Best Anti Theft Device For Car in India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Nothing is worse than getting your stuff stolen in your absence. It is one of the common issues in India where you find news of stolen car every single morning. To reduce such crime, cops are trying their best, but you can also take precaution and eradicate the tension of getting your stuff stolen. Here in this post, we are mentioning top 3 reliable anti-theft devices which are handy, helpful, and better to consider over the selection of other ones.

Best Anti Theft Device For Car

Our list is about anti-theft devices, not GPS tracking so you will find products which can keep your car at one place even thieves have the keys also. Here is the list of top 3 anti-theft devices which are reliable and better to go after.

#1 Autosun Universal Yellow Anti-Theft Car Wheel Tyre Lock Clamp Heavy Duty tire clamps


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Our first product of choice is slightly better in term of affordability, and it is also a reliable choice to go after. Autosun Universal Yellow Anti-Theft Car Wheel Tyre Lock Clamp Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Protective Car Wheel Lock Security Tire Clamp is available with the modern design clamps

This product can ensure you that no one would be able to steal your car. You get two different keys to lock your car at one place and never worry about it. Due to the simple design and lower price, this becomes a reliable choice, but there are very few flaws about this product. 

This heavy-duty anti-theft tire clamp Can be adjusted only on to 7 to 11-inch width tires which means the majority of tires can be locked. If you want to go for 13 inches or more, then it will not work at all. The best part is, it is made up of heavy gauge steel that is not going to break at all, and you will feel safe about your vehicle.

Pros – 

  • It has a modern design which is highly reliable to prefer.
  • Can’t be opened without the help of special tools, totally safe.
  • Reliable for tire width of 7 to 11 inches width of tires. 
  • Lightweight but sturdy along with a small size, easy to keep in the car.
  • Effective and reliable as it has plenty of positive reviews to ensure you.

Cons – 

  • Fewer negative reviews about the quality.

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#2 Amikan Car Steering Lock || Pedal Lock || Anti-Theft Lock with 2 Keys


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If you want something universal which is going to work on every car and SUV, then you can go with our versatile choice which is Amikan Car Steering Lock || Pedal Lock || Anti Theft Lock with 2 Keys. It is made up of a sturdy alloy which will not break that easy, and you can rely on the design also

It comes with two similar keys, and you can use it to lock handle with the clutch making it very hard to break through. Chances of getting your car stolen decreases by many times, and most of the people find it handy as well as reliable.

The only issue is, higher external pressure can damage steering wheel alignment, and it can be broken with an intense amount of pressure. Along with such factor, the size of this locking system is not the best because it can be stolen by toeing your car. So, there is still a small amount of risk coming with this product for sure.

Pros – 

  • The small and very handy design makes it pretty easy to go after.
  • Easy to use by putting both ends of this device on steering and break. 
  • Coming at a very affordable price for the premium built quality. 
  • Impossible to steer when this lock is connected to the car. 

Cons – 

  • Doesn’t work on all cars, might be hard to set on some car models. 
  • Too much external pressure can damage steering alignment. 

#3 Auto Hub Stainless Steel Pedal Lock Rod or for Brake Clutch Throttle Adjustable Anti Theft Security Lock


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Our very next device in this list is Auto Hub Stainless Steel Pedal Lock Rod or for Brake Clutch Throttle Adjustable Anti-Theft Security Lock which is very premium in quality and effectiveness. You can lock brakes, clutch or accelerator by using this device. It is very simple and easy to use. 

The only issue about this product is the price factor; otherwise, there are so many quality features that you can notice here.  You are getting three keys with this device which ensure the best use of the same product. 

The copper core lock mechanism is very reliable, and it is very sturdy to use that’s why you can find it as an effective choice. You can use the same on most of the cars, SUVs, and buses also. The design is simple, but it is going to make you spend a little time locking the whole system, which might be troublesome.

Pros – 

  • The anti-locking mechanism which ensures the safer use, highly effective.
  • Comes with three keys so that you have more keys to feeling safe.
  • Easy to fit in clutch and accelerator with the flat pedal pole.
  • Made up of stainless-steel material which means it is safe to use. 

Cons – 

  • Comes at a very expensive price point as compared to the other choices.
  • Convenient but it requires a little effort to set it up, you have to bend so down.

After going through these products, you can feel ease during the selection of right product. In case you are still unsure about the product then you can get started with the buying guide and conclude the right product based on your research which will be helpful choice for many.

Buying Guide

During the purchase of any anti-theft device, you have to focus on various factors to grab the best deal. Most of the new buyers don’t know which product to buy? Well, we have some key things that you can consider during the purchase –

  • Sturdy Material – As there are many types of the anti-theft device, but all of them are locking your car in some unique style. So, you should consider going with the sturdy material for the safer purchase and never facing any issue.
  • Mechanism – Check out the anti-theft mechanism and number of flaws about that design on some websites or search engine. It will help you know which design is much vulnerable and easy to brake.  
  • Compatibility – If the selected product is not compatible with you, then isn’t worth buying. Due to that, always check whether the product is compatible with your car or not. This will let you ensure a safer purchase. Even, you should know the return policy to avoid getting into any issue.
  • Easy to Use – In case you buy very effective locking mechanism, but it is hard to set up, then you will avoid using it in fewer cases. These mistakes can set you in trouble; that’s why go for the convenient product and eradicate all the issues like this one.
  • Reviews – Reviews can help you know whether the product is good to go or not. So, always check out the majority of reviews and know about the poor side of a product. This will help in plenty of manners, and you can rely on this factor without having any issue.

After going through these factors, you will be able to choose the effective anti-theft device for your car. Make sure that you use the anti-theft device and if it doesn’t fit then replace or return as per the need. 

Important Note – GPS trackers are also reliable, but they will help to find the car as someone takes it out from your place. You can rely on them, but anti-theft devices will ensure that your car stay at the same place and no one could take it to another place.

Bottom Line

Most of the buyers of anti-theft devices are ensure about the safety of the car; that’s why they prefer buying such devices. It is a one-time investment for sure so you should consider getting a quality product and considering reviews to grab the best deal. In case your anti-theft device is broken, or it can be accessed with any key then do not use such products. Hope, this guide about the anti-theft device will help you grab the best deal with ease.