflator pump after following the below-mentioned tips – 

Power Socket

You can call it a plug or socket, which will be used to turn on the pump. Always opt for the pump, which can be powered using the cigarette lighter socket because they have a simple design and are convenient to use.  

Pressure Gauge

Most of the products come with a pressure gauge, and you should check if it is accurate or not. Quality products have advanced pressure gauge, which automatically stops the pump from filling the air. Usually, car tire inflators come with two types of pressure gauges; analog and digital. Analog pressure gauge is ideal for those who want to see accurate readings. On the other hand, the digital pressure gauge comes with an LED display to let you see the readings easily. However, digital pressure gauges are less accurate than analog ones. So, you can consider your needs and select the right type of pressure gauge for you.     

Easy to Use

There are two or three buttons along with a hose that you will connect to the tire. Make sure that it has an easy-to-use system, which will help to do the same work in less time period, and it is an effective choice also. It should have advanced features and a user manual to help you use the product. This way, you can use the tire inflator without any hassle.  


Small size is one of the necessary parts that you have to consider. If the pump is very large, then you might face an issue while filling the air in a tire. Further, a small size car tire inflator takes less space in your car, allowing space to store other items conveniently. Since the portability of the tool depends on its weight and size, you need to opt for a small size tire inflator for ease of use. Always buy a portable pump so that you can easily carry it and use it. 

Auto Shut Off

The tire inflators that come with an auto shut off feature turns off the compressor automatically when the pressure reaches the desired PSI limit. This feature helps prevent the hyperinflation issue. Because of this issue, it can cause uneven tire pressure providing you with an unpleasant driving experience. In general, the user sets the PSI limit of the tire inflator, and the device switches off automatically when the set PSI is reached. 

Hose or Cord Length

The cord length of the tire inflator is a crucial point to consider before buying one. If the hose length of the tire inflator is too short, then it will offer an unpleasant experience when inflating your car tires. So, it is better to opt for a longer hose so that it can reach the valve system and the nozzle of the inflator with ease. In other words, a longer hose allows you to connect the valve system of the tire efficiently.   

Build Quality

The next thing that you need to consider while buying a car tire inflator is the build quality of the product. The quality of materials used in the making of the tire inflator defines how durable that product is. Usually, the tire inflators that are made of high-quality materials are efficient enough and can last for a long time. 


In general, car tire inflators come with built-in compressors that can create a lot of noise. If you purchase such a tire inflator, then you may get disturbed while using it. So, you can check the noise level of the inflator and then pick the one that has a low noise level. 

Additional Accessories

Some car tire inflators also come with some extra accessories like carrying bags, multiple adapters, etc., that can help you to use the device in an efficient manner. So, you can look for the models that come with some additional accessories for better usability. 

Types of Car tire Inflators

According to the operation, car tire inflators are available in four types; manual, cordless, digital, and DC tire inflator. 

Manual Tire Inflator

These tire inflators come with a foot pedal and a cylinder. They are operated by foot, so they are handy in the case of emergencies where electricity is not available. Manual tire inflators are ideal for bikes as well as cars. 

Cordless Tire Inflator

Like the name, these are handheld devices and are operated by lithium-ion batteries. This is an excellent option to use, but it is expensive. 

Digital Tire Inflator

Digital tire inflators include a digital gauge and a pre-set digital compressor to help you inflate your tire easily. They also include an LED light to allow you to perform your task even in the dark. The pre-set function of these tire inflators makes it easier to inflate your tire. 

DC Tire Inflator

This is the most common type of tire inflator available in the market. These tire inflators require 12V DC power for operation, so they are usually connected to the cigarette lighter of the car. Because of this, DC tire inflators are preferred by most people. Further, these are portable and easy to store. The main drawback of this tire inflator is that you can’t use it when the car battery is flat.     


By purchasing a car tire inflator, you are making a one-time investment, and the warranty is what makes your investment secure. So, make sure that you are buying a car tire inflator with a decent warranty period. Plenty of brands of offering one year of warranty on their product and you should consider a brand which gives you one year or more time warranty, so you feel assured. 

After considering these factors, you can check reviews to know more about the built quality and design factor. These factors will ease up the work for sure. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Tire Inflators

  • Is It Safe to Over Inflate A Tire? 

No, not at all. If you fill too much air in the tire, then the center part of the tire will wear off, and sometimes it can explode the tire. Also, the tire will not come in contact with the road, and the wheels will keep bouncing while driving. Therefore, it is very risky, and you should avoid this. 

  • How Do I Decide the Right Pressure of My Car? 

The right pressure of the car tires is usually provided in the door sills or fuel filler cap of your car. Also, you can find this in the user manual of your car. You should check the pressure of your car on a regular basis to maintain the right pressure in your car tires. This way, you can prevent your tires from getting flat. 

  • What Is the Standard Pressure of Car Tires? 

Generally, the standard pressure of the car tires ranges from 30 to 40 PSI. Further, it changes depending on the size of the tire and the weight of the car. Therefore, you can check the user manual of your car to know the appropriate pressure required for your car tires. 

  • Can I Drive My Car with Low-Pressure Tires? 

If you drive your car when the tires have insufficient pressure, then the tires will wear off, and sometimes it can completely damage the tires. Further, the under-inflated tires get overheated easily. Therefore, you need to avoid your car when the tires are under pressure and ensure to maintain the standard pressure all time.      

Bottom Line

It is important that you have a quality tyre inflator pump because these can come in handy during the emergency. We mentioned the products which are affordable and reliable. Hope, this list of top 10 best tyre inflator pump will help you grab the best deal and saving money.