Best Baby Car Seat in India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 Luvlap #2 R for Rabbit #3 Trumom
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Carrying babies on a drive is a tough task that the parents have to deal with. And if the parent is driving alone without a co-passenger, things may get even worse. It is not about carrying them comfortably, but the thing to consider while traveling with kids is their safety. It is essential that as a parent you take every necessary action that is related to the kid’s safety and comfort while they are traveling for long with you. Although there are several precautions and safety gear that you can opt for while carrying the kids with you in the car, one of the most basic and important things to have while traveling with the kids is the baby car seat. 

Typically, the car seats and their safety mechanism aren’t designed for the kids and in case of an accident or adverse situation they aren’t too effective for the kids’ safety. So, if you are traveling with the kids, you will need something extra, even if you are driving the safest car around. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the five best baby car seats available in the market that are safe, have a comfortable sitting position and provide the best value for money by keeping the kids safe and secure while driving. If you have recently become a parent and want to provide your kid a perfect drive without compromising with safety and comfort, you should be looking forward to buying an ideal baby car seat that is perfect in every aspect and fits your budget too. So, let’s get started with the list of the best baby car seats that you can consider buying this year for your kids, and later we will discuss the points that play a major role in choosing the perfect baby car seat for your kids. 

Top 5 Baby Car Seat in India – Best Selling

If you are buying the baby car seat for the first time, then you are surely going to confuse about the product you should buy for the kids as there are several brands with multiple models that exist in the market that will be surely going to test your decision power. However, if you are having some recommendations with you, things may get a little easier for you. 

So, here’s a detailed list of the five most reliable and efficiently designed baby car seats that are currently the best in the industry and provide the best-in-class safety to the kids. The only thing that you need to do now is to go through the list and then choose the most reliable one that seems perfect for your needs and budget. 

#1. Trumom Convertible Car Seat for Kids 

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For the buyers who are looking to buy a multipurpose car seat that can be used in various other ways, the Trumom convertible car seat would be an excellent choice to make. Along with being an excellent baby car seat, this product can easily be attached to any car to make the kids comfortable and safe while on the vehicle. The great support for the kids, easy usability and great material are amongst the many unique and positive things about the Trumom. A few pros and cons that we suggest you know about the Trumom Convertable car seat.


  • Easy usability
  • Great comfortable design and fabric
  • Adjustable straps to make the baby comfortable and safe


  • Padded shoulder straps can be uncomfortable to some users

#2. LuvLap 4-in-1 Baby Car Seat 

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Another brilliant car seat that can be used in many ways other than carrying kids on the vehicle is the LuvLap 4-in-1 Infant/Baby Car Seat & Carry Cot. Along with the various ways it can be used, this car seat is popular among the buyers due to its extremely great build quality and the perfect choice of material.

In all, if you were looking to buy a reliable and safe car seat for your kids that is easier to set up and provides the best-in-class comfort to the kids, you should once consider the LuvLap 4-in-1 Infant/Baby Car Seat & Carry Cot for yourself.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • Great for the newborns


  • Expensive

#3. R for Rabbit Convertible Car Seat for Baby/Kids

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R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand is an ideal choice for the buyers who are looking to buy a proper baby car seat that can be used for the kids until they are able to use the default car seats effectively. This baby car seat is designed for the kids up to 7 years and you aren’t going to regret the decision of investing the money to the product. Although the car seat may seem a bit expensive than most of the other multipurpose seats listed here, as it a proper car seat and you can easily adjust the size according to the age of your kid, this is completely worth the price.

So, if you were looking forward to buying a reliable car seat that is comfortable and safe for the kids, the R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand would be an excellent product to go with. 


  • Great for the kids up to 7 years
  • Comfortable design for long drives
  • Can be easily adjusted and installed


  • None so far

#4. Trumom Infant Baby Car Seat, Carry Cot


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Trumom (USA) Infant Baby Car Seat is another great product from the brand and it is a perfect choice for the buyers who are looking for a reliable car seat that can be used as a baby rocker and carrycot too. The comes with a canopy to make the kids safe from harsh sunlight. 

Intended for the newborns and the kids in the early years (0-15 months), this is an ideal product for the new parents who are planning to buy the first-ever baby car seat for their kids.


  • Extremely durable and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Great brand value


  • The user manual is not at all worthy

#5. LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat


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LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat is a great choice for the buyers who are looking to buy an ideal compact sized baby car seat for their toddlers. This car seat from LuvLap is ideal for the kids up to 3 years who weigh up to 18 kgs. So, if your kid belongs to the age group, then this can be the best product to go with in the price range. The thing that makes it an ideal car seat for the toddlers is compact design and easy usability. So, try your hands on it, and you are going to love the performance.


  • Great design
  • Amazing build quality
  • Great for the toddlers


  • Adjustment straps could have been better

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Buying Guide to Choose Best Baby Car Seat

Once you have the list of best baby car seats for your kids, the next important step is to choose the better one out of them. So, if you are finding it tough to choose a better one out of the list of the bests, here is a brief buyer’s guide that has the points that play an important role in choosing an ideal baby seat covers. So, just keep them in mind while you are purchasing a new baby car seat and find the most suitable and comfortable baby car seat for your kids.


The first important thing to consider while purchasing a new baby car seat for the kids is the size and age of the kids. By considering the baby car seat according to the age of the kids, you will be able to choose an ideal baby car set that perfectly supports the kids and provide them with a comfortable and safe ride. Mostly, the car seats are labelled with the recommended age and weight of the kid. So, make sure that you carefully check whether the car seat you are planning to buy can handle your kid easily or not. 

Ease of Installation

The next important aspect that you should be looking for while purchasing a new baby car seat is the ease of installation. Make sure that the car seat you are planning to buy easily fits your vehicle and you can easily assemble it without any expert help. This will also help you buy the car set that not only easier to maintain but can easily be used whenever needed. 

Brand value

Make sure that you are choosing a good brand that has a good reputation among the buyers who are already using the car seats. By choosing a reliable brand, you can be assured of getting good quality material, perfect design and better reliability than newer brands. 

Final Verdict:

So, there were the five best baby car seats that you can try for your kids. Just go through them and follow the buyer’s guide along with your budget and needs to find the most reliable one out of them and buy that baby car seat without any further delay.