Best Car Steering Cover in India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 Nikavi #2 Newlly #3 Nikavi Luxary
NIKAVI Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Newlly Microfiber Leather Car Steering Cover Nikavi Luxury Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover
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Car owners in India never fail to decor their cars with different car accessories. They use a wide range of accessories according to their choice and make their car unique. One such car accessory is the steering wheel cover. These covers are widely used by many people because they offer a premium look and help improve the overall look of a vehicle. However, they are beneficial too because they keep the steering wheel safe from daily wear and tear.

Normally, steering wheels can get damaged due to the heat of the sun. The UV rays from the sun affect the steering wheel of your vehicle. It will fade the color of your steering wheel and damage it in the long run. This way, your car’s value will be decreased. By using the best car steering cover, you can cover your car’s steering wheel so that no sunlight will fall on it. It will protect the steering wheel and make it long-lasting. Apart from that, steering wheel covers also offer better comfort and grip to let you drive your car effectively.

However, if you are looking to buy the best car steering cover, you will need to consider many factors and then choose one product. To help you with this, we have provided complete details about steering covers in this article.  


Top 5 Best Car Steering Cover in India 2021

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#1. Nikavi Microfiber Leather Car Steering Cover

NIKAVI Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

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Nikavi is a good brand in the market for buying car steering wheel covers. It has 10 years of experience in this field and builds steering wheel covers using top-quality materials. It ensures to provide quality products by using the latest manufacturing methods. This microfiber car steering wheel cover is designed to fit steering wheels that have an outer diameter of 15 inches. So, it is ideal for cars of many brands. It wraps around your steering wheel and offers a slim and comfortable experience.

It is smooth and non-slip, so you are going to experience the best performance by using this steering cover. This steering wheel cover features an elegant design and is suitable for both men and women. It is strong and durable, so you can use it for a long time with ease. The stitching of this steering cover is durable so that you can experience high performance for years. It features an aerated design for high heat resistance. It is soft, breathable, and has a unique shape for an enhanced experience. It offers a high grip to ensure better control of the steering wheel. This steering cover features an eco-friendly design and is a good option to use.


  • It has a universal design to suit all medium steering wheels.
  • The microfiber leather offers skid-proof performance.
  • It is stable and safe to use.
  • Installation images are provided with this product.


  • Some users have got defective products.


#2. Newlly Microfiber Leather Car Steering Cover

Newlly Microfiber Leather Car Steering Cover

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With faux leather construction, this car steering wheel cover offers excellent grip and allows you to control your steering wheel comfortably. It is smooth and durable and feels excellent to hand. This steering wheel cover keeps your hand cool while driving your car. You can control your vehicle’s steering with ease and will not feel any changes after installing it on your steering. The Newlly brand uses excellent quality raw materials in the making of this steering cover. So, it is durable, stable, and long-lasting. Further, it offers an attractive look and is ideal for all mid-size steering wheels.

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The use of microfiber leather makes it elegant and provides a premium look. When you install this steering cover on your steering, you will experience maximum grip and feel comfortable while driving the car. Moreover, it is also safe to use this cover because it is specially designed for mid-sized steering wheels. The eco-friendly design makes this steering cover an ideal choice to use. This is not only functional but also offers a stylish appearance. It enhances the look of your car’s interior and helps protect your steering wheel.


  • This steering wheel cover is reliable and offers high performance.
  • It is designed to be used in all weather conditions.
  • It enhances the gripping and offers a comfortable driving experience.
  • It is available at reasonable pricing, so you can opt for it with no hassle.


  • A peeling was noticed by some users.


#3. Zatooto Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover


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This microfiber leather steering wheel cover is a brilliant choice for steering wheels from 14.5 inches to 15 inches. It is a DIY product and allows you to stitch it the way you want. It includes thread and needles so that you can install this cover on your own. It offers resistance to heat, cold, and weather, so it is an ideal choice for all weather conditions. Moreover, this steering wheel cover is breathable, so you will feel comfortable while driving your car. Its superior design enhances the décor of any car and offers a unique look.

It is non-slip and offers better gripping while driving the car. This will offer you better control over your steering wheel. It is durable and feels great in hands, so you will have a better experience by using this cover on your car steering. Since it requires installation, it includes installation instructions for your convenience. So, you can follow those instructions or install it as you wish. This steering cover wraps over your steering and protects it so that the steering wheel will not get damaged due to daily use.


  • It is a luxurious addition to any steering wheel.
  • It is soft and comfortable, so it is easy to use.
  • DIY installation steps help install the steering cover with ease.
  • It can be efficiently used in all weather conditions.


  • It has an unpleasant smell.
  • The size of this steering cover is small.


#4. Nikavi Luxury Microfiber Leather Car Steering Cover

Nikavi Luxury Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

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If you are looking to buy a good-looking, stylish, and protective steering cover, this product from the Nikavi brand is ideal for you. It is made of microfiber leather which is smooth and soft. It offers a great feeling to hands and ensures to enhance your driving experience. It is durable, strong, and keeps your steering wheel protected for a long time. It will wrap your steering wheel and keep it safe from damages. This steering wheel cover is luxurious and is suitable for steering wheels that measure 15 inches in outer diameter. It looks stunning in any car interior and offers a better experience.

This steering wheel cover offers a better grip and allows you to drive your car comfortably. It is also safe to use because it is non-slip. The convenient design allows you to drive your car comfortably for a long time. This steering cover has an elastic design and is easy to install. You can simply take it and wrap it on your steering wheel. Moreover, it also comes with installation images so that you will not face any difficulties while installing this product. It is eco-friendly and suits the cars of most brands.

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  • The microfiber leather construction makes it soft and durable.
  • It is smooth and sleek, so it is excellent to use.
  • This steering cover is environmentally friendly, so it is safe to use.
  • It is made with modern manufacturing techniques.


  • The price is high.
  • The stitching is not that good.


#5. Nikavi Car Steering Wheel Cover

Best Car Steering Cover

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With an easy-to-use design, this Nikavi car steering wheel cover is ideal for all standard steering wheels that have 14.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter.  This cover is designed with high-quality polyurethane and comes with soft padding. This offers a better grip and allows you to drive your car comfortably. This steering wheel cover lets you control your steering effectively when it is installed on the steering. Also, it feels soft to the hand, so you will not feel any discomfort while driving your car on the road. It offers an appealing look and improves the interior look of the car.

Because the Nikavi brand is experienced in manufacturing car steering wheel covers, you can expect high performance from this product. This steering wheel is also modern, which will improve your overall experience. It is a great choice for luxury and comfort while driving a car. It doesn’t slip and offers great gripping while using this cover. It is manufactured with quality standards to satisfy every user with its performance. The steering wheel cover has a unique look and improves the interior of the car.


  • The soft paddings around the cover offer maximum comfort while driving the car.
  • It is easy to install because of its simple design.
  • It is made of superior quality materials for high durability.
  • Protects the steering wheel from damage.


  • Some users complained that it is peeling off after a few days of use.

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Buying Guide for Best Car Steering Covers in India

Although it seems easier, buying the right steering wheel cover is not that simple. You may choose the wrong product from the market out of the numerous options available. So, you can consider the following factors and pick the best steering wheel cover for your use.  

  • Size

Steering wheels of cars come in different sizes, so before choosing a steering cover for your use, you should check the size of your steering wheel. Usually, the standard size of steering wheels ranges from 14.5 inches to 15 inches. You should make sure that you are not buying a cover larger than this.

If the steering cover fits loose on the steering wheel, it will slip when you are turning the wheel. If this happens, it will be dangerous. So, you should choose a steering cover that is designed for the size of your steering wheel to ensure a perfect grip. This will fit your steering wheel tightly and let you drive your car safely.

  • Resistance To Weather and Heat

The steering cover should be heat and weather-resistant so that you will feel comfortable using that. For example, those who live in a hotter climate or park the car in the sun will find the steering wheel as well as the steering cover in hot condition. Usually, the whole car interior gets heat in this case. This will be uncomfortable for you to hold and control the steering wheel.

The same thing happens if the car stays for a few hours in a cold environment. So, you should consider buying a steering cover that offers resistance to heat, cold, and weather. This will offer maximum comfort to you and let you use the steering wheel conveniently.

  • Design And Look

Buying a steering wheel cover that suits the interior of your car is also important to improve the appearance of your car. While some people select any steering cover for their use, it is worth considering the design of the steering wheel cover before purchasing. It will take some time to select the right one for your car, but it will complement your car’s interior for years. Also, you can buy steering covers in different designs and use them on different occasions.

  • Material
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Steering wheel covers are generally made of different types of materials such as leather, fabric, synthetic, etc. Leather material is the best choice because it is durable, breathable, and weather resistant. But the best steering cover can cost more.

Fabric steering wheel covers are available in different colors, styles, and designs, so one can select his/her preferred one with ease. However, these covers are not long-lasting and don’t offer maximum comfort. On the other hand, synthetic car steering wheel covers are affordable, durable, and offer great performance. Synthetic leather or microfiber leather steering covers are ideal for long time use because they are affordable and offer better grip. These covers also provide great performance, like leather steering covers.

The material of the steering wheel cover determines the durability of the product. So, you need to ensure that you are buying a steering wheel cover that is made of the best quality materials.

  • Price

Depending on the type of material, design, and style, the price of steering wheel covers varies. Because a steering wheel cover is going to be used daily whenever you drive your car, it is worth purchasing a quality product. However, you shouldn’t think that all expensive steering wheel covers are the best. You should consider the other factors too and select a product that is affordable and meets all your requirements.

  • Brand

The brand of the steering wheel cover is also important to consider when buying one for your car. Steering wheel covers are usually designed by many brands, but choosing a product from a reputed brand is necessary. It is always better to search well and buy a steering wheel cover from a good brand than buying any product from the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can I Measure My Car Steering Wheel?

To determine the size of your steering wheel, you will need to measure the diameter of the steering wheel. To do that, you will need to take the measuring tape and measure the middle part of your steering wheel, which is the thickest past too. This will give you the diameter of the steering wheel, and according to that, you can select a steering wheel cover.

  1. How To Clean a Steering Wheel Cover?

Cleaning and maintaining your steering wheel cover is important to ensure long-lasting performance. If your steering wheel cover is fabric-made, you can wash it in the machine. But if it is leather-made, you will need to clean this cover with leather cleaner.

  1. Why Do Steering Wheel Covers Smell?

According to the type of material used in the making of the steering wheel cover, it can smell. However, all covers don’t smell. Also, this smell is not permanent, and it can go away after some days of use.

  1. When Should I Change the Steering Cover?

If your steering wheel cover is affected by wear and tear, you can consider changing it. Also, when it loses its grip, you should change it. Moreover, if you want to use another steering cover for any special occasion, you can change your steering cover.

  1. How To Install a Steering Wheel Cover?

It is very easy to install a steering cover. First, take the steering wheel cover and unfold it. Then start from the top of the steering wheel and slowly cover the wheel completely. Generally, steering wheel covers come in an elastic design, so they can be installed simply. When the steering wheel is fully covered, you can check its grip to check if it is installed correctly.



Best car steering covers for wheel are good-looking, stylish, and protect the steering wheels from damages. They are very beneficial and enhance the driving experience of users. However, selecting the best one from the market is not that easy. So, you should consider your preferences and then choose a steering wheel cover. You can refer to the buying guide and reviews in this article and select your desired product.