Best Car Bluetooth Receiver in India with Call Receiver & Aux Input

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Portronics #2 VeeDee #3 CrossBeats
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Bluetooth technology is a great revolution in technology. Earlier Bluetooth technology became popular when it is used with mobile phones. Now Bluetooth can be connected to other devices. The Bluetooth audio receiver allows connecting to the audio devices and starting streaming the music.  It is a device that helps you to stream music using wired devices such as speakers which can be connected wirelessly to the iPhone using Bluetooth.  The wireless car Bluetooth receiver plays the music hands-free while you drive the car. Before you decided to buy a Bluetooth receiver, you should make a survey and find out the best available Bluetooth receiver for your car.

Top 5 Car Bluetooth Receiver in India 

What is special about Car Bluetooth receiver? Bluetooth technology has changed today. Earlier we had Bluetooth which gets connected to only mobiles but now the superior technology of Bluetooth offers many advanced options and latest techniques which make it one of the most useful devices to be used in the car. The Bluetooth works as a receiver, when it plays the songs from mobiles or Pen drives also it can work as FM transmitter while playing a radio in the and also it can be used as a hands-free phone with crystal clear voice quality along with many useful features. The Bluetooth supports latest iPhone and electronic devices and is available at a reasonable cost. 

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#1 Mpow bluetooth receiver, Hands-Free Car Kits by Mpow


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Mpow is the Bluetooth is one of the most advanced receivers having 30 feet of operational range. The performance of the device is excellent. Once the Bluetooth is connected USB car charger, it will start playing music. The high fidelity stereo with clear speech makes you enjoy the music. 

The premium sound quality and stable transmission make you enjoy music freely. The noise isolator helps you to bring clarity to the voice. The sleek in shape, compact in size and black in colour is the best Bluetooth available in the market today.  The Bluetooth receiver once connected automatically adjusted according to the connected devices. You can enjoy the wireless experience.

Pros :-

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Automatically gets adjusted
  • Automatically turns off if remains inactive for 10 minutes

Cons :-

  • Doesn’t have noise and echo cancellation technology.

#2 Portronics AUTO 10 Bluetooth

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Auto10 Bluetooth which can be connected to the Smartphone. The mini FM transmitter of Bluetooth connects to the FM receiver of the car. It is used as a car speaker phone because of the inbuilt mic that helps in taking calls while driving by keeping your hands free. 

The overall weight of the Bluetooth transmitter is 34 grams and is made up of black polished body and it is well-protected from high voltage and over-currents. The Bluetooth can be used as a plug n play device, when you want to listen to the songs from your pen drive. It has powerful battery and can run for longer hours

Pros :-

  • It can be used as car speaker phone
  • It is works effectively as FM transmitter
  • Safely protected from high voltage
  • Mic cancels the background music and cabin hum

Cons :-

  • Sound quality without bass mode is not good.

#3 VeeDee Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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The multi functional and easily adjustable Bluetooth Fm transmitter is a very effective device. It can be used for longer hours while travelling in a car. Bluetooth gets easily charged on car voltage battery. It has high quality stereo sound along with echo cancellation technique and noise reduction technology.  The mic enabled Bluetooth is used for hands-free calling.

 It also has options for answer, reject, hang off and redial. It can be used as FM transmitter when connected to phone and FM radio mode.  The device is black in colour and compact in size. You can enjoy music while driving as the quality of sound is perfect.

Pros :- 

  • It has noise reduction technology
  • Bluetooth can be charged on car battery
  • Hands free calling with answer, reject and redial options.

Cons :- 

  • It doesn’t support pen drive connectivity.

#4 CrossBeats Mini Bluetooth Receiver

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The Bluetooth is having higher frequency receiving rate and it can produce high quality audio output while it works with car stereo player or speaker. Mainly it is used for listening music and making hands free calling. 

The voice quality is clear and doesn’t have any breaking noise or high pitch hissing sound. It gets connected automatically the moment car starts. The wireless technology is enjoyable when you use it either to make calls or when you listen to your favourite songs. There is no delay or lag while playing music.  The long lasting battery backup makes the device perfectly fit.

Pros :- 

  • High sound quality without any hissing sound
  • Long lasting battery
  • Higher frequency receiving rate produces better quality audio

Cons :- 

  • Not easily available in the market.

#5 ValueActive Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter


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The Bluetooth is compatible with smart phones and Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices. It can be a part of car music system. It also has option for audio navigation assistance.  It has powerful batter backup and it has quick charge option which charges the battery faster. The hands free calling is easier to manage while receiving the calls. 

The incoming call number is displayed on monitor. The crystal clear sound quality with options for echo cancellation and noise suppression makes the device wonderful to use. The power on memory option connects it to the last used device automatically.  It gives warning if the car voltage gets abnormal. Bluetooth is compatible to the latest and newest iPhones and devices. 

Pros :- 

  • Compatible to latest iPhones and electronic devices
  • Memory option keeps track of last devices used
  • Give warning when car voltage gets abnormal.
  • Audio navigation assistance is provided

Cons :- 

  • The cost of the device is higher compared to similar devices in the market.
  • Need to wait for long after ordering.

Final verdict:- 

There are many Bluetooth devices available in the market today. But while choosing the best one, one has to make sure about the brand name of the company and also the various features the Bluetooth offers. You can select the most suitable and pocket-friendly Bluetooth for your car which will give you more value for your money.