Best Car Mattress In India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Pick

#1 Kawachi #2 AllExtreme #3 LEOPAX
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Long drives are surely one of the most impressive things that you can love about having a car. All we want is a wide road, clear weather and a little music with some comfort. Having a driver can ease up the journey, and you can feel the whole comfortable time. To feel better comfort level, you can consider getting an inflatable car mattress bed which is highly reliable to sleep on the back seat and two kids can easily have a quality sleep the backseat portion.  During the purchase of your first inflatable car mattress, it is necessary that you stay selective in approach because there are plenty of quality options available in the market where some of them are reliable, and some are wastage of money that’s why you have to be selective in approach get rid of every single issue.

Top 6 Inflatable Car Mattress Bed – Best Selling 

Here in this post, we are covering the top 6 best inflatable car mattresses or beds that you can buy at an affordable price without having any issue. As there is a huge variety available in the market, we are here with some of the coolest mattresses that are genuine, and they are going to offer you value for money deal for the affordable price point. Let’s get started by looking at some of the best ones –

#1 Kawachi Car Travel Mattress & Bed

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No doubt that Kawachi is a popular choice to make a car travel trip easier. With the purchase of Kawachi WV001RCA0160 Car Travel Organizer Bed, you can expect premium comfort level, easy to use mattresses and soft choice. One major thing that is loved by almost everyone is the affordable price point. As you compare this deal to others, you can find it handy and the convenient one for sure.

This product is compatible for sleeping in SUV, mini van and Cars. Assorted colour choice makes it one of the genuine choices, and it is pretty much durable also. During the purchase, you have to be selective about the compatibility factor; otherwise, no factor is negative about this product which makes it one of the reliable choice. Even, you can get it for a lower price point which makes it the best of both worlds.

Pros – 

  • Comes at an affordable price as compared to all other choices available in the market.
  • These air mattresses have an inflatable structure which makes it easy to relax on. 
  • Reliable for kids and people below the height of 5’5” feet. Mainly for kids. 
  • Compatible with most of the cars and SUVs along with minivans also. 
  • Positive reviews from almost every single buyer for the comfort and price factor. 

Cons – 

  • Pump cables are smaller as compared to the need of a user, require some efforts. 
  • A pump takes a little time to fill the air in the mattresses.

#2 Qualimate Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed

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One of the convenient choice for variety in colours and sizes in our list is Qualimate CARBED Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed. This air mattress is very comfortable and easy to use. Pump offered with the mattresses isn’t going to take much time; that’s why it seems like the best choice which is desired by every single person. This product is also going to offer you Quick inflation and easy storage. 

There are two small pillows included so that your travel becomes easier in every single case. People buy this product due to the soft feel on mattress and reliability. Durability is not a concern because these are hard to cut. The material is very soft in feel, but it is not fragile. You can try it or check reviews to ensure. One last thing, it comes with a return policy so if it doesn’t fit, then you can return it easily.

Pros – 

  • Comes in plenty of colour choices so that you can choose the best one for your specific need. 
  • Easy to fill the air in the mattress because the pump is quick in working and it fills the air in no time.
  • It is designed to fit in most of the cars, SUVs and small vans for the premium level of comfort.
  • It also comes with a 30 days guarantee, but you have to buy it from Qualimate.
  • It is a foldable product which will convert into a very small unit which is easy to store.

Cons – 

  • Fewer negative reviews about the pump giving the worst experience of filling the air, not working.

#3 ADA Inflatable Travel Car Bed Air Mattress


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With the two unique colour and extremely premium soft texture of our third product, you are going to love it for sure. ADA Inflatable Travel Car Bed Air Sofa with Two Inflatable Pillow for Car Back Seat is coming in two different colours, Black and Cream. Both are extremely impressive, but there is a slight difference in price. Coming to the pump and its working, you can find it as a genuine choice.  

The pump is not very fast nor slow, but it gets the job done in a few minutes, that’s why you can rely on the purchase of this product. The built quality is genuine, and durability is not a concern because it is made up of durable polymer which is not going to pinched, and it is absolutely hard to make a hole in it. You can find that the cream or Beige is a bit expensive; otherwise, there is nothing to hate about this product.  

Pros – 

  • Available in two different colours for a slight difference in the price point.
  • The pump is included in the kit, and it works absolutely fine, reliable to fill the air in quick time.
  • Storing this product is not a thing of trouble because it became a very small unit.  
  • Get extreme comfort on this mattress due to the soft feel of the mattress top.
  • Two pillows are included, so it becomes easy and comfortable to sleep during travel.

Cons – 

  • Two different colors with a significant difference in price point; Bit expensive choice. 
  • Few cars have an issue fitting this mattress and filling the air to max level.

#4 Intex Inflatable Twin Classic Air Bed/Mattress


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You may have seen the name of Intex in various electronic appliances but do you know that the same brand is also manufacturing car air bed or mattresses. The best thing about Intex Inflatable Twin Classic Air Bed/Mattress is that you are paying a very lower price as compared to all other choices available in the market which makes it highly reliable deal to go after and you can save money for sure.  

Comfort level is not a single issue to worry about, which can make you like this product and get rid of various issues. There are two different versions available in the same, but this one doesn’t come with a pump. You can buy a new pump additionally, which is going to cost you one hundred rupees or a few more. Still, it is a cheaper choice, or you can buy the combo of both units which will save your efforts.

Pros – 

  • The dimensions of 76 cm X 191 cm X 22 cm, you can sleep on this mattress with much comfort. 
  • Coming at a very lower price point, which can help you save money and get various advantages.
  • Reliable to use in van and such other large vehicles because it is a normal classic mattress. 
  • Two different units available, you can buy it with a pump and without a pump also. 
  • Wave beams are used as a pattern which is comfortable and better to consider.

Cons – 

  • Durability is a topic of concern, and you should be worried about this factor.
  • Not suitable for the backseat of the car, can be used in large vans and such other vehicles.

#5 Egab Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed


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One more multicolour choice in our list is Egab CARBED Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed. This one is also an affordable product which comes at a similar cost to others and it has two pillows included with the product. Filling air the mattress is very easy and it is not going to take you much time filling the air and getting used to the whole setup. The design factor is also impressive about the quality.

Durability is a slight point of concern, but there are very few negative reviews about getting it punctured. Apart from that, you can find it comfortable, soft in texture and easy to set up in the backseat portion of the car. Such factors can help you grab this deal without having any issue. Even, the dimension of this mattress is 53 x 32 x 4 inches after complete inflation, that’s why you can rely on it.

Pros – 

  • Totally a multicolour choice so you can grab the right one as per your car interior. 
  • Two pillows are included, which makes it easy to sleep for babies and small kids.
  • It can easily fit in most of the cars and saloon models; that’s why you can find it handy.
  • Dimensions after inflation are 53 x 32 x 4 inches, perfect for kids to sleep on. 
  • It is very lightweight and handy that you can store in the car without having any issue.

Cons – 

  • A limited number of reviews, so we are not sure about any of the drawbacks, still seems fine.

#6 Nyrwana Car Back Seat Inflatable Air Bed 

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No doubt in the fact that Beige colour inflatable mattresses are very reliable and they look very premium that’s why most of the people are preferring it. In case you want a Beige color inflation mattress then you can go with our last product of choice Nyrwana Car Back Seat Inflatable Air Bed Outdoor Travel Mattress. It is also an affordable product with all the premium features that you can rely on. 

From built quality to easier inflation, you are not going to find a single negative factor about this product which makes it highly advantageous that’s why you can prefer it without having any kind of issue. The design and soft texture feel make it highly reliable to go after. The comfort level is adjustable; you can choose the air pressure inside the inflatable mattress and get rid of such issues.

Pros – 

  • It is available in four different colour choices to fulfil the need as per car interior. 
  • It is wear-proof, and impact resistant which ensures the higher durability of same.
  • All other colour choices are available for a similar price point, no remarkable difference.
  • Gives you reliable performance and you can sleep for hours with proper comfort. 
  • Pillows are included with the mattress along with a small and handy pump for easier inflation. 
  • Comes at a very lower price point as you look at the features and all the advantages.

Cons – 

  • The pump might take a little time to fill the air inside mattresses. The pump isn’t reliable nor durable.
  • Sometimes, you can find air leaking through the nozzle, which seems frustrating.

These are all the products that are reliable, and you can buy at an affordable price point in India. It is sure that the built quality is an important factor to consider. You should also start looking after a product which falls into your criteria or needs. In case you are not finding these choices as handy, then you can follow our buying guide and take your decision with ease for sure.

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Buying Guide To Choose Best Car Mattress

During the first purchase of inflatable car mattress, it is common to find limited variety in the Indian market, but you can still find some reliable choices for sure. If you are a first-time buyer of car inflator mattress, then you should look at the below mentioned five factors – 

  • Dimensions – Car’s inflator mattress should have the proper compatibility for the best comfort. You can find that there are plenty of dimensions available, but you should check the one which is compatible with your car’s back area. It will ease up various things, and you can rely on it without having any issue.
  • Comfort Level – You can check out the soft texture and firmness level during the purchase. Better comfort doesn’t mean more firmness because it can be obtained by filling a lesser amount of air. So, you should check how the mattress is going to divide your weight equally on the mattress.
  • PumpAlways buy a car inflator mattress which comes with a small pump to fill the air. If you are not buying the pump in the same kit, then you might end up facing trouble lately. Such products are easily available in the market but always go for the combo which will save some extra bucks, and you can rely on the whole unit.
  • Colour ChoiceYou can find plenty of colour choices with few products. It is important to factor because no one wants to use white or brown colour inflation mattress in a black colour interior car. It looks odd that’s why you should check out the colour choice and find any matching colour so that it enhances the look of the car. 
  • Additional StuffHaving pillows can make you save some extra bucks or using home pillows. Always check out the additional stuff offered with the mattresses so that you don’t have to buy anything additionally. 
  • WarrantySmall units like pump and shape are some of the factors that fall in the warranty section. So, you should check out the warranty of a product to ensure whether is it reliable or not. If the product isn’t coming with any warranty, then you may not like to buy such a product. This factor might set you in various issues and make you think about a few more factors.
  • Return Policy As each car backseat portion has a different amount of space, that’s why you may not be sure about the right dimension. In such cases, you should check out the return policy, which literally mattress a lot to eradicate most of the issues. Even, you can rely on the comfort level factor; if not comfortable, then you can return and get a refund.  

After going through these factors, you have to consider reviews which will let you ease up the purchase and finalize whether to grab the deal or not. Such factors can really grab the best deal, and you can rely on it for sure.

Bottom Line

It is sure that you can easily choose the best product with the help of our buying guide. In case you don’t want to get into any mess then you can look after the mentioned top 6 products which will help for sure. Along with these factors, you can go after the built quality factor which will help in many ways. Compatible with the car model is a necessary factor to look after so you should always go for such things to get the right product of choice.