Best Car Cleaning & Care Kit in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Picks for Car Cleaning Care Kit

#1 3M Car Care #2 Max Premium Car Care #3 Motomax Car Care kit
3M-Large-Car-Care-Kit Max Premium Car Care Kit Motomax Pidilite Car & Bike Care Kit
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Maintaining your car in the proper way is one of the most important things. After all, nobody wants to drive a dirty and old-looking car. So, you need to clean your car regularly to preserve its good look. But it requires a little effort because taking your car to a car care shop is not always practical and cost-effective. And if you like to take care of your car, it will be fun for you to clean it yourself.

Using the best car cleaning kit is an excellent way to clean your car because you can do it at your home garage without taking it to any shop. On the other side, hand-cleaning is the best option to clean your car because it will not damage your car. Before that, you will need to buy the best car care kit in India, which will help you maintain your car effectively.

But it is not very simple to buy the right car care kit for your car. You will need to know many things about car care kits before selecting the best one for your vehicle. In this article, we have included the best car care kits available in India with a comprehensive buying guide and some common questions to help you in the buying process.    

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Top 6 Best Car Cleaning & Care Kit in India    

#1. 3M Large Car Care Kit


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The 3M brand is renowned in the Indian market and provides superior quality auto care products. This car care kit from the 3M brand is a great option for people who need a premium quality cleaning kit for their vehicles. It includes one car wash shampoo, one dashboard dresser, one tire dresser, two microfiber cloths, and one liquid wax. All these things come at an affordable price which makes it a brilliant choice in the Indian market. The liquid wax that comes in this car care kit can be used by hand or with the machine.  

The car wash shampoo included in this kit is suitable for use with both hard and soft water. This shampoo works efficiently and cleans the surface by removing all dirt. It has a dashboard dresser that protects the dashboard from UV rays and keeps them from fading. This also removes dirt from the dashboard and makes it clean. It comes with a Tire Dresser that can be used on clean tires effectively. You need to clean and dry the tire in order to use this Tire Dresser.


  • It has all the required things to clean and care for a car.
  • Two microfiber cloths are included for dry and wet cleaning.
  • Included products in this kit are available in sufficient quantity.
  • It comes in a convenient package for easy cleaning and carrying.


  • As per some users, they received this car care kit in damaged condition.


#2. Max Premium Car Care Kit

Max Premium Car Care Kit

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The max premium car care kit is designed to provide the ultimate cleaning solution to every car owner. It includes six cleaning products to fulfill all your cleaning and polishing needs. Apart from that, it comes with four pieces of foam for polishing. It comes with a max dashboard & tire shiner in convenient packaging. This shines the tire and dashboard surfaces and is suitable for fiber and plastic surfaces. The next product included in this car care kit is Max Clean and Shine Polish. It removes dust, tar, and rust from car surfaces by using various rubbing agents.

This car care kit comes with a Max Liquid Wax Polish to shine metallic and painted car surfaces. Apart from that, it can be used on different surfaces such as wooden furniture, steel, fridge, etc., for polishing. The Max Vinyl and Leather Polish included in this package help polish all interior surfaces of the car. It is effective on leather, Rexine, and rubber surfaces. There is a max windshield washer in this package that helps clean the windshield of the car effectively. It makes the windshield streak-free and offers a better vision while driving.

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  • It includes car care shampoo that helps wash the car with ease.
  • It comes with six effective car cleaning products.
  • The windshield washer protects the windshield from freezing.
  • The liquid wax can be used on different types of surfaces.


  • Some users complained that some products were missing in the kit they received.


#3. Motomax Pidilite Car & Bike Care Kit

Motomax Pidilite Car & Bike Care Kit

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The Motomax brand is renowned for producing the best quality car and bike care products in the Indian market. Its international standard products have fulfilled the requirements of different users. This car care product comes with the most efficient cleaning solutions that enable users to care for their cars in an effective manner. It comes with a cream polish that combines micro polishing agents and wax. This shines car surfaces and provides a smooth finish. The Motomax protectant spray helps prevent car and bike surfaces from fading due to UV rays. This spray is also effective for leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces.

It comes with an Insta Shine solution to shine the surfaces of bikes and cars in very little time. It comes with a sponge that can be used on different vehicle surfaces for instant shine. There is a multipurpose spray for lubricating the car surface. This spray removes moisture, rust and eliminates squeaky sounds by lubricating the car parts. It is also effective for cleaning sticky surfaces and provide a smooth appearance. This car and bike care kit is very easy to use and takes very little time to clean the car. This car care solution provides a glossy shine to the car and improves its original look.


  • It comes with an Insta Shine polish to shine the painted and plastic surfaces.
  • This is easy to use and takes very little time to clean the surface.
  • It lubricates the car parts and eliminates unpleasant noises.
  • It provides protection for the car surface from UV light.


  • No cons so far.


#4. Waxpol Car Care and Cleaning Kit

Waxpol Car Care and Cleaning Kit

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The Waxpol car care kit contains 16 high-value products that let you clean your car and household with ease. This kit is designed for cleaning the car and any household and restore the shine. The cleaning products included in this kit are ideal for rubber, vinyl, wood, metal, tin, chromium, copper, stainless steel, glass, and many other surfaces. So, you can use this kit for cleaning your car and other household products without any worries. This car care kit also comes with five applicator pads that include exterior foam, glass cleaning microfiber, interior foam, microfiber cloth, and heavy-duty wash sponge.

It also includes a Silky Touch cleaning product that shines the car surface and protects the car surfaces from UV light, acid rain, dust, and dirt. The high-performance glass cleaner is an excellent solution to clean all your glass surfaces effectively. There is a metal polish included in this kit that cleans and provides a glossy shine to the metal surfaces of your car. It also has a scratch remover that eliminates scratches, oxidation, and swirl marks from the surface of the car. This kit has a high performative windshield cleaner. It removes dirt, dust, and scratches from the windshield and provides a clear view for safe driving.


  • This car care kit is suitable for different types of surfaces.
  • It cleans, shines, and protects the car surfaces.
  • It includes five special applicator pads for effective cleaning.
  • It has a total of 16 cleaning products.


  • The packaging of this kit is not that good.


#5. Auto Bros Large Car Care Kit

Auto Bros Large Car Care Kit

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This car care kit is another high-quality product in the Indian market that you can use for the complete cleaning and polishing of your car. It is designed to enable you to care for your car the way you want. It is an all-in-one car care kit for your car that includes all the essential products required for cleaning your car. This complete car care kit includes a Kool car shampoo, dashboard & leather conditioner, tire polish, liquid wax polish and sealant, scratch and swirl remover, windshield washer, three foam applicators, and two microfiber cloths.

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This also includes instructions so that you can clean your car using all these products effectively. It has high performative Kool car shampoo which is a pH-balanced formula that removes dirt and grime from the surfaces effectively. The leather & dashboard conditioner protects your vehicle interior from UV light. It also keeps your surface from cracking, fading, and drying and provides a good smell in the car. The tire polish helps you enhance the shine of your car’s tires, while the liquid wax polish allows you to keep your car’s paint protected for a long time. The applicator pads and microfiber cloths help in conditioning and cleaning the car surface with ease.


  • It includes high-quality car cleaning products.
  • The products in this kit can be used on all types of car surfaces.
  • The premium quality microfiber cloths provide a scratch-free surface after cleaning.
  • It helps clean the car in less time.


  • Some people have received damaged kits.


#6. WaveX Car Care Kit

WaveX Car Care Kit

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The WaveX brand is one of the popular brands in India, and it produces premium quality auto care products. This car care kit is designed for people who prefer the DIY cleaning process. It contains all the necessary things that will help you take care of your car properly. The WaveX car care kit has a dashboard & leather conditioner, scratch cleaner, WaveX carnauba wax, microfiber cleaning cloth, and foam applicators. This kit offers a better cleaning experience to people and helps them keep their cars cleaned. The products included in this kit are from the WaveX brand and are highly effective.

Use instructions are included with this car care kit to help you use this kit easily. The WaveX carnauba wax included in this kit improves the shine off your car paint and removes scratches and swirl marks from the surface. It also keeps the car’s surface free from rust and corrosion. The dashboard conditioner is a great choice for your car’s interior surfaces. It cleans and conditions the interior and protects it from UV rays. It works on leather, plastic, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. The scratch remover includes thin abrasives that enable you to remove swirl marks and scratches effectively.


  • It keeps car surfaces protected and improves the shine.
  • This kit has both car exterior and interior cleaning products.
  • It includes a high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth for manual buffing.
  • The scratch remover removes the swirl marks and scratches.


  • No cons so far.


Buying guide for Best Car Cleaning & Care Kit in India

Every car owner wants to buy the best car cleaning kit for their vehicles. But it is not always easy to get the right one from the market when multiple products are available. In this situation, you can consider the following points to get the right car care kit for your use.

Check The Included Products

When buying a car care kit, this is the main thing to look for. You will need to consider the number of products included in the kit and how they will be useful for you. Before that, you need to list your requirements so that you can easily determine which products are useful for you.

Are you looking for a car care kit only for exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, or for both? In case you want to clean only the exterior of your car, a car care kit with exterior cleaning products will be suitable for you. But if you want to clean the whole car, you will need a car care kit that comes with all the products. This way, you should consider your requirements and choose an effective car kit for you.

Types Of Car Care Kits

When buying car care kits, the next thing that you need to look for is the type of kit you want. Basically, car cleaning kits can be divided into two types depending on the products included in the kit. The two types of car care kits include basic car care kits and advanced car care kits.

Basic car care kits generally come with some car cleaning products with applicator pads. This type of car cleaning kit usually contains auto wash shampoos, liquid waxes, auto surface conditioners, scratch removers, and multipurpose cleaners. Some kits also can come with air fresheners to eliminate the bad odor.

Advanced car care kits generally come with more products compared to basic kits. These kits usually include buckets, brushes, towels, clay bars, foam guns, and other items, along with the products available in basic kits. An advanced car care kit is helpful for removing all types of dirt and dust particles from the car surfaces.

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Separate Cleaning Products

Make sure that the kit comes with separate cleaning products for different types of surfaces. Generally, they come with a glass cleaner to clean the windows of the car. Some kits also include multipurpose cleaners to work on different surfaces. Some car care kits also come with tire cleaners to clean car tires and polishes for plastic surfaces. This way, car care kits contain several types of cleaners, and you should consider this before picking a kit for your use.


Care cleaning kits can cost from 350 rupees up to 1500 rupees or more. Actually, the price of the car care kits depends on the number of products included in that kit. So, the auto care kits that have fewer products will cost less compared to the kits that have a greater number of products. This is why you should consider your requirements and then choose a car care kit accordingly.


The brand of the car care kits plays an important role in the quality of the product. Generally, the care cleaning kits of the top brands cost a little more but provide maximum value. Some of the top brands that produce the best quality car care kits in India are 3M, Auto Bros, WaveX, and Waxpol. You should consider buying car care kits from one of the top brands to experience the best performance.


Buying a versatile cleaning kit is important if you want to use the cleaning kit on different surfaces. You need to check and ensure that the products included in the car care kit are suitable for use on wood, vinyl, plastic, rubber, plastic, and leather surfaces. This will let you use the cleaning products on any of these surfaces with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long It Takes to Clean a Car Using Car Care Kit?

Generally, car care kits require very little time to clean a car. But the actual time can vary from person to person depending on the task he/she performs. If you want to clean the whole car, including the engine bay and interiors, it may take up to 1 hour or more to clean your car. If you want to clean only the exterior, interior, or any other part of the car, then you can do that in 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

How To Use a Car Cleaning Kit?

Usually, car care kits are available in different types, and they include different products for different purposes. So, the process of using a car cleaning kit is different for different kits. However, most manufacturers provide cleaning instructions with their car cleaning kits. So, you shouldn’t worry amount that and follow the guidelines of the manufacturer while using the car cleaning kit.

Is It Good to Buy a Car Cleaning Kit?

Yes, it is best to use a car care kit for cleaning your car. Actually, when you buy these cleaning products for your use separately, it will cost you more. But car care kits come with a combo pack and costs less. So, it will help you save some money if you buy a car cleaning kit. Also, car cleaning kits come with individual cleaning products for different types of surfaces which is another plus point of buying a car care kit.

How Often Should I Use a Car Care Kit to Clean My Car?

Regular cleaning and maintaining will keep your car in good condition and make it look new. So, you should clean your car two to three times a year. This will keep the natural shine of your car and improve its look. Also, you can decide when you need to clean your car by determining your driving frequency.   

Do Car Cleaning Kits Shorten the Life of Car?

No, this is not true. Cleaning your car using a car cleaning kit will not reduce the life of your car. In fact, it will extend the life of your car if you use that product appropriately. If dust and dirt accumulate on the interior parts of your car, they will affect the fabric and slowly damage that completely. In the same way, the paint and chrome finish of your car can get damaged due to the daily use of your car. So, if you clean your car regularly, it will keep your car’s surfaces safe from dust, dirt, and other foreign particles.

How Should I Maintain My Car After Cleaning?

In general, cleaning your car regularly is important. Also, you should maintain your car in the proper way after cleaning so that it will be in good condition for a long period of time. To keep your car exterior maintained, you will need to wash it regularly. You will also need to vacuum clean your car’s interior frequently to keep it in good condition.



Car care kits are very effective in cleaning and maintain cars. They also come at affordable prices which makes them a must-have thing for every car owner. But you will need to consider important factors before buying a car care kit for cleaning your car so that there will be no regret after purchasing it. So, keep the points in mind discussed in this article and select the best car cleaning kit from the market.